“Everyone must give up something for Singapore to win” – Ex PAP MP on OXLEY


Former PAP Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Inderjit Singh, has weighed in on the Oxley saga that has gripped Singapore over the last few weeks. Writing in his Facebook page, Mr Singh opined that if Singapore – which has been unfavourably thrust into international focus because of the dispute – is to come out on top, then everyone from PM Lee and his siblings to ordinary citizens must give something up.

He wrote, “I would like to offer a solution. The only way forward for all of us – the Lee family, the government and for Singaporeans – is for each of us to give up something for Singapore to win. We all lose some but we win the bigger picture: Singapore’s image.

“The crux of the matter is the fate of the 38 Oxley house; should it be demolished or preserved as a heritage site?”

Stressing that it is imperative for Singapore to make a decision on 38 Oxley Road and not leave future generations of government to continue the battle, Mr Singh outlined four sacrifices that must take place so Singapore can move to addressing more pressing national matters and close this saga with grace. The four sacrifices are:

  1. For Dr Lee Wei Ling to move out of 38 Oxley Road so the house may be demolished immediately: “As much as she has the right to reside in her own home, she can be assured that her father’s wish for the home to be demolished will be honoured with certainty.”
  2. For Mr Lee Hsien Yang to allow the house to be sold to the government and developed as a memorial garden: “He has to give up the potential financial gains from developing the property for Singapore to win.”
  3. For PM Lee and the government to immediately allow the Oxley house to be demolished.
  4. For Singaporeans to give up the desire to preserve the home as a heritage site: “We have seen that the desire to preserve the 38 Oxley house has led to a bitter dispute that not only has hurt the family of our founding PM, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, but also his legacy…we have to give up this desire and allow the house to be demolished and find better ways to remember Mr Lee Kuan Yew, his legacy and the legacy of our pioneer generation of leaders.”



Adding that though he wishes to preserve the house to remember the late Founding Prime Minister, Mr Singh says he respects Lee Kuan Yew’s desire to demolish the house: “Let him have his wish as our gratitude of what he did for Singapore. Let us remember him in other ways.”

He also asked whether it is worth preserving the house since it will be a reminder of the explosive family dispute that rocked headlines locally and internationally, before offering that an alternative to preserving the heritage the house represented may be to build a replica of some of the key areas of the house in other parts of the country.

“I urge PM, the government, the Lee siblings and Singaporeans to give up the desire to preserve the house and allow the 38 Oxley house to be demolished today, not in the future. We can win and win big for Singapore’s future of we can agree to this.”

Mr Singh retired from politics prior to the 2015 General Elections, after his ward Kebun Baru was absorbed into Nee Soon GRC due to fresh electoral boundaries. He has been known for his hard-hitting speeches in Parliament about overcrowding and major issues related to the national growth policy, soaring costs for small business owners, the impact of economic restructuring and about foreign labour.

The Way forward for 38 Oxley – To win some we have to lose some – Everyone must give Up Something for all to Win On…

Posted by Inderjit Singh on Thursday, 6 July 2017


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  1. stop all the complaining of petty reunion.,etc,tc ..and create further issues..leave all your family issue out from public…are they asking for public pity…or indirect disgrace between themselves in this family and sibling affairs…

  2. Frank Phua says:

    Clinging is Keeping,
    And keeping is suffering,
    Suffering is Hurt,
    Hurt cause egoism to rise,
    Rise in Egoism is very unforeseen and unfortunate.
    SO, LET IT GO, Happiness Will Appear.

    Monument is Memory, Memory is Respect,
    Respect is Compassion.

    So “Let it Go” – means demolished!!!!!!!

  3. Monica Tan says:

    I believe that our late MM LKY with love for his wife and nation must have had a thoughtful time deliberating on his decision to demolish on his wife’s wish for privacy and to a win-win conclusion to it’s alteration and keepsake for love of his nation&people. Above all, he held a strong stand that no man is above the law.
    Let us all not be voice for the authority I/c.

