“Cheerful” Tan Cheng Bock suggests Minister Shanmugam is unhappy to be confronted by his questions


Former Presidential candidate, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, has suggested that Mr Shanmugam is unhappy to be confronted by his questions. Dr Tan was responding to Mr K Shanmugam’s Facebook post in which the Law and Home Affairs Minister claimed that the doctor was “bitter” and engaged in “elaborate charades”.

No excuse for “bitter” Tan Cheng Bock to engage in “elaborate charades” – Shanmugam

Dr Tan said that he would let readers decide if Mr Shanmugam had adequately answered him or if Dr Tan himself had misquoted the Minister.

Dr Tan earlier asked if the if the Minister had contradicted himself when he at first told CNA “… once we get the advice, we will send it out. Certainly by the time the bill gets to Parliament, which is in October … and will make it public” but later said in Parliament “this government, as a rule, generally, does not publish legal opinions that it gets.”

The Minister answered Dr Tan and said that there was no contradiction. He said the “it” in “send it out” was referring to the government’s position on the term count, and not Attorney-General’s advice.

Dr Tan had also asked why Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong remained silent during the debate. Minister Shanmugam answered him saying, “I’m surprised Dr Tan should ask me this question. Surely as a former parliamentarian he knows that adjournment motions have strict time limits. The MP moving the adjournment motion has up to 20 minutes; and someone else has all of 10 minutes to respond. That’s it. As Law Minister, I responded on behalf of the Government.”

Dr Tan said that he never asked about parliamentary procedures.

“I simply asked why the PM stayed silent,” he said.

“PM could have spoken during those 10 minutes since his statement was being challenged,” Dr Tan added.

MINISTER SHANMUGAM’S REPLYI asked if the Minister had contradicted himself when he at first told CNA “… once we get…

Posted by Dr Tan Cheng Bock on Sunday, 8 October 2017

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  1. Frankly all our overpaid Ministers have this attitude of (dont question and dont ask). We know what we are doing as majority of Singapore are mot smart enough yo think gor themselves.
    Dr. I am 200% behind you. My one wish to God is to have you, LHY, LWL, Lim Tean and other credible Singaporeans come together to challenge this over arrogant and frankly sometimes quite incompetence because of their own stupidity. That they are too smart to make mistake and Singaporeans are too stupid to realise anyway.
    If you guys come forward to challenge the PAP in GE 2020 i will return to Singapore to support your election campaign at my own expense.

  2. I do not understand why the clown don’t even dare to step forward and answer. He just sit there keep quiet. Let his yes men to step forward and anyhow twist roti prata. Oxley saga also like this. Is this a leader should show his poor leadership? Hide one corner? Or step out and talk like a top class leader.

  3. Tan Cheng Bock was an ex-PAP man yet its the same PAP that is afraid of their alumni gets me to wonder if the myth (There were 2 camps within PAP of different opinion) i heard were truth after all?

  4. Mikel Tan says:

    Dr Tan Sir , I’m not well educated but it’s seems he is playing with his Own Words . I’m in his GRC Ward since 2015 , I wonder he has done checks on this TC ?

  5. Danta Weng says:

    Take away people’s right to vote from a democratic society is a very serious mistake. No respect to all Singaporean will make pap pay hard soon or later

  6. Roy Lay says:

    If u believe there was no twist & turn, & that English is meant for those above the law…then help yourself with some SHIT, it can fill up your stomach too!

  7. Dear Dr Tan
    Can I suggest that u stand in d next GE as an independent or with a standing opposition so that yr can bring yr virtous,righteous n very dignified opinions n causes in parliament.Sir I m very sure d populace will definitely n confidently vote for u

    1. Peter Ong Nahbeh! Your master asked fir your advice the whither about to answer to Dr.TCB urh?
      You must plp po ka Chut been urh? KNN ! You are worst than your master , speak their defense without them asking you to !!! Pua pak Kia!!

  8. Ryan Soh says:

    Minister Shame spliced his own statement! clearly, the it in his statement was referring to AGC advise! He think all Singaporeans are retarded!?

  9. Grain rice has been cooked into read to eat rice on the plate; it cannot be reverted to grain rice again.
    For the good or bad let’s go along with it.

  10. Henry Soh says:

    I like your smiles.. you have delivered the questions that most Singaporean will ask Sham

    Why is he so upset with you ?

    The truth & facts hurt his pride

    So keep smiling Dr Tan

    1. This Sham need to add a E there. No shame at all. TCB is also a MP in the 80s where Singapore is in her progressing stage. He helped to build SG compared to this generation. I think sham has no respect at all when he talked.

