Angry groom publicly shames bride by playing video of her cheating with another man at wedding dinner


Guests at a traditional Chinese wedding dinner were watching a lovely montage of their relationship, before the tape was cut to reveal incriminating footage of the bride entering a hotel room with another man, with whom she was captured behaving intimately.

It turns out that the groom, a local businessman, had wanted to publicly shame his wife at their wedding dinner after a private investigator he had hired to tail her captured evidence of his bride’s cheating.

Interestingly, the private investigator – 42-year-old Ms Zhuo of Ajax Investigation & Security Services – was present at the wedding.

Recounting the tale to the Chinese daily, Ms Zhou said that the couple were already engaged and that the wedding dinner preparations had been made when the groom engaged her services to tail his fiancee.

After one and a half months of close surveillance, Ms Zhou caught the bride-to-be entering a hotel room with her lover. The couple were seen entering the hotel room, and after some time left the room one after the other.

Assuming that the businessman would cancel his wedding as soon as he saw evidence of the infidelity, Ms Zhou submitted the photos to him. However, she was surprised to later receive an invite to his wedding.

It was only when she attended the dinner that she understood the groom’s intention to publicly humiliate the bride. She alleges that after the video was played, the groom exited the banquet and told his bride to go to hell.


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  1. The bride should have said in front of all the people there , she loves the groom and was ready to commit to him once married , but he is such a lousy screw that she just had to get a bit more before closing the door to that enjoyable part of her life .

  2. All these comments over ppl you don’t know?
    None of you have relation at all to them?
    How do any of you know that the groom himself is not screwing around and the girl found out and wanted revenge. Threatened him. And he cooked all this shit to cover his own face and his family before she exposed him.
    Why was he so complacent to hire a PI to follow her?
    He could have called this off much earlier.
    Could be all a frame up to make her look like shit… and he is “boo hoo hoo… I love her with all my heart… bla bla bla”

  3. Good one brother. The early bird catches the worm. Let the world know what she does as she will do the same if she had caught you. All sexes during peace-time are equal. During War, I leave it to your imagination.

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  5. If this is in Singapore and both already registered the marriage, then the bride can get half his assets plus a monthly alimony. Never mind that she was the unfaithful one. The Singapore Woman’s Charter is very unfair to men. I suspect that this is in China rather than Singapore.

  6. Rique Seah says:

    Wedding dinner booked. If cancel means at last minute still need to pay and you will disappoint guests. Might as well enjoy the dinner and let go the bride unfaithfulness. Then dinner over and guests witness both event happened. End of story. Next…

  7. How many men have a fling on their stag night before marriage.. and he married her anyway giving her a chance to have a divorce and take his money? She fooled around before the wedding not after, and he married her knowing what she did meaning he can’t use her cheating as grounds for divorce.. stupid man.

    1. This is a wedding banquet so it could be for customary purposes than legal one. Two weeks is too short a notice to cancel a wedding banquet and any deposit paid before that would be forfeited. Might as well go out with a bang.

  8. Awwww……revenge is a bitch! ouch!

    Applaud what the groom did, he got even by revealing the truth instead of stooping to the bride’s level.

    Why shouldn’t the bride’s parents, relatives and friends know her for who she really is??

  9. Good punishment!!!These groom should be hate these bride so he do these way to her!!!Her parent throw face that have these kind daughter!!!Good to show the bride friends and relative these woman bad personality!!!!

  10. These bad shame bitch is love is his ..not love these person in real truthly heart!!!!Kick out is good for him!!!!Dont know to think she!!!!Foolish to get these marriage unsuccessfully!!!

  11. Raj Kumar says:

    May be he could have handled the bride little more Respectfully. What if the bride takes a foolish decision and jumps off a building out of shame ? !!

    1. Terrie Tan says:

      Raj Kumar You started this thread on a public discussion platform so i’m merely responding in kind. And it’s “did not need” not “did not needed”, watch your past simple tenses ya? 🙂

    2. Raj Kumar says:

      Indeed she deserves to be punished. What I was trying to say is she has to be left with little life that she can live after realising her misconduct. Not totally destroying.

    3. Guo Xiongwei In fact we are all only speculating on what could potentially happen to this and that person and on the benefit of hindsight . Try wearing the shoe of the empathetic groom and see how would you react on realising that your future partner to be in involved in the heinous affair ,?? The culprit of the issue should be asking herself and rationalised on the consequence of sowing wild oats before saying I Do to her future beloved and the recourse to it be crystal cleared once you are napped . And we should all put aside gender difference and emotional bias to focus on the crux of the matter impartially .

    4. Raj Kumar says:

      It will be a greatest free lesson to everyone who aren’t true to their spouse. Hope I don’t see similar incidents of mental & life damages again. Good day Guo Xiongwei & Everyone ✌️

    5. @Raj Kumar
      Nobody forced her to go that hotel room & had an affair.
      If she was blackmailed or something, she cld easily have reported to police or trust her choice of the cuckold as her husband… the husband wld have done something for her if she was a victim.

    6. Raj Kumar says:

      I couldn’t say how else it has had handled. But I feel the life of Bride is gone. Though she learned her lesson it will stick. So I wish it has happened different.

