6 interesting facts about Lucien Wong


The Lee’s have been issuing statements after statements centered on their father’s house at 38 Oxley Road. One key factor which stood out in one of Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling’s earlier statement was the detail about Lucien Wong.


Who is Lucien Wong?

1. Lucien Wong was PM Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer and represented him during the dispute with his siblings over LKY’s estate.

2. Shortly after the dispute started, he was quickly nominated to become Attorney General (AG).

3. The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), which Lucien Wong now heads, represented the Government and successfully fended off legal challenges by LKY’s estate (see example: The Straits Times)

4. Lucien Wong is the first ever AG to have no experience on the Bench, and to have never acted for the State in legal matters. He was a corporate lawyer (see TODAY article)

5. Lucien Wong was appointed AG at age 63, to replace V. K. Rajah, who had to retire at age 60. When asked about Article 35(4) of the Constitution, which states that the Attorney General shall hold office until he turns 60 years old, Law Minister Shanmugam argues that the Government can arbitrarily decide to appoint someone above the age of 60. (more details at The Straits Times)

6. Lucien Wong spent 30 years in private practice, and was chairman and senior partner at top law firm Allen & Gledhill. Shanmugam was also a senior partner at the same firm for many years before entering politics.

[And Bonus Fact – not about Lucien Wong]

7. The role of ‘Deputy Attorney General’ was only recently created to reflect the “increasing volume and complexity of legal work of the Government”. Earlier this year, and for the first time ever, an ex-PAP MP, Hri Kumar was appointed the Deputy AG (see this TODAY article)

The more you know!

source: Qizhong Chang

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  1. Somebody could have taken a page from Najib’s handbook. Didn’t Najib recently replaced former AG Abdul Ghani Patail with the current AG Appandi Ali who went on to subsequently rule Najib clear of misusing 1MDB funds amidst the barrage of international investigations that which as recent as this week itself DOJ published info saying that funds from 1MDB channeled to Najib’s personal account leading to the purchase of USD 30 millions worth of fine jewelery for his wife?

    Meritocracy, my foot! Only the gullible still cling on to such crap. Today it’s about absolute loyalty. As Najib already said, he doesn’t need smart men just loyal men. So now the ‘corruption free’ is copying Najib’s…..?

    1. Desmond Khoo Hahahaha! All I know is changing AG happened in M’sia first. LHL just did the same Jan 2017. Anyway, birds of the same feather utilizing the same tricks.

  2. 何维珊 says:


    Depends on who you serve! So many Public prosecutors who accumulated years of experience only to be trampled by an outsider to the top post!

    PHUI! Meritocracy is a JOKE!

  3. Yes! I’m aware of that. Point I’m making is regardless of Singapore or M’sia the handpicked AG is to ensure PM’s agenda is achieved supposedly with the law. It’s an abuse of the system.

  4. AG Abdul Ghani Patail is Dr Mahathir right hand man la. He is one of the 4 Tan Sri appointed by Mahathir to overthrow Najib as PM la. In the end one of the Tan Sri betrayed Mahathir and told Najib about the plot. Different case la with Singapore. Over there in Malaysia, an Ex PM wanted to overthrow the current PM so that his own son Boi boi can be the new Malaysia PM la.

  5. How did this happen? Any of his family members also given jobs under table? How many more cases are there of Ministers friends and family given high ranking jobs without experience or knowledge?

  6. Cai Lee says:

    Most powerful way to rule the country is by having law on your side. Ruler always has one or ones close to them. These are lackeys know the ways around the wall of law. But there can’t escape the eyes of God.

    1. For that matter … cannot recall at anytime the 2nd power to be ever acted in any way concerning doubtful constitutional matter in SG history……civil society aside , it is like 2in1 coffee mix(Judicial +Executive power = One) …..

  7. Under PAP its ok lah, as long as u work for them cannot spk proper english is ok, no experience in their job is ok , knows nuts abt what they are doing is ok , as long as you sakar PAP

    1. Desmond Khoo sad to mention , there are still many SG’rean who are brain washed to believe all the propaganda churned out by the MIW …..virtue such as Sg .gov have zero tolerance for corruption, nepotism, cronyism and SG. gov. to build a fair society , justice and equality for all SG’rean , meritocracy practices, etc……….

  8. Hemoby Sen I’m sorry I hv to disagree on that. You’ll be surprised how many true blue born and bred Singaporeans there are today still in denial and thinks only of PAP’s past achievements. These clowns are so ignorant of the deterioration that started 10-15 years back. But then again what does one expect when President Scholars can run multiple GLCs to the ground.

  9. Hemoby Sen says:

    guillibles are the malaysian pseudo PAP supporters, especially the one that needs to work in Singapore as FTE, need to suck up to their PAP master.

  10. Aidal Razali no matter. Key issue is abuse of power in govt to satisfy own agenda and not for the common good of the people. Victims always the general public while those in power continue to enrich themselves. It’s no longer public service, these days it’s more like self service.

  11. And don’t forget Ho Ching doing a Rosmah; the only difference being the hippo was flashy with the bling-bling whereas the Jinx was wishy-washy with state reserves funded by people’s hard-earned $$$

  12. Gary Ng says:

    Wow so our Govt even change the constitution to allow personal lawyer who is not qualified to be AG to be their AG, more ugly truth about our Govt, change the rules the way they like and some more it is their “own people”..kind of conspiracy to me..

  13. In SG that’s irrelevant. The pm pays enough to make them compliant, subservient and without moral integrity, to serve PMs interests. Such is the moral depraved Govt and civil servants that pap has been breeding.

  14. Ronald Lim says:

    What is his claim to fame that he can be made A-G at his old age of 63 years, having no experience on the bench or prosecution? Another example of bending the rules to suit themselves, like the EP? I hope that men of courage and integrity in the cabinet will stand up and be counted and force the PM to step down. One most eminently suited for the task is the ESM. He can takeover as interim PM until the mess is sorted out!

  15. James Lim says:

    Donald Trump has never been in politics… and yet is now the President of United States… at least this guy is a Lawyer and have study law….

  16. They are well paid not to understand the obvious. Money blinds most of them. Let us hope that among that heap will be a few honorable men with courage to speak up to surface the truth!!!

  17. Alex Ong says:

    So he is placed there for a purpose as far as the secretive committee is concerned. Very cunning LHL who has no integrity just want to win.

    1. Colin Chan says:

      With this episode, many now realize that Pinky is wearing a mask….
      Come next election, whether he cry again or kneel in front of the crowd, nobody will care.

  18. Inom Chua says:

    If there is axis of Evil radiating out of N Korea n Syria…what is radiating out of this saga? Axis of power abuse & “nepotism” ?

    1. Chng Hoon Hoon do not see what’s your master’s misdemeanour has to do with Dr.Chee …..you can lick all the MIW’s asses as you wish but there is no need to insult Dr.Chee, it is uncalled for…….

    2. Sam Lim says:

      Chng Hoon Hoon, try reading beyond Shit Times. Know how moronic u sound? Dr Chee gave up foreign opportunities to fight the tyrants! Prime Moron can faint on stage n a pussy for firecrackers!

    3. Sam Lim says:

      How can you compare Dr Chee against a dishonorable leech. Chee’s talent is recognised and respected. Pp from all walks of life queue to buy his books. He is invited worldwide and winning awards on his own merits.

  19. Diu Lei says:

    Yet all the PAP dogs are talking so much BS about WP and accusing them of giving jobs to their own kind. Always clean up your own backyard before you bark.

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