Father makes police report against boy who apparently bullied his daughter in school


A father, outraged that his daughter was apparently being bullied by a fellow student at Yishun Secondary School, made a police complaint against the alleged bully and said that he plans to take the boy to court.

Sharing the matter on Facebook, the father, Jeffrey Pay, claimed that the boy called his daughter a derogatory term and that the school did not do anything about the situation, since the boy is a a prefect and a National Cadet Corp squad leader.

He added that his daughter – who is presently in Secondary 1 – had previously been cyberbullied and that the school had disciplined the bullies the last time and are now holding back since the alleged bully this time is a student leader:

Recently my secondary one school going daughter was victimized at school from bullies. She was facing a lists from being…

Posted by Jeffrey Pay on Sunday, 8 October 2017

Dear parents. I have a very interesting information to share. To my surprise and ultimate disgusted with the school…

Posted by Jeffrey Pay on Monday, 9 October 2017

Dissatisfied that the school did not take action, Pay raised the matter to the Ministry of Education, which apparently told him that this is a matter for the school to handle:


Just received another round of "fuel" and added to the already burning fire of anger from Ministry of Education. What's…

Posted by Jeffrey Pay on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Seeking “justice” for his daughter, Pay filed a police report and said that he plans to take the matter to court. “Let’s see how the boy’s performs in standing trials in the Court of laws,” he wrote on Facebook.

The police apparently did drop by the school to get a statement from his daughter:

The very first step of seeking injustice done to my daughter at Yishun Secondary School had being casted. Next step will…

Posted by Jeffrey Pay on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Netizens, responding to Pay’s posts, had a different view and called the father out for being overprotective:

Claiming that the majority of commenters are off base about what really happened in a new post online today, Pay claimed that he had a meeting with the school and that he expects the matter to be resolved by the end of the school year.

He also took a potshot at the students who defended the alleged bully, stating that they are “very pathetically hiding behind their technologies and expensive hand held toy. As they act tough, by using adult’s speaking manners, basically they are still virgins and still sucking lollipops.”

Two days of reading hate mails from Facebook, mostly from students and former students of YSS. Gave me a mixture of…

Posted by Jeffrey Pay on Thursday, 12 October 2017


  1. If his daughter is indeed bullied, the father has the right to sort out the bully. If he does nothing, he’s a useless dad. Fark the netizens who want to let their own kids get bullied, they’re nothing but keyboard warriors but gutless in real life. Well done Jeffrey Pay!

  2. It is the fathers duty to protect his children. The school wont do much.
    My son was bullied wnen he was young. I ask the school to sort it out noting happen. The bullies did not like what happen next strange they cry very early.

  3. The recent case in St. Hilda was a good example that bullying in school is a serious problem which Moe should tackle headon and leave no stone unturned. Perhaps all schools should get one ot two teachers to volunteer as ” VSC”(voluntary special constables) and school disciplinary matters should be under them. Seeing them in police uniforms may give a subtle message to these impressionable youngster to behave.

  4. Si beh jiat lat!!! daughter kana bully ? Must complain moe, make police report ! Next thing you know report to MP urh?
    Useless fella ! Do not know how to engage the principal/ responsible teacher of the school ugh ?? Wasting everybody time !!

    • Seetoh Hwee Peng ….exactly ! then he is useless fella not able to get his compliant through to the school principal!! And get it right , how would you know the school did not act on the compliant , i would choose to believe that the school has acted but that useless fella is not satisfied with it !!! Can bo ??? Bo Liao Urh?

    • You can choose to believe anything under the sun through baseless assumptions and narrow mindedness.

      I wouldn’t know for sure whether the school has indeed acted upon the issue, however, that’s besides the point. Bullying isn’t tolerable and I don’t see any inappropriateness lodging a police report.

  5. What’s this story about his daughter rating others? What made the student leader who should be more disciplined threw vulgarities at her? Does the daughter need counseling since a “chee bye” made her suicidal? I am not trying to take sides, I am for teaching the young to learn how to resolve conflicts themselves, that would give them a head start in life, better to do it in schools with so many safety nets than to do it out there when there is no longer anyone to protect you. Unless of course, the dad aspires to be Jackie Chan in the latest action packed feature.

  6. In a democracy society, the father have his rights to ask for justice to his daughter. The bullies presume by hiding behind their keyboards and age will allow things to go away? They’re damn wrong about it. How many kids in Singapore already dead because of bullying? How many have became bullies themselves?

  7. Keyboard warriors are quick to comment without knowing the truth. Wait till one day when your kid gets bullied and ends up on the top floor of the school waiting to jump off cause the teachers didn’t want to hear or react to bullying.
    I faced it not too long ago and I didn’t overreact but I was in the mood to kill. If parents can’t protect your own flesh and blood who can. The system ….,…….load of hogwash

    • If your kid end up on the top floor wanting to jump, it is not the bully nor the school fault. It is YOUR fault! Not that you could not protect him but you didn’t manage his psychology well!

    • You protect your child by teaching them to protect themselves. So they know how to stand up for themselves in future and not wait and let you do the protecting.

      Btw, how long do you think you can protect your child? Naturally your child will outlive you

    • If you’re a father yourself then you will know that every child is different. It’s people like you who fail too see what’s bugging the child and think you have the solution to everything.

