Ex-RP candidate who faced PM Lee in General Election wishes for him to get terminal cancer


The Reform Party candidate who squared off against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his constituency of Ang Mo Kio GRC at the 2011 General Election has written online that his wish for the year is for the head of government to be afflicted with terminal cancer.

The former candidate, Alex Tan, wrote in an article online that he fully understands what he is wishing for:

“It may sound crass but my New Year wish is for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to get terminal cancer. Having seen how cancer brought pain and sufferings to my loved ones, I fully understand what I am really wishing for.”

He added that “an outright death penalty for Lee Hsien Loong is considered only a reduced sentence”:

“My primary wish for Singapore is to be a better society, and this warrants the death of the dictator. His policies are literally killing Singaporeans – employment, education, healthcare, quality of life, meritocracy, equality, democracy and you-name-it, every aspect of our Singaporean lifestyle has been deteriorating each year since Lee Hsien Loong came to power in 2003.”

Tan further asserted: “For the good of Singapore, I wish him a slow and painful death. This is beyond politics or hatred, Singapore needs Lee Hsien Loong to pay for his crimes.”

Tan also opined in his hate-filled post that PM Lee is a “dictator” whose death will improve the country since “despite given dictatorial powers and controls, Lee Hsien Loong could not deliver a decent standard of living for the people”

Tan presently lives in Australia and has indicated that he has no intention of returning to Singapore.

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  1. Ivan Ong says:

    Alex is a coward. If he really care for Singapore, he should stay here and not in Australia.
    Cursing for someone to be afflicted with cancer shows that he is childish and not fit to be a political leader.
    Such curses will boomerang back to Alex himself.

  2. Asaraf Ali says:

    If you wish for something bad for others it will come back to you . It’s called Karma . So Mr Alex Tan hope to see you goal soon. Your PM is doing a fine job . May Allah grant him Long and healthy life .

  3. When the head of govt sues his own countryman, there is something very wrong. Can’t take criticism and causing hardship by raising taxes after making promises during election not to….saying there is no leeway for corruption and when a corruption scandal breaks out….the silence from Leech Hsien Loong is deafening……

    1. Damn! My favorite prawn noodles is up 50 cents although lady said she would never raise price ever!

      Btw do you know how much taxes has risen since 1965?

      If raising taxes causes hardship, that mean the people are lazy and have settled into complacency instead of progress.

  4. David Yeo says:

    The fact that only those who live outside of Spore say such things shows how vulnerable one will be if you say it while you are in Spore. I mean, will Li Shengwu say those things he said on FB if he was still in Spore? Even Lee Hsien Yang, the brother of Lhl, don’t feel safe staying in Spore. How about the rest of us? Many SGreans live under a fear factor. Is there really freedom of speech in SG?

    1. Sas Karma says:

      If everyone is living in fear then vote those blood suckers out! Because we have idiotic voters at stupid enough to vote day in day out to get slaughter and be suckers all their lives!

    2. Freedom of speech = free to speak
      But, will your Curse and swear at your parents if you think they have not done their responsibility in upbringing you?
      Will you “F” someone just because you hate seeing their face?
      These are just examples.
      Free to speak doesn’t mean one can utter words that can hurt others.
      This is what I think. Might be wrong.
      Cheers Guys

    3. Constantine Tan only dumb ass like you will think that freedom of speech is the right to hate speech. Freedom of speech is the right to express opinion and the safety of others and the vulnerable

    4. Define freedom of speech?

      Insulting other religion?
      Accusing someone who has not done anything wrong?

      America is the leader of free speech but how come amos yee got cast aside of because of his latest speech?

      Care to elaborate more?

    1. Terrie Tan

      Is there any need for you to ridicule or insult us just because you cannot read properly &/or understand English vocabulary!!!

      You just spoke aloud for yourself , Terrie !

    2. Alvin Bai says:

      Well if a person does indirectly for his self interest causes the poor or middle income pple to suffer and end their lives early, i say this person is indirectly a murderer and you know what we deal with murderers, moreover affecting so the vast magnitude of so many lives

  5. John Chan says:

    How does a man ( with such evil,despicable mind ) ever offer himself as a candidate in our Parliamentary election?How is he able walk around in Australia to work,social circle,church…without Aussies detesting him ( hopefully not fellow Sporeans) ? How they wonder he is accepted as PR .Hopefully his family members bearing his surname do not suffer any such detest ?

  6. This kind of article does not speak in favour of Mr Tan, it is very base and ill willed to the point of evil. We should all learn to make our voices heard, never take our appeals and observations beyond to a personal level. Good communication skills will find it’s way to the right people and the right reaction.

  7. Believe or not that guy curse n wishes PM Lee to get cancer the curse will goes back to him bcos he’s too evil to curse ppl n wishes ppl down fall. No matter how we cannot curse ppl.

  8. You have to be that person to understand why they say or do the things they do.

    Other than that, you can only guess and give your opinions rightly or wrongly.

    I think the worst people are those who smile at you and say nice things in your face while stabbing you from the back.

    Yeah….they smilingly say we are improving your lives…..do you believe them?

  9. This Alex chap needs to take his medicine more regularly. Luckily he didn’t win the election. Very generous of Australia to take in a foreigner with serious mental illness.

  10. What a twit. I wish he stay in australia for life, don’t spread ur bs toxicity here. Do u really think the death of a “dictator” will not juz allow for another “dictator” to take his place?

    1. Grace Yu says:

      No spiritual dark force – a lot of church goers pray very hard for him and the rest. We must pray for ourselves and our country too Singaporeans need to be protected against evil.

  11. Is this the kind of childishness we have in the oppositions!? But it suits RP because its leader is just as childish.

    Btw, those who wish bad things on others do get kicked in the ass by karma too???

  12. Darren Tay says:

    Actually lhl already have prostate cancer and have cut off his balls. So not really a curse. But 1 think for sure karma will get him get soon. He fainted once

  13. Facebook Profile photo
    David Chan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Alex runs off to Australia abandoning the country instead of staying on to stand alongside and fight for justice and now just cursing from safety and comfort of afar ..not much respect for people like that sorry

  14. Facebook Profile photo
    Norman Wee ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    In politics, such wishes are childish to say the least. Looks like Alex is talking of karma. Let’s KIV him and see how he meets his death.

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      Richard Lowell ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

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