Amos Yee’s mother writes heartfelt message to her son on his 19th birthday


Amos Yee’s mother Mary Toh posted a heartfelt letter to her son on her Facebook page, in commemoration of Yee’s 19th birthday, on 31 October.

In the letter, Toh wrote that she is glad her son always takes things positively and thanked his well-wishers for supporting him.

She also wrote to her son:

“Thank you for your last few words to me before leaving Singapore. You told me to spend time helping people instead of worrying for you or missing you. You said that if any mishap happens to you, you are ready to die without any regrets as you have already led a very fulfilling life. These words give me strength and relief. I know you have always wanted the world to be a better place for everyone and you wish to see everybody leading a happy life.”

My Dear Son,Your ordeal from 29 March 2015 to 26 Sep 2017 is a really tough journey, not only to yourself but also to…

Posted by Mary Toh on Monday, 30 October 2017

Meanwhile, Yee returned to Facebook this week to ask his followers for money. Writing on his social media page on Wednesday, Yee said that he only has $1000 left in his bank account which he intends to use to survive for the next two months.

Revealing that he owes a well-wisher $4000 and that he hopes to lead a relatively good life, where he is able to purchase luxury items he likes, Amos has resorted to crowdfunding online.

In his post, the cash-strapped video blogger also clarified that he does not wish to get a job to earn money:

“Now say in the worse case scenario nobody wants to donate money to support my work and I run out of money. Am I going to get a part-time job that I don’t like? No. I would go and borrow money from people who are willing to lend me something (which very thankfully I think I have a few of.). Most people wouldn’t do that, they’d detest the very idea of not being financially-independent and a ‘low-life’ relying on someone. But to me, it’s very important that I lead the kind of life I want and do the things I love, a part-time job that takes hours off your day ruins that. The feeling of ‘shamelessness’ on relying on others for money is much more worth making half your life or more of your life miserable, at least for me.”

Amos Yee prefers handouts than finding a job; resorts to crowdfunding online to survive in US


    • It may seem shameful to you BUT really it is not. Society we live thinks it is shameful. It is just a perception. There are travellers that travel round the world with little or not money living on hand-outs. Some people are now beginning to live off on nightly throw away of food that may have expired dates or food still good-to-eat by disposed by supermarkets or other eateries. It is all about mindset. Singaporeans mentality have been screwed up by the very government that have spooned feed them that they have become beholden, unable to to stand up and be counted…. they can complain until the cows come home yet would not do the needful to put things right. So Jamie I hope you statement is not to be insulting. If it does. Time for you to stop getting your head brainwashed.

    • Dinesh Dev You don’t have to give if you don’t want to. If you have to be stingy for anything that’s how you have been brought up or brainwash. When you see a busker playing and singing what do you do?. Please keep your eyes away and your ears shut.

  1. October 27, 2017
    Exposing Melissa Chen, Part Two, Amos Yee’s Quasi Free Speech Guru: An Exposé Of Her Mea Culpas

    Exposing The Rank Hypocrisy of Melissa Chen, Amos Yee’s Fairy Godmother — Unvarnished, Unplugged, Uncut and Uncensored!

    On Sept. 27, 2017, Amos Yee’s fairy godmother Melissa Chen posted her celebratory piece on her Fb wall following news of Amos’ surprised second win in his marathon asylum quest. The artful spin she imparted to her piece would fool most — those without intimate knowledge of her complicity in Amos’ 10-month incarceration ordeal — into believing everything is coming up roses for Amos, and his fairy godmother. This second follow-up critical piece is designed to shed additional light, to expose the real Melissa Chen behind her facade as a self-anointed ‘free-speech absolutist’.
    (Her uncut Fb post of Sept. 27 is appended at the tail end of this article.)
    Here now an expanded explication of her mea culpas:

    1. Melissa, member of a clique of trigger-happy censors and speech expurgators…
    Melissa, the self-styled ‘free-speech absolutist’ and her clique (i.e., Amos, Ms. Mary Toh, and Ms. Sandra Grossman), exemplify the best in class in the art of deletion and censorship of what that don’t appeal to them. The following itemized list of censored critical posts exposes what the clique truly represents: a passel of phony, piddling peddlers in speech-rights snake oil…