    • Every child is different but you’re not parents to every child, you’re parent to your child.
      As parents you should learn how to talk to your child and gain their trust to open up to you about their worries, problems and insecurities. Failing to establish that bond and trust is where as parents you have failed your child.
      Parents do not have the solution to everything, that’s why there is Windex! Joke aside, if you have gained your child’s trust to open up to you, together a solution can be found. At the very least, your child would know he/she has an adult to help in learning how to cope and not have to face the consequences themselves.
      As a child is limited in knowing options and solutions, without a parent they can seek help from, they will do what they think is the ‘best’ way out and that is suicide or self destruction.

    • get off that high horse of yours and realize that some children are very emotional regardless of whatever bond you have with them. Stop being so self righteous about being such a fulfilling parent.
      11, 28, 31 are my boys and all are different.

    • Christopher Headech well if your children are very emotional, who’s fault is that? How did they get to that stage? The govt? The society? The people around? And you think these people owes you to be kind just because your children/child is emotional!? Boo hoo!

      You think I’m on a high horse because you have spent your entire life telling yourself it’s alright to be crawling on the ground and everyone else is an enemy.
      Well, now I see how your children got their emotional side from.

    • Christopher Headech you have 3 boys, they are all your flesh and blood right? You’re their parent, don’t you think if you want to be a parent to 3 children then you should have 3 times the capability?

      You take on 3 tasks and you have the ability to do one task only, again who is to blame? Who can you blame?
      Yes yes naturally you’ll blame everyone else because you think it is always someone else’s fault and not yours. It’s easier isn’t it? As a parent, it start and end with you! The world is ugly and cruel and it no one owes you anything nor to be kind to you and your boys.

  8. If indeed yr daughters being,Mr Pay what any parent will do PROPECT AND ACT!!!!
    We r 100% behind even if goin to d courts,if d proper authorities dont take action!!!!

  9. Dads does not aspires to be Jakie Chan. The girl did right to go for father protection. Father did right by bringing problem to school. School did ???????.
    When school do noting all so call safty nets are off.
    If daughter approach bully more bullying will come things takes a turn for the the worst. I dont see any head start there.
    All the bully need is a lesson in pain one way or another.

  10. I support the dad, such kids should be disciplined and punished at an early age. If not they’ll just grow up to be adult bullies that do even worse things to the ones under them, if they become managers or directors.

  11. As a mature a educated and civilised adult instead of making things worse maybe can try a soft approach like making friends with the boy and slowly find out the reason why he is bullying your Daughter my Son is also kena bully in school I went to his school and treated all his friends to some food and all of us sit down and talked mingle and joked after that they stopped bullying my Son I Guess they knew I know them already

  12. “basically they are still virgins and still sucking lollipops.”

    That should refer to his daughter too right? Unless she isnt and suck something else..not sure if he realize he just took a potshot on his own daughter..

  13. I support the father. If his daughter is bullied he have to protect her. Those making lip service wont be there if the girl is harmed. Our Police only when someone is dead. They are world best tai chi masters working under the blessings of world most expensive flops.

  14. The father is another bully.I must also complain.He’s to bullying us with his mangled grammar n erraticly misplaced bombastic words.So now..which ministry to complain and make a report for this one guy..huh ?

  15. So a father in an attempt to protect his daughter is now the bully!? And he is an adult bullying a teenager!

    What’s worse is the further he push the matter, the more his daughter will be outcast and ostracized!

    “Don’t befriend her, coz her father is a bully”!

  16. No wonder the younger generation are called strawberry, because they don’t learn to protect themselves, the parents does it for them.

    Hopefully the parents can live long enough to do that for their kids!

    Btw, knowing how to protect oneself does not happen overnight. It is a learned process. So if they don’t learn it now, they never will.

  17. In all honesty, I don’t think the police will be able to do anything let alone escalate the case to the Court. Mr Pay will have to take up a private civil suit but even if he wins and the Court demands an apology from the bully, it will probably result in the unintended consequence of his Daughter being ostracised by the rest of the school.

  18. Well done Jeffrey. Keep up the spirit. Not forgetting we have common big bully like PAP which happened to be our current govt. Also you might want to find out who is the father of that bully. If it happens to be a PAP man, your current strategy may have to change. Wish you luck.

  19. Lame shit. The Father is probably screwed at work all the time and has no outlet but to seek “justice” from kids because he cannot elsewhere…. he might as well home school his daughter or enrol himself as a student.

  20. Bullying is just part of the process of growing up. To bully or to be bullied is good for the kids. It helps kids to develop mechanisms to cope with it. Better to have it early rather than to have experienced it in the working place. Relax dad, nothing to worry about.

  21. I would do the same if my daughter were to be bullied. But, I will first confront the bully and warn him and if it still persists, I’ll let the Police handle rather than my second approach could be a different story.

  22. Does the school have a dept to handle student issues.That would be the best way of assessing the validity of the accusation. How come the girl is always bullied. The boy is probably 13-14 years old, he will be represented by his parents and lawyer. Children should be taught how to stand up for themselves, and where they can seek help…..remember they all have to grow up and enter the big adult world, which is even more unkind.

  23. I think its best to let the school handle the issue. Going to the authorities does not make you a big shot. In fact your kid might be hated on more. Deal with it as an adult. Im speaking as a parent who has gone through such issues before. Yes the netizens may be wrong but what you are doing, Mr Pay, is equally childish. You’re an adult, act like one.

  24. If the boy is a school prefect and student leader, he should not bully other students, but instead protect and take care of them. If he bullies others because he’s a prefect, then that’s abuse of power. He should be haul off to court and hope the judge dress him down throughly. Father did a good job.

  25. In our younger school days , my friends & me always whack by teachers using 2 canes hitting hands & buttocks, stood outside class rooms for the whole lesson, stand on chairs, or flung all your excercise books away. No complaints

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