Comfort Taxi caught on camera crashing into and dragging elderly man crossing at traffic light


A shocking dashcam video showing a Comfort DelGro taxi plowing into an elderly pedestrian crossing the road has been circulating online.

The elderly male pedestrian had the right of way as he had been crossing the road while the green light signalling him to cross was still on.

The video was posted online by netizen Colin Soh who indicated that the incident occurred last Friday, 10 Nov, around 10.30am at the junction of Choa Chu Kang North 5 and Chua Chu Kang Drive.

In the video, the man can be seen being plowed into and being dragged by the momentum of the taxi before falling to the ground. The man can be seen lying motionless on the road thereafter.

The taxi driver stopped shortly after the impact and rushed to provide aid to the victim.

The police has since confirmed that the 86-year-old pedestrian was taken conscious to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and that police investigations are ongoing.


  1. This is the problem. No motorists will give way to pedestrians even though the green man is on. Once I was nearly knock down by this clown motorist. Punishment should be severe like revoking their Licence n confiscate their vehicle with the proceeds going to charity while the clown continues to pay for his instalments if any. That is the right thing to do.

  2. Not only taxis, most drivers are guilty of not giving way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings. When they see the green arrow they just want to go, especially when it’s flashing. Most don’t even wait at the right hand turn pocket and edge all the way to the white lines.

    I always tell my family members not to try to catch the green man especially when cars are already turning, they will not see you as they are all intent on turning.

  3. The comments are stupidly irrational.

    Before anyone accuses taxi drivers, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, bad or careless drivers are not only taxi drivers. It may be one say you yourself who seem to hold yourself in such high esteem as good caring driver are distracted and have a similar accident which you will regret. Are u a bad driver? A careless one? As insinuated a taxi driver? Come on… nobody wants to have an accident and knock anyone down.. we don’t know what really was the circumstances that led to that accident. Before you so brazenly accuse and comment on this, grow a brain and some civil understanding.