FAIL: NDP Contractors Hoist Upside Down Singapore Flag in Anticipation of National Day


A photo showing an upside-down Singapore flag has been trending online. The flag and other flags around it appear to be installed by migrant workers who are likely employed by contractors working with the National Day Parade executive committee.

The display of the Singapore Flag is subject to about 40 rules, according to Singapore Statutes.

The NDP 2017 Executive Committee made headlines earlier this month for allegedly butchering the Tamil translation of this year’s parade slogan, One Nation Together.

Posted by Singaram Padmanathan on Sunday, 9 July 2017


  1. Flag is upside down because apart from 38 Oxley Rise our legal system also upside down by saying that Wee Kim Wee is the first elected president when based on garmen record Ong Teng Cheong is documented as the first elected president. Since they are going to rewrite history on the president the flag has to be turned upside down.