China Railway Tunnel Group awarded contract to build Prince Edward Station with the lowest bid at S$310.8 million

Photo: Land Transport Authority

On Monday (Oct 9), the Land Transport Authority announced that the China Railway Tunnel Group (Singapore Branch) won a S$310.8 million contract to build the Prince Edward Station and two tunnels on the Circle Line.

Among the eight shortlisted tenderers, their bid was the lowest. Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co Ltd came in the nearest to the winning bid, at about S$25 million more.

This has caused some to believe that the reason why China Railway Tunnel Group was awarded the contract is solely due to the low cost of its bid.


Earlier this year in July, an uncompleted viaduct had collapsed, killing one and injuring 10. Despite having a low safety score, the contractor had won the bid with the lowest tender price.

This also comes after a long spate of train disruptions and a flood from rainwater along the North-South line after the pumping system failed over the weekend.

China Railway Tunnel Group (Singapore Branch) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited, one of the largest companies specialising in underground works in China. It has completed highways, urban rails and public construction projects across China.

The group recently completed an underpass for the Havelock Station of the Thomson-East Coast Line using Singapore’s first Rectangular Tunnel Boring Machine.

Another underpass at Stevens Station of the Thomson-East Coast Line is currently being constructed using the same method.

Prince Edward Station is one of three stations on the Circle Line 6, a 4km route that will connect HarbourFront to Marina Bay.

Construction for the three-storey underground station at Palmer Road and two tunnels, which will connect the station to Cantonment Station, is set to begin by the end of this year and expected to be completed by 2025.


  1. Pretty stupid to award a contract based on the lowest bid. I am sure they wouldn’t do that if they are awarding the contact for building their own home.

  2. Government just want money n not the safety of the people , sounds like our government is waiting for the tunnel to collapse then they are happy I believe they know they may not win on the next election so collect money n run.

    • A matter of time. OMG!!!!!! Really NO VISIONS n FORESIGHTS. S’pore been destroyed n sinking under these current bunches. Destroying LKY LIFE of hard work. Destroying n killing local breeds life.

    • That’s why I am so apprehensive about taking newest downtown line train tho it’s nearest to my home. So afraid that one day the tunnel might collapse. The double-barrel mouths(官) won’t tell u who build which one. As in most of their products, it’s not built to last. So on such a scale, I hope Murphy’s law won’t occur.

  3. This is exactly what lead to the Nicoll Highway incident, so I am told – except that they successfully twisted the disaster into an exercise in ‘solidarity’ for the nation.

  4. The kind of lowest bid doesn’t mean materials and workmanship is quality. Just like buying a packet of bee hoon for $1 and expect an egg topping for free, scenario.

    • Rique Seah, you are childish; the subject is on railway construction and you are talking beehoon.
      If you want Korean, Japanese or German companies to do it is simple. You offer to pay for it.

  5. Its ok we die, cos we never their priority concern in the first place. So election come we too don’t prioritise them. Which was never the intention to serve us as what supposingly to believe. VTO! We can change this country with competent people that put Majullah Singapura “First”. Our live matters as a Singaporean. National Service is a must for every “Foreign Trash” who wants to be Singaporean. If not they can go to our neighbouring countries. Lets show the “Power of Majullah Singapura” for the true blue singapore. Gbu all

  6. Low safety score? Where did u even get that from? You take Kim Peow Contractors Pte Ltd safety score and say its China Railway Tunnel group’s safety score?! What lies!

  7. Congratulations LTA China Railway Group; for economy and quality.
    To Facebook friends who put up negative comments inspite of a proper tender being conducted I hope make trips to China and take their trains, mrt and bullet trains.
    Please do not make such remarks because of , I guess, your ideological difference.
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating; not from heresay.

  8. This is the problem with China contractors. They undercut all bids to win tender and later ask for money through variation of works. Or they undercut the finishings. Look at some of the housing they built. Well that’s the quality they deemed better than the even poorer housing quality in China. But they kill our local contractors, our civil servants and ministers and PAP scoot free, without worrying about Auditor General. But Singaporeans bear the brunt of the shit in future. Let’s hope the stations they build do not flood or leak. Go and Google about the subway stations in China and how some were flooded. Good luck !

  9. Piss the Chinese off and now they have to compromise to make them happy.

    Why are the people’s safety placed as a compensation for the damm mistakes of these severely overpaid and entitlement mindset Politicians??

  10. They will bring their own engineer, equipment and low wage worker and not much job will be created for sporean… in another words means our tax payer money is to help strengthen china economy. China is over populated and not enough work in china to sustain such a big work force…

  11. We see China construction companies everywhere. We will not be seeing any local company in the future. Chinese PM, Chinese Police Commissioner, Chinese Army Chief so forth. Now Spore essential service have Chinese companies. Looks like Spore is sold out.

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