Amos Yee set to give first ever public talk at Harvard


Singaporean teenager Amos Yee will be giving his first ever public talk at the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts next week.

Entitled ‘Jailed for Dissent: An Open Conversation with Amos Yee’ the event is to be held on Monday, 13 Nov. It will be free and open to the public.

The talk is organised by the Harvard College Open Campus Initiative, which seeks to “encourage a diverse discourse on Harvard’s campus, and to push back against ideological forces in academia, and in society more broadly, that hinder open discussion and freedom of speech.”

The initiative said that it is excited to host Yee this coming Monday. It added:

“Yee first came to international attention in 2015 when he was sentenced to jail in Singapore after releasing videos that were critical of the country’s late prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. Only 19 years old, he self-identifies as an anarcho-communist.
“In September of this year, Yee was granted political asylum in the United States. We look forward to a brief discussion of Yee’s background and story, followed by an open conversation with students.”

Announcing the talk on his YouTube channel, Yee indicated that Harvard representatives will pay for his travel and accommodation expenses during his trip.

He also stressed that the talk will not just be a speech, but it will be a conversation with attendees, featuring an “80-90 percent Q&A.”

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    Lester Kok ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    An update as of Nov. 12: the Nov.13 Harvard-student scheduled event to invite Amos Yee to a Q and A open forum has been abruptly canceled. Why should anyone be surprised by that? Just re-visit what I have posted on my Fb wall earlier.
    Nov. 11
    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times about Amos: ‘He is not so much unreformed as unreformable at this stage of his life.’
    And just recently, this is what I commented in my recent article (see link below) on Amos’ state of being an asylee…
    1. His incipient relegation to obscurity… “Your son Amos is now a nonentity, a fish out of water, a novelty no more…”
    2. His financial self-implosion in 3 months… “He added he does not intend to assume any part-time work as it is beneath his interest… so he is counting on his putative online fans to financially support him indefinitely while he trifles with his video diversion. But I’m afraid, poor Amos has misread his asylum host country big time — there won’t be a sucker born every minute in America. His shameless ask to be showered with further private largess will fall on deaf ears and I’ll give him 3 months, max, before he self-implodes.”
    3. His social exile… “Your son is now toxic material, his future uncertain in the U.S…”

  2. Called him crazy , called him mad … and from the institution of mental illness now he gives speeches within Harvard .
    Amos is to me described as an unpolished jade , unopened sword who is seeking its master for guidance .
    SG gov is known to be the unworthy merchant who tries to buy his way in by unlimited wealth to wield the sword and failed .
    End of the day , it was banished to the dungeons for failing to serve the unworthy .

  3. Pinky must be scratching his ….. head wondering where his pants is, what went wrong and with another LEE at Harvard it’s bound to be interesting let’s the show begin. Hope Amos doesn’t use too much profanity to get his message across.
    Get the popcorn folks and let the show begin.

  4. Hahaha, Who gave him the stage when he was just under 16 ? The more our G oppress and silence him the stronger he will fight back! Every thing just return on karma.

  5. Facebook Profile photo
    Raymond Ang ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hahahaha…. Amos giving talk in Harvard? Hmmm Probably he is trying to get money funding from them since he can’t get any funding from his Singapore supporters.

  6. Our tiny island has too many impotent elites made of academic papers!
    Amos Yee has only 10 years of education, not even a college or polytechnic graduate yet he is now invited by Harvard University campus initiative to host a public talk with questions and answers, especially his ✈ flight and accommodation is well taken care of complete with speaker’s fee!
    When I was working in a consultant engineering firm, my boss told me not to further study as his company is the best university in the world!
    On the job training and working experience far outweighs the academic certificate
    Practice make perfect!
    Amos did not go to public speaking training institutions, yet he is now an international speaker invited by the true elite Harvard University!
    Amos must be humble and not to use any obscene vulgarity in his speech as vulgarity will degrade his wisdom and character ! He must learn to be polite and speak like a scholar with high regards attributes and who knows such presentation may win him a scholarship to study in Harvard University with rich living allowances so that he not only can eat his favourite $6 cup cake but also wagyu steak with salad and fruits

  7. Thinkforothers Chan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I totally respect a boy (Amos Yee) with super genius at his age and even right till now I don’t see any young boy (at his age) in Singapore with that kind of super genius that can speak out so fluently without any support.

    As a parent should be proud of such a son in the family.

    Bravo! Amos Yee, shoot all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As with Trump’s election. Goes to show that these day one need not be an academic to talk in an acedemic setting (Amos has repeatedly denounced the need for formal education). Just as one need not political experience to serve publicly. Are the days of formal qualifications over? Is this a new phase in this era?

    1. Daniel Ong says:

      A good academic qualification or a professional degree like in engineering or medicine help. However, this is NOT a prerequisite. LKY talked BS when he insisted that scholars are the best and ablest to lead Singapore. His top down policy of getting scholars to be political leaders is now working against Singapore as we are seeing the dreadful performance of these scholars who simply lack the experience, people and organizational skills to get things done. Most importantly: We need men and women who are good communicators, sacrificial, honest and ever willing and humble to listen to the needs of the average citizen. Again, a degree or tertiary qualification are preferable but NOT absolutely necessary.

  9. Daniel Ong says:

    Congrats, Amos! Despite my strong and irreversible stand on self-reliance I’m thrilled that you’ve been invited to speak at the Harvard University campus with the very apt talk entitled ‘Jailed for dissent: An open conversation with Amos Yee’. This is an excellent opportunity to speak out on the truth of freedom of speech in Singapore. Do restrain yourself from using vulgar words as this is a prestigious institution and coarse language is certainly NOT appropriate! In short, Amos, Don’t blow it! Good luck.

    1. Daniel Ong says:

      I’d be thrilled! If he mess this golden opportunity to demonstrate his intellect and eloquence. Yes, Tiffany, I agree with you. Frankly, I’ve got to watch myself from getting carried away and then use vulgar language in the heat of debating a controversial subject. It is bad manners!

    2. Coarse language is appropriate when needed to denigrate unreasonable and hypocritical authorities. I think he knows he must watch his potty mouth when the topic is serious and the audience are thinkers.

    1. Brian Jeremiah
      I do not watch her shows any more!

      It is yr prerogative if u don’t mind Amos calling you a viewer, such name & it is none of my business too.

      All Viewers deserve respect!
      I will never associate myself with such person at all!
      Grotesquely rude and disrespectful for others.

      I hv voiced my disgust with him and prefer to close this subject.
      Thank you.

    2. Daniel Ong says:

      Yes, that’s the bit I’m worried about Amos. He has to draw people to him and influence them. NOT offend and make them turn against him. I’m optimistic. He will learn.

    3. when he asked for singaporeans to help all talk trashed and call him names, when he is given a chance to talk there why need to show jealousy diamond? go make appointment for viewing lol…

  10. Ah Soh says:

    Notwithstanding his run on with the govt back home, he may be setting records to be one of the youngest, if not the youngest, to give talk in an institution of higher learning.

    1. Daniel Ong says:

      Lee Hsien Loong would probably bore them sick with his talk on how to fix the Opposition and steal lunches! Amos is definitely more eloquent than him. PM LHL is a laughing stock to The World! The Harvard people will be appalled at his installing President Halimah Yacob as the Malay Elected President when she is an Indian! They will surely NOT understand how this criminal act can go unchallenged in supposedly democratic Singapore. NOT just America but The World now know that Singapore is a dictatorship.

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