    2. Yes that shamemugan is upset and disturbed when hard questions are thrown at him or rather his bosses appointed him to answer the hard questions , it appears he is the one that is bitter to the hilt!!!! Nahbeh

  11. David Ng says:

    If now ruling party keeps playing with their tricks, I’m afraid the next election they PAP will lost the faith of our fellow Singaporean.

    1. It has gradually making Singaporeans losing faith. Lhl slogan for GE2015- with you for you for Singapore. With us for us? I didn’t see it coming. I only see him and his group heads became swollen and think only for themselves. Ownself check Ownself. One man’s hard work is not built overnight. Today’s results was just yesterday hard work.

    2. I’m afraid you gonna be wrong coz come election time the powers that be will throw some goodies to the peasants n thus continue their stranglehold on our cuntry.

  12. David Ng says:

    With the cost of living, transportation keeps disrupted and the elected president, our fellow Singaporean will knows their election will cast to whom.

  13. I recently made a comment that since the 1970s I had forgotten all about the derogatory terms Chinese citizens here used to call our Indian compatriots. I fear that these terms may find its way back into the vocabulary. Lets pray not!

  14. “… once we get the advice, we will send it out. Certainly by the time the bill gets to Parliament, which is in October … and will make it public” ……..

    Isn’t this very clear ‘it’ refers to the AG advice? Correct me if my English language is sub-standard

    “The Minister answered Dr Tan and said that there was no contradiction. He said the “it” in “send it out” was referring to the government’s position on the term count, and not Attorney-General’s advice.”


    1. To the black mamba viper breed and his white termite gang members …it will always be they make open statement and lead the pple to conclude on the open meaning but when challenged they will word the meaning to their interest. These devious politicians are always taking the pple for stupid !!!

  15. Dun worry Dr Tan…..we will nver get any sensible concrete answer anymore from not only him but the rest of PAPs…….reason is LKY is no more to help them.

  16. Jasen Lee says:

    If there are problems, they are given 20 minutes?
    Even if it is not answered or solved?
    No wonder Singapore’s problems are piling up. Shit Heads!

  17. David Yeo says:

    We need people like Tan Cheng Bock for SG. They are good for our nation in the short and long term. I can’t say the same for Shamemugam. The latter cannot answer TCB questions civily and resort to using ‘bitter’ words. What a shame. From the words that TCB uses, there is not trace of bitterness. On the contrary, ah neh is the one that is bitter. Where is the real law minister of our land?

  18. Facebook Profile photo
    Peter Leong ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The current government has no standard. If Sham is not happy, then sue TCB. The evidence will then be revealed. Just like LHL should have sued his siblings. Much to hide, I am afraid to say. And all probably true. Like the MRT tunnels, eventually the flood will show them up.

  19. TCB should just set up a Political Party to take on PAP and stop this nonsense once and for all!

    Being a President in Singapore doesn’t get you to change any Constitution.

    1. Calling an Indian ah neh is rude and derogatory so already Mr ‘Handsome’ fail liao. 2ndly, the 70% argument is passé and boring, so pls have some better argument points. Besides, 70% did not want this. This EP is a sham. Pun intended.

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      Tiffany Teo Tiang Yu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Haha, as a law minister, he has not clarified one legal point in the defence. In fact, why do we need a law minister whose role is to politicise all laws that come into question?

    2. The issue is when DR Tan is addressing the issue to PM and not Him. He really is very rude when people not talking to him and addressing issue to the PM. But PM also no backbone. Cannot answer himself. Need someone to defend him. Unlike his Father LKY, no one dare to speak on behalf of LKY, only LKY HIMSELF.

      1. Facebook Profile photo
        rlsh2017 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Not only no bacbone, you forgot in those international news video we’ve a minister walk with cross leg obvious to nothing in between his legs,oh no we have an A.K. roti prata loves A.K.

  20. Everyone know who manipulated the Elected Presidency by Selecting a Indian for the post and made a mockery of our Singapore Pledged and our meritocracy. Lies after lies .believing the public are a bloody idiots .this only proves one thing our PM LHL and his PAP government are hiding something very serious and big from the Public. Shanmugam WP Sylvia Lim didn’t ask you .she questioned PM LHL DPM TCH and that idiotic Kuku Chan Chun Sing. Why must you open your big mouth to twist the fact .

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      Tiffany Teo Tiang Yu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      The. Chinese have a saying: change your seat and you change your brain. Now his mind is as convoluted as LHL’s politics. In no time he will forget all his training in lawyerly debate.

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