Did Halimah Yacob delete info about Indian descent from Wikipedia page?


Speaker of Parliament Mdm Halimah Yacob’s Wikipedia page appears to have been edited recently. Her page now does not show that she is a “Singaporean politician of Indian descent” as it previously did.

Her page may have been spruced up in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election which Mdm Halimah is considering contesting.

The presidential election this year has been reserved for Malay candidates.

There has been wide speculation about whether Mdm Halimah qualifies since she is an Indian Muslim, whose father is of Indian origin.

This was disclosed in an ST article in 2013 when Halimah was selected to be the new Speaker of Parliament after her predecessor, Michael Palmer, resigned from politics due to his marital affair with a PA woman.

In the article, it mentioned: “Her (Halimah’s) Indian-Muslim father was a watchman who died when she was eight years old.”

In fact, news of Halimah becoming Singapore’s first woman speaker also made its way to India. The Hindu described her as an “Indian-origin politician.”

It has been revealed that despite her ancestry, Mdm Halimah has been certified as a Malay by the Malay Community Committee at least three times in 2001, 2006 and 2015 when she was fielded as a Malay minority candidate during the general elections.

It is a requirement for minority candidates contesting general elections to to be certified as a member of his or her respective ethnic community.

If she chooses to contest the presidential election set for September, Mdm Halimah will be required to certified as a Malay candidate once again, by a five-member panel that will assess whether prospective presidential candidates belong to the Malay race.

Perhaps Mdm Halimah’s Wikipedia page was edited to avoid claims and speculation that she is unfit to run in the presidential race, even though she is a certified Malay. The deletion of her ancestry, however, may have backfired as netizens circulating the photo have taken the edits as evidence that Mdm Halimah is trying to bury her origins.


    • Exactly, Orlando. I was given the name Daniel. Then, known as Daniel Ong because I am Chinese. I will NOT deny it. However, although of Chinese ancestry, my attitude is irrevocable and irreversible, namely, there is only ONE race, the Human Race! Therefore, NO matter what your race is this is of no relevance. As long as you are willing to communicate we can always get along and work together. Problem is I’ve met many atas and stuck up types. Strange. These people think too much of their cleverness. In truth they know little. KNOWLEDGE is too much, complex and unpredictable. NO one is that smart. And, even the genius say and do stupid things sometimes. And, with NO EXCEPTION, whoever we are, we will die one day. Dying is a fact of living!

    • She hasn’t solve the problems that Malay community raise and yet she expect Malay community to support her as an elected president hahahaha
      She didn’t even support Malay community by speaking up on behalf of them yet she expect the community to support her.
      Singapore’s governance is a joke now hahaha

  1. This ‘double confirmed’ my point: Money works wonders! And, the DISHONOURABLE son, PM LHL, has a direct hand in this NONSENSE. He is a man of low moral scruple. Effeminate and pleasant in demeanor but in truth full of malice. Just ask Mr Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee. NO worry. He will be brought to Justice!

  2. Way to go ! What do you call someone who deny her past so as to secure her future materialistically? Something that a sister once called her brother maybe.

  3. Look like even some presidential candidate want to hide their true identity to achieve their objective, sigh.. what if the person really become our president? Sigh..

  4. itz a “DISGRACE” to Singapore if she becomes é “MALAY” PRESIDENT by dishonouring her very “OWN” ancestor race!!!wat a “SHAME” …

  5. Can someone file a petition in a US Federal Court to call for evidence and who will then make a declaration and a ruling that Wikipedia must publish the truth of her identity

  6. If she didn’t make the changes, then she must make police report lor. Someone doesn’t want her to be Indian.but Malay. But if she authorised the change, aiyo … so shameful.

  7. First and Foremost . . . . .to push a Malay as an Elected President has not get the permission from the Malay Community at large ! At best , its being discussed amongst themselves Behind Closed Doors like they usually did !
    Remember , we Malays did not , never , asked fot it !
    What we want is the Tudung issue to be resolve positively .
    All RSN boats are to sail with the spirit of The Pledge – – -Regardless of Race , Language and Religion .
    Malays are given equal opportunity in Higher Office .
    Fair work opportunity .
    Its no use critisizing our Greater Neighbours of Race Base politics , when we ourselves are practising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • Mohd Yunos Othman wonder no more . It is to pacify (kasi puting) the Malays from crying out Foul in many discriminations they are facing in their very own Ancestral Land .

    • Ajit Aim …..I am no fan of Pinky and gang , but can anyone with a fair mind believe the Malay are discriminated in national policy make by the administration ….?
      Come on , in fact if one is to observe , there are more privileges designed for the Malay citizen in daily undertakings above the norm as compared against for other Singaporean.
      Now , say if the administration is to outright discriminate the Malay , being what they are in ruling with an iron fist

      • Ever seen a Malay in a Navy or Airforce uniform?