  2. October 19, 2017
    Amos Redux: Five Events That Define Amos In Wonderland

    It grieves me to acknowledge that my April 28th open letter to Mary Toh had fallen on deaf ears. [ ] The said letter was a ‘sincere appeal to Amos’ mother to act judiciously to help avert her son’s current plight from being transmogrified into a full-blown tragedy before her eyes.’ I interceded with her then to repatriate her son before she lost him forever. But TRULY SADLY, alas, 5 months later her dear son Amos remains marooned in Wonderland, though for the first time in 9 and 1/2 months he is able to take in alfresco American fresh air and sunshine after being freed at long last from a nightmare of interminable detention — one that is, I would not hesitate to declaim, of utter whimsical arbitrariness and bereft of due process. Here now in the following are five phenomena that explain why it is so ‘TRULY SADLY’ for Amos…

    [ An update, Nov. 2, 2017: barely a month into his release from ICE detention, Amos has reverted to his noble habit of begging for handouts again. On his Fb, Nov. 2, he unabashedly rallies his ‘legions’ of diehard crowdfunders to come to his rescue to help pay off his $4K debt he accrued while in jail over a 10-month period. He added he does not intend to assume any part-time work as it is beneath his interest… so he is counting on his putative online fans to financially support him indefinitely while he trifles with his video diversion. But I’m afraid, poor Amos has misread his asylum host country big time — there won’t be a sucker born every minute in America. I’ll give him 3 months, max, before he self-implodes. Perhaps, his mentor Melissa Chen now could either help put him on the dole, courtesy of Uncle Sam, or provide him a personal monthly stipend until her mentee reaches maturity — because this is what his fairy godmother responded to my post of Jan. 3, 2017 on her Fb: ‘So if things don’t work out I will absolutely shoulder the blame.’ ]

  3. Quite obviously, Amos was spoilt by his
    mother. In short he was badly bought up. This is the cause of all his problems. I really feel sorry for Amos who has brought shame to his family and Singapore on his refusal to work to be self sufficient. Anyone who is abled body and prefers begging to working is a scum.

  4. I can understand a mother’s love for her flesh and blood but to praise her brat of a son and social misfit as having ‘made the world a better place’ is clearly a delusion on her part.

  5. Is LHL better than him? LHL label by his siblings as dishonourable son. And his only brother and family,had to escape out of Singapore because of him. Is this not a disgrace to LKY teaching in family value?

  6. Only lazy people make alot of noise and keep give alot of excuse
    There are no poor people only drama people
    Drama people hope they can have something from other by not working to earn it
    They are very clever people they keep try their luck

  7. There are many forms of societal organisation. Ours seem to be based on a rather Confucianist way of organising relationships. What Singapore has is not the be all and end all of it. I suppose Amos will never fit into this sort of collectivist organisation. Though I may not agree with his philosophy and find some bits of it obnoxious, I don’t think it is right to persecute him for his opinions. If no one had circulated his videos and writings, he would not even register a bleep.

    Anyway, here is some information on Anarchism thought. No, nothing to do with ISIS or bombs, lol :

  8. U r absolutely different from most of us here, your courage and talents are extraordinary too! You are getting more matured, go for it & apply your talents appropriately, gracefully & peacefully and society will benefit your contribution. All the best to Amos & his mummy!

  9. This human parasite is a lost cause la. As his Mother, it’s better you consider him lost or dead to you. Live your life to the fullest and let him fend for himself for once in his spoilt life. Even Americans can see what a troll he is once he releases more idiotic videos.

  10. Ask your parents for $ lah! Why must ask public to give u? Your parents can sell away their big house n give u some of their $ n they can buy a smaller house. After all they are left alone without any children with them so they just need to stay in a small house will do. Stop taking advantage on the public for their hard earn $. U causes all the trouble n your parents didn’t stop u but give u so much encouragement n support, so they must pay everything for u including giving u $.

  11. Amos in USA the LGBT community quite strong. Earing money not difficult, I tell you what , follow the foot steps of the famous Singaporean la. Her aim was 300 but record say she did 251. You try and beat her record la. For that stunt she was paid handsomely and made her famous mah . You know who I am talking about right ?

  12. It’s always Mother is all the mother of all faults!!!! Most and let me repeat MOST Mother do not wish their child to be sad/miserable. But what can a Mother do if the child wants to be an ass?!!! Wtf to judge really as if you hv a perfect lives. It’s a freaking nightmare to hv a child that goes against the tide lah

  13. A kid who has not even started working as an adult can actually went to seek protection from US. I am not sure any of you know the process of applying asylum in US? It is not that easy! A spoilt child can do all those? What were you doing when you are 16 years old? Would you dare to appear in US court to convine the judge?

  14. There is no poor people , only LAZY people. Why should ppl donate money to a lazy ass who refuse to get a proper job and wish to spend the money on luxury stuffs ?