    7. @Raj Kumar
      So how else can the cuckold handle it when the affair was discovered abt 2weeks (according to Chinese MSM) before the wedding dinner?
      With so many relatives & friends already invited, what cld the cuckold tell them abt the cancellation?
      If he covered up for the unfaithful woman, who knows what the woman may say to protect herself….”the wedding cancelled not my fault, but my husband… he got another woman/AIDS/sex disease”?
      The cuckold wld not be able to defend himself as most pple will side with the weaker sex.

    8. Raj Kumar says:

      Revealing truth isn’t Bad. The way it is handled is the Issue I was pointing. Even deseases like AIDS not spoken publicly or shared considering the person’s privacy and days ahead in life; We know how someone gets it. I don’t understand the groom so focused on destroying her for a known mistake that she has been doing for more than One and half months!!. I guess he could have continued the relationship as it were before though he knows she is cheating. Funny!!!

    9. Raj Kumar says:

      So Terrie everyone here are marrying their first love you mean? I know cheating is immorale but did he talk about it to her ? No!! Never confront; make video and do silly drama for ?

    10. U must me kidding…if she really commit sucide..the groom will insane?If it is happen to u..u will insane?If she really jump down..i dont think the groom will insane!!!!Since she been broken his heart..from his these planning..i can see he is hate these bride…so if a person been already hate..he will insane?He dont bother at the end!!!!Let me tell u..i understood these groom emotion..if i am rich dont mind those restaurant and drowy cost..not think to get it back and it is happen to me these kind of satutation,i will do the same as the groom as well as if i am the bride too!!!Tried it if it is happening to u!!!Hate her already still insane on her???

    11. Terrie Tan says:

      Kudos to the moralists here. You’re superior human beings. I’ll give you that. Keep up that holier-than-thou facade because one day your life’ll depend on it.

    12. Terrie Tan says:

      i mean it’s a good thing he decided to end it with a video and go out with an exposé. Were i the groom, i’d hire a hitman. Too bad murder is illegal in most jurisdictions. Lol.

    13. Raj Kumar says:

      Lol,. Since Jonathan say she deserves so!! Does the parents deserve so to be disrespected in such a way?!! Because brides behaviour will also be influenced by society she live in. What about disrespecting and wasting everyone’s time that they expected it to be beautiful ?

    14. Terrie Tan says:

      Raj Kumar yes her family and friends were there – that’s the whole idea of shaming her for betraying him, how do you think the guy feels? If she were thickskinned and vain enough to cheat on him, do you think she’d end her own narcissistic existence so easily? i think not.

    15. Raj Kumar says:

      Exactly!!. That’s what am trying to say; Considering feelings. The guy will become insane for the rest of life if she decided to jump off a building and did that.

    16. Raj Kumar says:

      I feel the shaming part is little too much since her all of friends and family will be there and it simply Bad. He could have just broke up on her and move on may be!!

    1. He can apply for annulment if he found out about her cheating after the wedding.. but he find out before the wedding and still married her anyway. Legally speaking she did not commit adultary as she did not cheat on him while they were married, it was before they were married.. now, as long as she does not cheat on him while they are married she can get assets of his if they divorce

    1. Sheng Wong says:

      Since the marriage is likely to be annulled, Can demand back bcos the wedding angbao is meant to be a gift/ a blessing to recognise their matrimony. Traditionally, the wedding banquet is actually a treat to the relatives, friends and invited guests for recognising and validating their matrimony. That’s why traditionally relatives and guests have to sign on that silk cloth. Not writing notes. Cantonese style. Taking back angbao is to signify against the whole matrimony bcos of what happened.

  12. The woman was unfaithful to begin with; so near wedding still have an affair.
    Who knows if she was planning to marry the man, divorce to make a quick buck then marry the bed partner?
    Dun forget our Women Charter almost g’tee wives 50% of husbands’ wealth.

  13. From what i had read the arguments for and against have to be weighed against the big picture , the objective of it by the groom. You can take to ugly sin or act of impropriety to shame her in the presence of all on the “BIG” day of yours. But what are you telling the world at large in that move of the inglorious act of her. If your sole intention is to shame her why waste some much money holding the wedding occasion to just to placate your feelings of unrequited love or to take it out on her. And for those who opinionated such public montage viewing which starled many to disbelief would drive her to her suicidal thought ..But i dont share the sentiment on that as i can add that such an immoral lady would not care a hoot or two about it. She may storm out and abashedly tell her lover that lady luck had it on her to be caught like sitting duck. In short, it is a blessing that she was trapped by the PI and i dread to imagine what other ill scheme of thing that she has conceivably plotted against the groom if she is elusive and evasive to dodge again and again when his back is turned on her. So poetic justice prevailed in the end and hope the bitter episode would awaken her to her senses that it doesnt pay to cheat and toy with other good feelings. .

    1. You have to see the issue more from his psychological lens when anger has got the better of him?? He is already so embittered over the debacle of seeing his the other half venturing into a private room for a night of rendezvous and has it ever occurred to you what would have had happened if he couldnt contain his emotional fuse?? Would he lose his mental cognitivity and deep=plunged a knife into her and citing extenuating or mitigating factor only to be charged for manslaugter on judgment ground . And should that happen it would go down in the annals of history to see the groom knifying the bride on the red-letter day. When that unfortunate incident happens i am sure it would be a coffee-shop fodder throughout the island..

    2. Dont u think the groom has lost his dignity by exposing her infidelity? Money has already been spend for wedding even if it didnt go through. It more hassle to inform everyone to cancel. It also save e groom from her pleads and forgiveness. His pride and trust has already been damage.. it hurts more than exposing her crimes..

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