Government has no desire to develop football: Bernd Stange

Belarus' coach Bernd Stange reacts during their Euro 2012 soccer qualifying match against Albania at Dinamo stadium in Minsk, October 12, 2010. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko


Former Singapore national football coach Bernd Stange hit out against the Singapore government for the current state of football in Singapore. 

In a response to a Facebook post following Singapore’s 2-1 away loss to Turkmenistan in the Asian Cup qualifiers, the German said: “I left your beautiful country because I didn’t feel there is a desire of the government to develop professional football.”

He also blamed current national coach V. Sundramoorthy for the current state of the national team.

He said: “Sundram changed the direction from young players to aging players, from attacking football to ultra defensive football and the FAS let him do it.”

Stange spent three years as Singapore national coach from 2013 to 2016. During these years, the FAS received more than $100 million in income including disbursements from Sport Singapore and the Singapore Totalisator Board.

Stange was in charge of 19 matches during his reign and won eight, drew two and lost nine.

Like Sundram, he also did not make it past the group stages of the Suzuki Cup when he led the Lions in 2014.

This article was first published on The Monitor


  1. They’re only good at making $$$. They’re not at all interested in sports. But when a sportsman wins a medal, those pariahs (you know who) want the glory

  2. Fas is just a cash cow for useless fellas like the old dog sundaram and company.Evrryday roti prata with eggs and some wayang here and there for the press to see only!

    • Sundram contributed to Singapore soccer as a player. There are many who are just milking these sports associations for their own benefits. Some have never played the sport they represent. Amazing bunch

  3. Forget about Sports in Singapore GCT said Singapore in the final of world cup. When he said that my toes was laughing, our football can’t even passed the Sea games even Laos and Cambodia can beat Singapore.

  4. Just aim for Suzuki Cup, help those PAP leadership earn their KPI justify their extra income. Raddy understand FAS well, gave them what they want, forget abt aim long term, jaga own career most impt. After his FT retires, SG football all back to square one. Any future hire coach should take note when signing on for FAS, win something win anything, you keep your job. Tiki Taka and your job become tikam tikam, good luck to you.

  5. Just wait….our new ft player are on the way….no worry not only job but sports also….now football their next target to reproduce foreign breed as our national player…..

  6. You are all on the wrong track. It’s not the government or FAS to blame for the decline of football in the Republic. It’s the man in charge of technical matters he’s called Mr Sablon. He’s the guy that hires and fires of coaches and completely in charge of everything football. The government only dictates the funding facilities and they do a fabulous job in there field better that any other in SEA. So pls get your facts right and direct your anger to the man who hides in his office and lets Sundram FAS Singapore government take the heat. When he should be making this statement it’s my fault I’m offering to step down but he won’t he’s only thinking about money. It will only get worse.

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