AGC has written to man who posted ‘fake news’ about lawyer who defended City Harvest Church leaders

Letter to the Editor


Dear Editors,

I find it amusing and even more entertaining by the day, since K. Shanmugam became our Law and Home Affairs Minister in a Cabinet reshuffle before the last election.

He has repeatedly “defended” and sought to “protect” the integrity of the Judiciary when no one in the public has ever called our Justices into disrepute! In fact, the public is clear that the sole failure to mete out the full punishment of the law on the City Harvest perpetrators was due to the oversight of both the PAP and WP lawmakers we have elected into Parliament. And what is worse, those laws set by past and present PAP MPs tended to side with businesses and directors even more than they protected the blue collared workers who commit offences at the direction of their bosses.

Not only is our Criminal code “lopsided” and severely “lagging”, so are the Traffic Accident Compensation Act in the Civil code that outwardly shields the Private and Foreign Insurers against Citizens who are unfortunate enough to meet with an accident. These Insurers with deep pockets are often allowed leeway to delay proceedings, cast undue doubt on State doctors’ medical reports, in addition to putting victims through stressful times on the stand by impugning on their integrity after they have suffered the ordeals.

It is also an undeniable face that Mr Kong Hee was indeed being defended by PAP MP Edwin Tong who did not rescind himself even though he clearly knows the public outcry for this particular case. Like Grace Fu, I do not wish to comment on his intention (or lack of) when he decided to take up this case. What is left to be seen if he believes in the integrity of his client enough to convert from his Roman Catholicism to become a “City Harvester”!

Willy Sum

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  1. So i guess the Lawyer cum MP career in politics will be cut short as he’s become a liability to his party in coming election? LOL But i guess from the millions he earned from this case is worth it?

  2. In my opinion this should not be treated as fake news, just his view on the whole matter. I suppose AG can view it and learn valueable lessons or two from this instead of pulling his position to consider this flat out fake.

  3. Is it not a fact that the lawyer is from PAP, now I am confused Liao, if SG reader cannot comprehend the news headline or article, I am curious how SGporean vote or work in this Information Age,

    It’s not fake news, it’s just alternative news headline, anyway, any idiots retards morons educated by SG World Class Education System would have know the news headline was doctored,

    Maybe in other country, with very competitive media environment, some news agency would have wrote a similar sensation headline to attract more readership, Oh Wait, welcome to SGpore,

  4. Things ppl commented upon that does not suit their taste become fake news ?
    Is like God has gone crazy ur wat?
    the absurdity of the ” law” is to many a layman incomprehensible !
    so criminals get off lightly but ordinary law abiding citizens get the big stick of the law slap on them with the making of new law intended to meet that end !!! come on shamemagan ! people are not blinded to the many happenings lately …….!

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