        If the answer is “no”, then your statement of “if one is to observe , there are more privileges designed for the Malay citizen in daily undertakings above the norm as compared against for other Singaporean.” has been nullified to invalidity.

  8. I am just wondering. Does the government still retain their credibility to the people after they try to white wash everything? Are they smart enough to realise that actually, the people are quite smart also???

  9. Looks llike garmen has become a CHAMELEON. Can change Spore history and facts to suit the current situation. Can change personal origin of birth to suit the circumstances. I thought pap say they are a leaders of the highest intergrity and honesty and clean and green? A political party of the highest standard?

  10. PAP and this woman cheated and fool the voters and public by claiming she was Malay candidates in this past elections. She is a disgrace to Indian Muslims and Malays for trying to hide the truth .just because her father died when she was 8 years old. Doesn’t change the facts .

  11. She should use this: Pinocchio (/pɪˈnoʊkioʊ/;[1] Italian: [piˈnɔkkjo]), the name a variant of common pinolo (“pine seed”), is a fictional character and the protagonist of the children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883) by Italian writer Carlo Collodi.[2][3] Carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a village near Florence, he was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed of becoming a real boy. He lies often.[4]

  12. In my primary school books, the Indian name Goal, Salimah and Halimah are trademark of Indian descendants!
    Halimah might as well change her name to Yasir
    Every time her boss say something, she will reply ” Yes Sir ! ”
    My nephew quarrel with his daddy and change his surname to Chua Ah well as his Chinese name

  13. Wonder how the Indian community felt about her rejection of its’ ancestry ??
    In reality , actually there should exist no issue at all from the beginning . After all it is in the eye of the PE committee that as long as it is from the community , it is qualified . Thus , it is a non issue about its’ ancestry right ?

  14. prerequisites to becoming the president
    no.1 throw away all integrity
    no. 2 ready to deny your ancestry even if it means disowning one’s father
    no. 3 an insatiable greed for money

  15. People who deny their ancestry for percuniary gain- is that integrity?? Can they morally uphold the office of THE ELECTED PRESIDENT of THE REPUBLIC of SINGAPORE?

  16. Few days ago wiki written her as Indian descent! If wiki is deleted by her or idiots I would say she is shameful & dishonest! If the government still supporting her how disgraceful our government is!

  17. GOVT can find reasons to disqualify all other candidates thus making no elections for their Malay/Indian candidate. If they can’t then they will post a pure Malay candidate instead. I don’t think my vote is required.

  18. Actually, it really doesn’t matters whether you black, white, purple or whatever. As long as you can look out for those Pets And Puppets misdeed and Singaporeans President, I personally would be happy.

  19. denying ancestry is part and puzzle of the pap for their on Kaki who might be running for the presidential so call election.. deleting and editing is a game played when Kakis are involve. sure lah must do to win but totally forgetting where u orignated is a crying shame. shame on you.

  20. You can’t rewrite your birth.malay is Malay Chinese is Chinese indian is Indian. So on and so forth.she ought to be shameful of herself.to me she lost her self respect.No integrity no pride.CHE CHE

  21. India or whatever decent does it make a different? Our S garment already prepared the President carpet and suit order.. confirm and double confirm. Not need to argue lah ..they said you said no point

  22. Many people from my generation remembers that the supreme leader was born in Malaysia too, but somehow he is now known to be born in SG

  23. Integrity or not 70 percent will still vote for her or i would say it will be a walkover coz other candidates will be rejected so there will be no election.

  24. Think G need to go through basic education : Race = u r either born as Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian following ur Father origin.. Religion = u belief/convert to Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Christianity or free thinker etc.. So, this EP is reserved for Malay or Muslim candidate?

  25. S’pore president must have upright personal integrity and gd moral ethics. Otherwise, he/she command no respect and support from all s’poreans, deem as not suitable to head the nation

  26. She was voted in a GRC because of her race. The GRC has lost confidence in her promise to serve her constituents for 5 years. She should make good her promise. Remember how PAP MPs riles WP for not taking up NMP post?

  27. We were more worried that if you become the SINGAPORE PRESIDENT how would you handle your English grammar if you were bombarded during the interview ” live ” on CNA News ? Pls don’t collect fat salary n made Singaporeans hahaha ! A Laughing Stork. ! Mak Kambing.

  28. Her dad probably rolling in his grave. Disowning one’s heritage is a grave offence. She should be proud of her dad and her own race. How dillusional one can be cause of greed for power.

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