BREAKING: Downtown Line 3 suffers track fault on first day of soft launch


UPDATE: SBS has just tweeted that services on Downtown Line 3 have resumed as per normal. Adding that services between Bukit Panjang and Beautyworld are also normal – after a breakdown earlier today – and that bridging bus services are still available, SBS apologised.

Services on Downtown Line 3 have been disrupted due to a track fault today – the very day of the line’s soft launch.

Commuters, who had been invited to an open house where they could go on free train rides, were told to alight at various stations following the service disruption.

Bridging services were deployed to aid disgruntled commuters.

Affected trains were halted for about 15 minutes on the line and an elderly commuter in one of the crowded train compartments was seen berating an SBS staffer, according to early reports.

This comes after 8 religious leaders blessed the Downtown Line 3 late last month when they were invited to try out a stretch of the new line by Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

Khaw had said then:

“The completion of #DTL3 will cap more than a decade of intense work. We are all eagerly awaiting the opening, and especially those who live along this new stretch of MRT line. For other commuters, DTL3 will be another way to connect to the east!”

Various religious leaders bless Downtown Line 3 as frustrations against SMRT mount

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  1. Lim Kopi says:

    SBS wants to break record, by having train breakdown in soft launch, another first and great achievement by Harikiri Minister and LTA. More breakdown to come

  2. Aiyoh… very peiseh… first day of public launch.. already breakdown.
    Lucky for me… wifey asked why not try it out today… but I said line not stable, likely to breakdown n sure enough….

    1. Where got paiseh, this is SOP liau. So must continue to demonstrate incompetence, else grumbling press and public transport folks will be grossly disappointed that they no longer can complain and grumble.

  3. Dave Ong the government engaged alot of bunch of idiots having high salaries with five elements carried along throughout their term of their careers the higher position u hold the most talk cock and wayang with flavour of tai – chi spices applied on. Somthing happened they replied in affimative – teething or signalling or lack of staff problems. They woukd not denied lack of expertise in their operation perhap proclaim they are the best in the world with five elements in every government sector u can come across, take my words being the pioneer citizen , is very shame to say best in everything – First Class system in overall operations.When big nation tell us the government not standing firm behold the support of our ppls their feet and hands keep on shivering and trembeling the big nation tell us to accord their request we have to accept their request.

  4. Say these ppls be it minister or leader in charge are stupid, good for nothing, useless. And they still want to argue. Just hopeless and utterly useless. Where the basic responsibilities , to check properly and then go for show hand?

  5. Should not berate a staffer – how many of us have had to take the blame for mistakes of our superiors?

    We are all frustrated, but there is no point blaming people who are as hapless as us. There are people who are in charge and getting away scot-free; don’t throw your anger at the innocent.

    1. SMRT haven’t fxxk up enough Izzit ? Accumulating all the past break downs is enough to get everyone from smrt sack …. !!!!!
      You have a problem with commuters making a few noise ? SBST ,SMRT still under same boss lah .
      We scold SMRT you heart pain izzit ? Your lover working there ah

    2. Wonder if LHL in the downtown line mrt and got stuck inside the mrt…what would you think he will do?
      A) call KBW and ask what the fuck is happening?
      B) call civil defence and get him out of there and go back home on his aircon
      C) break open the window for some air to come in as SINGAPOREAN COMES FIRST

      Which is he aiming at??

    3. David Ong says:

      Whatever tree also ok? Another record created along many past faults. Don’t you think they have to carry out many many trial runs before officially launching it?

    4. If u cant differentiate between company A or B, opening your eyes and ears first.

      Just like Singtel and M1 or Starhub. They maybe belong to Telecomunication company but that doesn’t mean they are the same.

      There is nothing for me to taichi. They dont belong to me, and I do not need to taichi.

      So do your homework and dont embarrass yourself here by talking real cock.

    5. Heli Hob Poh wat mot had to do is to stop/delay all new train stations openings until all the current MRT breakdowns are resolved. With the start of these new lines be it smrt or sbst, you are adding more problems to the current ones and who suffers? U guess lor

    6. Buck Wee Sim Well said Sir! Well put too! We customers paid for the service and should get it! With the ever increase in fares and decreasing efficiency of service! Serve us with what we paid for!

    7. Whether it’s sbst or smrt, we passengers don’t care. Haven’t start yet already breakdown. First class transportation, 3rd class services. If there’s a global reward for the most breakdowns of MRT trains, sg would be tops!!

    1. Raj Kumar says:

      This issue has to be more frustrating to the staffs who are responsible too and not just commuters. The trains run almost 16 Hours a Day. Let’s hope they will fix it as soon as possible.

    2. I have also work in Japan. Only when there is a earthquake that effect the line than will delay. The train schedule in Japan is very punctual. There they apologised. Here they Taiji. Haha

    3. Raj Kumar says:

      London has troubles, U.S has troubles, Japan has fame for apologizing to commuters for train delays. In U.A.E people probably won’t be riding Metro or it is way less frequent than SG. SG’s problem mostly has to be from the time stringent runs.

      1. Facebook Profile photo
        Jairus Lau ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Took ride @ 11:30 am . From Tampines to Fort Canning. The air-con hummed very loudly and the PA system was hardly audible. 2nd hand/re-conditioned cabin? Trip back, cabin OK, after the wait.


    *Pause. Takes a deep breath*


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