50-year-old woman makes Changi Airport her home despite having a 3-room-HDB-apartment

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A 50-year-old woman has made Changi Airport her home despite having a 3-room HDB flat in her name. She has been living in the airport for the last 8 years and has rented out her HDB apartment.

The woman said that she rented out her apartment during the economic slump in 2008. “At the time, I was stuck in a rut and had no other choice,” she explained. At first, she was afraid and only intended to stay at the airport for just a “short time.

She relies on the income derived from renting her HSB apartment to survive.

“I first came to the airport empty-handed, but after staying for some time, I have more things now,” she said.

She does not intend to stay at the airport indefinitely and wants to move out out selling her 3-room-flat to buy a 2-room apartment.

Over 10 Singaporeans are known to have made Changi airport their “regular” home. A spokesman from Changi Airport said that staff will approach those who stay overnight at the airport and check if they need any assistance. They may also contact the Ministry of Social and Family Development to assist with such cases.