  4. David Chow says:

    All y’all who were in LKY’s era should ask yourselves. Do y’all really need something physical to remind you, to remember someone significant in your life?
    Some will say, for the later generations to remember. Remember what? They will have no memories of him.
    They’ll be looking at the house, like just another house. Whoop tee doo. All y’all be long gone.

    Have faith and trust in the legacy he built. It will stand the test of time however becomes of Singapore, for better or worse.

    Have y’all the faith and trust? Especially and specifically you PAPers.

  5. I disagreed. The Govt of the DAY has the FINAL Say. The Country Wishes is Bigger than 38 Oxley. That the reason we have CONSERVATION BOARD & URA to handle Historical Value Building.

  6. Cj Leo says:

    This one I respect. He talked straight and frank. I agree. Just give Lee Kuan Yew what he wanted for all that he has done for Singapore – demolish it as soon as possible. This house now has negative vibrations and if kept will be bad for Singapore.

  7. The first politician that actually speaks common sense in this ongoing drama. Respect. I remember someone mentioned “common sense is not very common” a long time ago. How true!

  8. Jay Wong says:

    The best form of respect for LKY is to grant him his last wish. His contribution to nation building will certainly not be forgotten by future generations just because his home is demolished.

  9. Jeff Lim says:

    Deflecting the main issue away again. WE ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE ALLEGATIONS THAT PM ABUSED HIS POWER AND HO JINX’S INVOLVEMENT. 38 Oxley is just an high fallutin ideal.

  10. Very positive suggestion. I like the part where LWL moves out immediately and allows demolition to take effect so the whole unhappy episode can be totally erased. Yes, make the site into a public park so the citizens gain, not LHY

  11. Leo LB says:

    He was one good minister who had a better vision than the rest. Very outspoken within the Party. A great Man and a great loss to PAP and us all.

  12. WH Wong says:


    “Let him have his wish as our gratitude of what he did for Singapore. Let us remember him in other ways.”

    He also asked whether it is worth preserving the house since it will be a reminder of the explosive family dispute that rocked headlines locally and internationally, before offering that an alternative to preserving the heritage the house represented may be to build a replica of some of the key areas of the house in other parts of the country.


    Such a sensible reasoning and constructive suggestion by Mr Singh! In fact why a replica to be built? With the hi-tech we have nowadays, we could even build a 3D digital replica and people could even have a virtual experience to tour this historical site after its demolition without physically preserving and people trampling over the real site! The virtual replica could be at multiple sites (in a museum or other appropriate places e.g. Jewel @ Changi airport?). And we are a smart nation, aren’t we?

    1. WH Wong says:

      Kath K Wong is that not why some suspected that some people would like and wish to hold on to some relic for whatever unknow reasons as accused recently?

  13. Let’s face it, once you take away the emotion, you will see that keeping the house will be a burden that the nation don’t need plus it’s the old man wish to demolish it. Maybe let’s just let it be done as the last sign of respect for someone you love and/or hate. It’s not like this is the Singapore White House, where each succeeding PM will take up residence.

  14. Colin Chan says:

    You talk likedat no good to hear as far as Pinky is concerned. He only wants to hear yes and no otherwise.

    It will be good for remembrance if the place have barbecue pit and children playgrounds macham east coast….

    Also, a food court will be a good idea.

  15. Chee Wong says:

    I think we should keep the house. I haven’t had so much fun and seen so much drama since the last time we won the Malaysia Cup in 1994 🙂

  16. What about allegations of abuse of power? Is this less important than about demolishing the house? I think this is the real essence and crux of the matter. He is suggesting to ignore this which is as good as condoning corruption. Such mindset by elite SG is going to breed and perpetuate more corruption and entrench that as the foundation of Govt now and in future as corrupt Politicians know how to play the game of corruption and get away with it.

    1. Can local sgeans sue lhy n lwl, if the peemee is not going to sue them for defamation, for defaming the so called ownself cleared ownself peemee of misuse of power? Just like wat Hougang citizen had done for the hougang by election?

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