FT says it’s offensive to be called “Ang Mo”


A Caucasian foreign talent, Samuel David Wight, wrote on Quora expressing his displeasure for being called an “Ang Mo”.

He explained why he felt it’s offensive to be called an ‘Ang Mo’, “To draw parallels, if I referred to a local Singaporean as ‘that Chinese’, ‘that Malay’ or ‘that Indian’, it would not be considered socially acceptable so I don’t understand why the same applies when refering to citizens/visitors of Western origin?”

“Working for the government here, I cannot dream of my Singaporean colleagues ever refering to me this way, nor have they ever,” he added.

This FT has been recruited by MOE to teach Spanish in Singapore.

Do you think calling a Caucasian an ‘Ang Mo’ is offensive?

Republished from the FB Page ‘We want Minister Grace Fu to resign’.