[Discussion] Do not fundraise for the sake of fundraising. Get shit done


But is that correct? Isn’t it important to start raising cash when you don’t really need it? Or, is it better to get shit done?

“Don’t fundraise for the sake for fundraising. Get your shit done”.

The ideal behind this sentiment is that Founders are spending all of their time running around the city trying to get cash from investors with no rhyme or reason.

Entrepreneurs are seemingly raising cash because they are “supposed to” and don’t have a clear, concise plan for what they plan to do with the money. That’s the way the industry works right?

But, is this a fair criticism? Are we not told to begin raising money before the company really needs it? What’s worse, constantly raising money? Or focussing to hard on “getting your shit done” and looking up one day to realise the run rate is two months?

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e27 community, what do you think? What would you do?

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