Facebook user Mao Velous flagged a couple who patronised Century Square BHG for using a nail-clipper from a shop to cut their daughter’s nails without paying for the clipper. The user said that the couple were from China and that she was disgusted when she saw the couple repacked the nail clipper and placed it back on the shelf of the store.

Just in case you can’t see what she posted, this is what she said.

Saw this PRC couple in Century Square BHG just now, the wife was cutting the nails of their daughter (about 6 years old). After cutting, she put the nail clipper back into the packaging & hung it back onto the shelve. I was shocked!! I thought they were using their own nail clipper!!

Such behavior has no place in Singapore!! Only think for themselves!! No wonder anyhow pang sai & expect other people to clean up after them. Please don’t bring your uncivilized and anti-social behavior to our country!!