78-year-old cyclist dies in second tipper truck accident in one week

The accident this morning follows another crash involving tipper trucks on Monday (pictured above) where 6 people were sent to the hospital.

A 78-year-old cyclist passed away this morning after he was caught in an accident involving a tipper truck after the junction of Still Road towards Siglap, around 9am.

A spokesman for the police revealed that officers were alerted to the accident at 9.27am. The male cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene while the 64-year-old tipper truck driver was arrested for causing death by negligent act.

This is the second accident involving a tipper truck this week.

On Monday (31 Oct) afternoon, two tipper trucks collided with a lorry along Tanah Merah Coast Road towards Nicoll Drive. A police spokesman said, “Six persons were conscious when conveyed to Changi General Hospital (CGH).”

Photos of the accident on Monday have been circulating online, showing the back of the lorry to be badly damaged. A cleaner was spotted laying on the road beside the vehicle along with a pool of what appeared to be blood on the road.

Police investigations are ongoing for both cases.

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  1. Kevin Raja says:

    Tipper truck drivers, usually from India hv that india driving culture with no patience, abrupt, reckless, speed n seen some on phones even when driving.. more deaths to occur if nothing is done abt it..

  2. It is time to regulate cyclist on the road. Even if you reduce the speed limit to 10km/h I can tell you accident will still occur. It is very dangerous for motor vehicles to share road with bicycle. Either we have a designated lane for bicycle or cyclist need to wear proper helmet equivalent to motorcycle standard. And the bicycle need to install mirrors, headlamp, signal lights brake light and everything equivalent to a motorcycle which I think both ways are quite strange to implement..

  3. Howe Peek says:

    It seems the traffic policemen are doing unnecessary escorting the President instead of making the roads safer for all users. These heavy vehicles are a menace to the road users. TP should take harsher enforcement actions against these big vehicles as they believe they are the kings of the road.

  4. YJ Tan says:

    Just watch these tipper truck drivers RACE each other on the roads toward sand and aggregate terminals at Punggol, Tampines etc. Unfortunately it has to take the life of one of those scums in white or their relatives for LTA to take any action against these drivers.

    1. YJ define truck racing.

      If the road is 50km/hr, and there are 3 lanes. And of everyone is driving at 50km/hr, they have the god damn rights to drive on any lanes.

      Mind you, these are not expressways.

  5. Patrick Ee says:

    Try driving along tanah merah coast road in the morning and evening peak hour. These trucks are damn scary. Funny thing is that I still see cyclist prefer to ride on road when there is a cycling lane just beside. Sometime, life is worthless……

  6. Henre Tan says:

    Knn, it seems like everything little thing all blame drivers. No wonder most cyclist and jay walkers just don’t give a damn. All these freaking rules should be revise for the good of everyone. Let those mf-ing jaywalkers and mf-ing stupid cyclist shoulder the responsibility. This dot is really getting from bad to worse due to all the farktard backward laws.

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