ESM Goh Chok Tong: Terror threat facing Singapore is “medium”


Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has said that his personal assessment of the terror threat facing Singapore is a “medium” at the Marine Parade Emergency Preparedness Day yesterday.

The former Prime Minister’s comments come after the Ministry of Home Affairs detained two men and one women under the Internal Security Act earlier this month. Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim that the three detainees were self-radicalised a day after the arrests.

The arrests came a month after Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen revealed in October that seven times more Singaporeans were radicalised in the past year than the period before that.

According to the MHA, one of the detainees is a 38-year-old housewife called Amina. An ISIS supporter who harboured the intention to join ISIS in the conflict zone, Amina promoted pro-ISIS materials on social media to influence others to support the terror group.

Another detainee, Adzrul Azizi bin Bajuri, is only 19 years of age. The former full-time National Serviceman became radicalised after he was exposed to pro-ISIS propaganda online.

The last detainee, 25-year-old Abdul, was a member of the Jemaah Islamiyah – an extremist Islamic group based in the region

Urging Singaporeans to remain vigilant against any possible terror attack, Goh asserted that it is “everyone’s responsibility” to keep Singapore safe and secure and that the fight against terror is not just the responsibility of the authorities:

“If something happens … we … help one another because we are all Singaporeans, regardless of race or religion. This will happen only because there is trust between us.
“Whatever the threat may be to Singapore, we should be prepared, be vigilant (and) build up bonds.”

The veteran politician who presently serves as member of parliament for Marine Parade GRC also highlighted reports that militants in Batam had planned to launch rocket attacks on Singapore last year. He said at yesterday’s event: “It did not happen, but they were planning to.”

Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs urges Muslims in Singapore to beware of pro-ISIS material online

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  2. Facebook Profile photo
    Gary Seet ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “This will happen only because there is trust between us.” Govt keep talking about trust… get real Mr. Emeritus…. increasingly trust in MIW is being eroded each day.

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    William Lim ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    from swiss standard of living and world cup are all empty promises.
    now sg have swiss cost of living and no world cup.
    you better don’t open your big mouth.

  4. Chinese have this 18 level of Hell one of it is for punishing liar and his old fk going to time up soon so first in line is him next is the useless son next is KBK next is the rest of other minister of singapore.

  5. Lum Steven says:

    Ministers take millions so they are expected to do their jobs to keep us safe. We will continue to live as we are expected by way of Swiss standard and expect to be taken care of by the ministers at all times. Don’t need to waste time extending our helping hands.

    1. Geoff Tan says:

      Yes, yes, yes, all the while they were helping to keep us safe. Pls carry on the good work. We don’t even have to raise a hand. Wow it’s a joke, right?

  6. Sinkees always faced terror within this Cuntry, internally. They had to face increasing cost of living, increasing taxes, increasing GST, increasing utilities bills, increasing medical cost, losing of jobs to Foreign Trashes, increasing education cost, inceasing………..

  7. In Sinkapore, some more equal men need a lot more salariez than other men to sustain their ego, greed and lifestyle. In fact, these more equal men ‘s salary for a year to the many less equal men they wud never see in this life time. Why such huge diversity?? Since some are more equal than others, do you expect unity anymore in a supposedly democratic country whose selected president has to denied her own race to be a puppet to the more equal men?

  8. Sas Karma says:

    Really? Lao ah pek- If there is terror, will you use your own life to shield the little children of born and bred Singaporeans? Don’t give cheap talking hor!

  9. Daryl Bay says:

    I wonder. Bbc did a poverty video many years back. Perhaps should invite them to come in and do another one to evaluate without our dprs wardrobe’s interference

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      rlsh2017 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Whole parliament function like the zoo putting on animals show. We got one raising 2 hands like ah meng reincarnated!

  10. Nearly 50% are fake talent and his clown claims “we are all Singaporeans”? Please stop trying to con the citizens, where is our Swiss standard of living? We don’t want the Swiss costs of living you idiot!

  11. What are you talking? You draw million dollars salary and we even have not enough to feed our family and have to do two jobs to survive plus our jobs are gone to your imported foreign thrash. So how can we are the same as Singaporeans.

    Have you wake up to your dream or are you still sleeping?. Please don’t think we are stupid and naive to trust you. You can talk what you want. Action speaks louder than words..

  12. We help each other for sure. The 30% definitely will be for each other. Unity is strength!

    The 70% you better go follow AhLeeBaaBaa & its Faulty Thieves to seek their Devine (Or is it Devilish) Protection.

    While the 30% can’t wait to let whatever take these Scums away! Want my Protection! My Foot plus

    Lai leh Lai Leh….. Mai Tu Liao!

  13. Max Ho says:

    If we are attacked..I bet there is a special barrack to keep all the elites and their families safe whilst we Singaporeans watch the world burn in chaos.

  14. Jeff Lim says:

    Sounds like they are contemplating something they learnt from their “big brother” friend. I guess collateral damage is necessary for them as they have run out of ideas.

  15. David Lim says:

    NBCB this old fart. Still living in his MILLION DOLLARS lala land with his cronies. Bet when there’s even a remote possibility of an imminent war, half of this cuntry will miraculously turn into a ghost town coz all the foreign rubbish wud hv scooted off by. See where u can find your “sporeans” by then !

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