11-year-old boy fell from 17 floors before collecting exam results

picture credit: Lianhe Zaobao

Chinese newspaper Zaobao reported that a 11-year-old boy fell from the 17th floor of his flat on 18 May at about 6.45am. The boy, in his school uniform, was found dead at the foot of the block at Block 470 in Fernvale Link.

The newspaper reported that they boy was to have collected his exam results from his school for his parent’s signature that morning, and that neighbours heard the family quarreling before the incident took place.

The incident happened after the father left the apartment to get his car, which was parked below the block. Neighbours told the paper that the boy’s father was earlier seen kneeling by his son’s lifeless body apologising profusely. When reporters arrived at the scene, they saw the mother sitting on the ground crying. The boy’s mother has said that her son was very lively in the morning before he fell.

A 19-year-old resident living on the third floor of the flat said he heard a loud thud in the morning followed by loud cries of the student’s mother. Police have classified the case as unnatural death.

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