Domestic helper allegedly borrows thousands of dollars from loansharks in employer’s name and absconds


Facebook user Ruby Mathur has alleged online that her domestic helper returned home under the guise that her husband was shot dead, when in reality she was simply fleeing from loansharks who were after her after she had racked up thousands of dollars in debt.

Mathur, a Singapore resident, posted in the SG Transfer and Direct Hire Maids Facebook group over the weekend and revealed that her Filipina domestic helper, 41-year-old Michelle Romero Tolentino, has been with her for nearly two years. Mathur’s family employed Michelle in Hong Kong and brought her over to Singapore when they moved here.

Mathur wrote that Michelle had a “very pleasing personality” – that is, until Mathur found out what Michelle had allegedly been up to.

Michelle’s alleged illegal debts came to light when she asked to return home to the Philippines by claiming that her husband had been shot dead. Mathur claims this is a lie and alleged that loansharks began calling her a mere two hours after Michelle left for home. She added:

“In due course of time we have got to know that she has taken loan of thousands of dollars from various unlicensed money lenders who have been threatening us every day till today through calls and whatsapp and sms.( She gave my name and phone number as guarantor.”

Besides taking out loans under Mathur’s name, Michelle also allegedly used the names of other Filipina and Indonesian domestic helpers’ names before fleeing, leaving the helpers to pay the loansharks back.

Mathur appealed to netizens to remain cautious before employing domestic helpers and urged fellow employers to blacklist Michelle.


  1. Make police report go to MOM to reappear against her n black list her. Go to court sue against her so that the law will take in control n loan shark will have to stop.

    • You are right Ken and the Long and short of the story is most Ah Long s are not that foolish to take the word of the borrower without anything to collaterally offer . They are smart and you are only clever by half to think that they would take your words at face value as far as Any size of the loan is concerned . The ah Long can stoop Low but their mentality is not Low for you to dismiss them casually . The sad point is some of them used or are being exploited by others and find it hard to get out of the financial rut themselves . Now . As the case had exploded like a blown fuse , it it time for the police to rat them out .

  2. Please lah. This story is nonsense. It’s more likely the maid and the employer hacked a scheme to scam the Ah Long. They split the profit and the employer send the maid back.

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