Chen Show Mao: I’m not Lee Kuan Yew’s son


Opposition MP Chen Show Mao today faulted the 38 Oxley Road Ministerial Committee for looking beyond Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s will to his intentions, thereby undermining the work of the probate court. In his speech he explained why he is not a son of Lee Kuan Yew, directly countering DPM Teo’s suggestion that all Singaporeans are.

The following is what he said in Facebook on the topic.

认祖归宗。 SONS AND DAUGHTERS. In Parliament today, DPM Teo Chee Hean gave a ministerial statement on the Ministerial Committee that was set up to look into 38 Oxley Road. He extolled the legacy of LKY and how we in Singapore are all LKY’s sons and daughters.

That started me off and I rambled on to the following effect.

“Mdm, I am a Singaporean and I am not a son of Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew himself said often that Singapore is bigger than himself. I do not consider myself a son of Lee Kuan Yew.”


“The Committee was set up to look into the public interest responsibilities of the government relating to 38 Oxley Rd. However, from what little we know of the Committee’s workings, it seems to be focused on the private interest questions of what Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes were for the house. Shouldn’t his wishes be those set out in his will, which has been proven in court and granted probate? Why is the Committee looking beyond the will for Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s intentions, doesn’t it undermine the work of the probate court?”
I thought these are well settled principles of the law…

PM Lee Hsien Loong himself reminded us that matters relating to his father’s will are ultimately private matters for the family. He was asked in today’s sitting whether he intends to follow up on his “grave concerns” on his late father’s will, which he expressed in his submissions to the Committee, by taking his siblings to court. I heard him answer that it was not really the “business of this house (Parliament).”


  1. Perhaps the opposition parties could form a committee to investigate LHL’s abuse of power instead of waiting in vain for justice to take place. Why must it be done by Govt only?

  2. TCH…you are a simpleton for making such a classless comment. Please exercise your grey matter, and do not show disrespect to my elderly parents (far older than you!). I am not anyone else’s child except my rightful parents. You are such an idiot for a DPM. How dare you stand in Parliament and say such a foolish and disrespectful thing and this is now registered in the Hansard. Stooopid stooopid man!

  3. Son of lwy, then why so many people kena sue, is blood not thicker than water? My god what kind of arguement is this, for their salary, I expect better than this lar, come on PAP, is that all you havr

  4. I definitely am not the Son of LKY. I left singapore in spirit many many moons ago. Hated the one party one news paper one tv channel propaganda. I’m The Son of my parents. Never A Lee please

  5. I remembered last time TCH used Son of Punggol on a particular person. Now he used LKY’s children are all Singaporean. He really wayang until I speechless. I foresee LKY’s altar and temple coming up soon.

  6. Oh dear, since LKY is known to have only 3 legitimate children , the rest of his other children must be illegitimate or so called bastards !

  7. Your surname is Teo , but you say ” we are all children of lky “. Your name should read Lee Chee Hean. Omg , coming from a DPM. Where is the logic, can one lend credence to what he says. Shameless !

  8. TCH must get the best award for being the best bootlicker and claiming the best joke in the last 50 years. I’m who I’m and I pride myself being my own father son.

  9. OMG! DPM Two is truly bent on ruining his credibility here. I m my father’s son n if u must invoke the patriotism n nationalism, a son of Singapore. Thank you.

  10. why some pap minister so bo liao one, like cartoon. If he want to be LKY son, just say so.. don’t dran everyone into his picture..telling everyone like they are LKY’s son and daughters..please LAH!!!! if we are.. got part of the share of the house or not? Siow to the MAX!

  11. DPM talking cock and you people actually believe it? Those lowlifes can be son of anywhere when they need to be.

    If everyone is a son of LKY then why did JBJ and CSJ got sued till they become bankrupt!? There are many more like them fyi!

    I thought they said family should not sue family so as not to destroy his legacy?

  12. Teo CH is changing his surname to Lee since admitted publicly he’s son of Lee KY. Another disgusting n disgraceful son to his father. I might be poor n low in education but die die my surname is Koh. I got only one father.

  13. When they need our support, we are all LKY children.

    When they don’t need us, they increase fares, utilities, medical fee, lock our CPF, etc. When they take millions in salary, we can only take cardboards and drink cans.

    KNN, these bastards, must be fed with shit in their stinking mouth. These ppl are bastards la.

  14. Benedict than please leave as this post is only for Singaporean,though I dislike my gov ,
    But still love my singapore,
    As for you no longer Singaporean why you so Kay Poh

  15. TCH – You stupid numb skull. Don’t open your f**** CB mouth and claim we’re LKY ‘s sons and daughter. I’m not LKY’s son. I don’t have the surname LEE. You want to claim as LKY son,go ahead and bring disgrace to your father and mother and ancestor, that your business. Don’t get we Singaporean involved. Spineless idiot. Your ancestor sure died c*** standing.

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