Americans laud PM Lee for not speaking in his “native tongue” at White House


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong concluded his first official visit to the White House since President of the United States of America Donald Trump took office.

President Trump and PM Lee reaffirmed the relationship between the US and Singapore at the meeting, where the POTUS claimed that the US-Singapore relationship has “never been closer than now” and “won’t ever be stronger.”

After exchanging pleasantries, the world leaders observed a contract signing between Singapore Airlines and Boeing over a US$13.8 billion deal for the purchase of 39 aircrafts. They proceeded to the Rose Garden later for a joint press conference.

Interestingly, the comments section of a video of the joint conference uploaded on YouTube has provided endless laughs for Singaporeans, since some Americans lauded PM Lee on his English and for not speaking in his native language.

Though some netizens clarified that English is the main language used in Singapore it appears that despite the advancements Singapore has made over the years, many people around the world still do not know much about the little red dot.

POTUS Trump riles Singaporeans by calling PM Lee “Loong”

“US-Singapore relationship has never been closer than now and won’t ever be stronger” – POTUS

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  1. It shows SG’s branding revolves around MM Lee & not the country; given his son’s incompetence, SG’s reputation will likely go “From First World to Third”.

  2. It’s good terrorist will have a hard time finding Singapore and money will be fast to find Singapore. Selling their money here to stay safe from the terrorist. What if terrorist bids higher than the current price…

  3. So are you expecting LHL to speak in the NATIONAL language which is Malay? or the official language which is includes Malay, Mandarin, Tamil & English?

    • “Singapore 1920–2010 Singapore Lawyer and women’s rights advocate Born into a Peranakan family, Kwa Geok Choo was the daughter of Kwa Siew Tee. She won the prestigious Queen’s Scholarship to read law at the University of Cambridge, where she graduated with first-class honours, the first woman from Malaya to do so. In December 1947, she quietly married Lee Kuan Yew in England. As a founding member of the People’s Action Party, Kwa helped draft the party’s constitution. Although she attended the first organizing meeting, she was not part of the party’s inner circle. In 1965, she helped prepare the crucial water provision that guaranteed Singapore’s water supply after separation from Malaysia. Kwa was a keen advocate for women’s rights. She helped draft the Women’s Charter of 1961, which provided for monogamous marriages, protected women against physical abuse, and guaranteed financial protection in divorce. She also supported the removal of gender discrimination in salaries. “ (Source:

  4. This US trip has nothing for pm to brag about or take credit for. He is simply using our billions of dollars and nothing else. It’s an over rated trip

  5. Correct. I was in Switzerland in 2015. At a restuarant on the Alps, the cashier asked where we came from. I told them Singapore. It was only when we were back that I noticed she had put us down as from China in the receipt. Wonder whether Singapore existed in her database?

  6. somre gringos has not even left the state they are staying,let alone know about what”s happening in other countries.with cyber travel is all that people do .

    • Most westerners haven’t heard of Singapore, not just Americans. I lived in Canada and U.K. and the Canadians and Europeans have not heard of Singapore, or if they did, they don’t know anything about it.

  7. Mainly the highly educated elites and the big businesses from the Western world know about Singapore but even then, their knowledge is very superficial as they probably only read about and interact with our own elites. The mainstream media is also rather insular as these are big countries with many provincial cities, towns and states, which only report their local news. So the ordinary people will not know much about Asia, and even less about Singapore. Hence, stereotypes continue to exist.

    • Samsntha, you are spot on. Usually I could not find even a column inch of report in overseas newspapers on happening in Singapore when I were abroad. This may explain why no one knows there is a country called Singapore.

  8. Well, it’s understandable because some of them still refer to us as ‘Chinks’ – Thinking it’s an acceptable nickname like they call Mexicans, latinos. Their ignorance isn’t intentional, it’s simply a result of poor education (and lack of general knowledge) on their part. Many of them can’t even tell you about their own country’s history.

  9. Probably by his color, they thought he is from a china owned island.. as chinamen dont speak english.. so they applaud probably thinkin he is an educated chinaman..

    • That’s what I tell them all the time. Their self-impotence is very amusing but it stems largely from a lack of exposure. 99.9% of them have not lived outside Asia before. Most people outside Asia have not heard of or know nothing about Singapore.

    • I would have to disagree , in fact I feel rather ashamed to be associate with a bunch of monkeys called sinkies and PAP …. Singapore is not longer a place where I call home …. look at the number of foreigners and that middle age lady at that corner of the street peeing in the open seeming to be from China …. 70% supported the idea of being screwed in the ass while our kids are not even safe in the hands of school fancy being taken to station by 5 big guys from CID …..
      when some are seen handcuffed by the same hands who are vowed to protect them ..
      Old granny in wheelchair who is unable to retire at her age seeming to rely on selling tissue at bus interchange , are shoo away by yet the ones who vowed to serve and protect . She should have alot of money locked within the vault of CPF tho ….
      Next time if you are trying to get home by the subway , do consider bring along a life jacket
      Am I really home ? Guess not .

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