  15. As an asylum, medical expenses should be covered like lodging and food. Normally they should have some pocket money. Officially they are not allowed to work but many will find work to make extra’s. So why should you not work? Cut that bunch of hair, make yourself presentable and go at least do dish washing or kitchen helper in the restaurant , you can earn at least US$10,- an hour plus a free meal. Left over food, you can bring back to your quarter. Why self pity yourself?

    • Johnny Chiam Oh l see, thank you. That is why l this funny comment was posted.

      Chagall Rodin heeft geantwoord op je opmerking bij de link van The Independent Singapore.

      Chagall Rodin
      5 november om 6:52

      Nancy, he did not go through all that trouble to become a dishwasher. He’s not those early Chinese migrants in the 70s and 80s. He clearly knows who he is, and what his purpose in life is. And I might add, much more than most adults in Singapore with a degree and stand around MRT stations begging for money. Or the zombies who ask you to apply credit cards. In a society that produce so many jobless, aimless graduates, I’m glad there is a Amos Yee.

  16. October 23, 2017
    Five Reasons Behind Amos Yee’s Accidental Win Of Political Refugee Status In America: Unauthorized Confessions Of A Teen Troll

    On Sept. 27, Amos Yee the teen provocateur from Singapore was finally set free by ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) after a 10-month detention while awaiting adjudication of his asylum fate. A 3-member panel of the Justice Dept. in late Sept. upheld his March asylum ruling by an Immigration judge. In a mid-Oct. Fb post to Prime Minister Lee, I termed this latest turn of development in Amos’ favor a black swan event, an occurrence of high improbability. Just what happy chance (i.e., fortuity) and official bungling (serendipitous mismanagement) have conspired to help Amos, to militate against his deportation back home, is the stuff of Hollywood comedy. Without further ado, here’s a compendium of what transpired behind the scenes…

    [N.B. a postscript: an afterthought, documented Nov. 1, 2017… I was grossly mistaken in my assumption that the Singapore gov. had every reason/motivation/ to defeat Amos’ bid for asylum which was to be effected at the expense of an all-out ruination of his country’s reputation. From the outset, I’ve termed it an epic battle of life-and-death for the local gov., reputation-wise. In a March 26, 2017 blog I cautioned: ‘I would be surprised if the Singapore government simply let this slide without kicking up a fuss; Amos’ successful bid for asylum would be a demerit on Prime Minister Lee’s tenure.’ And again on March 29, I warned: ‘a nation’s obloquy that would otherwise be preserved in aspic if not rectified.’

    Evidently, my initial instinct was wrong; the Singapore gov. had decided early on to let Amos’ asylum bid rip. Becoming increasingly clear to my mind at least, it was a calculated loss aforethought by the Singapore gov. the outcome of which it had poised to resign itself to, and which lamentably, I hazard to say, would willy-nilly be enumerated in its list of regrets in legacy.]

  17. The society is to be blamed for what he is. It is no that simple as parents. He spend more time in school than with parents. Is our education that fantastic in today’s technology revolution or our 3rd or 4th industrial revolution? Children with today’s environment with internet created its own mind with the knowledge they gather from societies of the world but very little from its parents.

  18. “But what you forgot to tell me, son, was that to do all the selfless things that u set out to do, u would want an endless stream of financial support thru no effort on ur own. What a golden child of mine you really are. Love u. Muach.”

  19. While I was never a fan of his, I think pp who say he prefer handouts than working, has comprehension problem. He didn’t say he prefer handouts than working. He just prefer a particular way of earning his money. Which need a bit of money to kick start. U can still disagree with that, but pls disagree with the correct thing.

  20. He was labeled by his siblings because they are in a tussle. How much truth in that depends on which side of the fence you’re on. As for his brother and family fleeing the country, that’s a lie! LHY’s children have been living overseas for a long time and his ex wife, is still in Singapore. So who had to flee?

  21. People who live in glass houses should never cast the first stone. When a minister or an MP, or civil servant misbehaves, I don’t hear anyone casting aspersions on his or her mother, or accusing the folks of bad parenting. Don’t cuss because you can: be fair when you exact judgement

  22. The amount of nasty ?!&@/-;? Stuff out there( Amos ) hopefully is something u can manage without driving u is in right Ear out left. So many stories man turn crazy…suicidal…truck…firearms…resulting innocent human tragedy..NY..L Vegas…So fellas ease off, the kid will come to his senses in good time ( I don’t want any part of this )

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