Female Grab driver refuses payment and even offers $40 to depressed single mum returning from court


A depressed single mother has showered praises upon a female Grab driver who declined payment  from her and even offered her $40 out of her own pocket to help with her expenses.

The mother, netizen Jaasrena, reported online that she had booked a Grab ride on Tuesday, 5 Dec, after leaving court following the sentencing of one of her children. Jaasrena is a mother of five. Two of her children are presently in prison.

Rushing to attend a SkillsFuture course, Jaasrena said that though she did not have cash, she booked a Grab ride since a relative planned to meet her at her destination and pay for the ride.

Regarding her state of mind at the time, Jaasrena said, “I had to rush down to HDB hub at for a computer course from court for my son’s sentence and was extremely depressed due to it.”

Grace picked Jaasrena up from North Bridge Road. Along the way, she asked the customer whether she had her lunch yet. Jaasrena replied that she did not have money for lunch. She then opened up to the driver: “I was sharing my life story and whatever that was happening in my life with her. She was very understanding and caring.”

When Jaasrena arrived at her destination, she was shocked when Grace declined payment. She became even more stunned when Grace offered her $40 from her own pocket and asked her to “please buy food for you and your children.”

A touched Jaasrena said that she was moved to tears by Grace’s kindness: “I truly never expected her to do this. I couldn’t stop crying that there are such kind, loving and generous people like her in this world.”