Heartfelt testimonies about Lee Hsien Yang by ordinary Singaporeans pour in

Lee Hsien Yang with his wife, Lee Suet Fern

Following Facebook user Dennis Lim’s post recounting how Lee Hsien Yang treated construction workers at his wife’s law firm so well, more heartfelt testimonies from ordinary Singaporeans have gone viral.

Check out 13 personal experiences Singaporeans have said they’ve had with Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s younger son, who has been embroiled in a bitter public feud with his elder brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, over their family home at 38 Oxley Road:

Tim Chan: “Yes I agree with Mr Lim, I was LHY runner during my NS days 1992-1993. He was the commander of HQ2SIB Changi then. To me LHY was a down to earth and humble person. Unlike some other officers who has many different demands and request. His usual drink in his office was a simple ice cold glass of water. I didn’t have to rinse his running clothes after his morning runs nor wash his personal stuff or run errands for his private matters, unlike what I heard from other runners from my batch.

“During our Taiwan field exercise for 9 days, his meals was again simple, Taiwan instant noodles and combat rations, like what the HQ troops like me and other lower ranks would eat. Noodles alternating with tulip canned sausages, and Campbell cream of mushroom soup, all prepared in mess tin and served to him. He didn’t once complain how the food was cooked or tasted.

“When HQ Encik gave LHY a list of items for the Taiwan exercise, which included hot water flask, metal bunk bed, mattress and pillow, GS table and chairs for his sleeping tent. He told me to inform Encik not to bring all those into the field, all he wanted was the usual SAF safari bed and he brought his own sleeping bag, which he used during the entire 9 days.

“A practical man, who doesn’t need a entourage to follow him during reconnaissance trips and actual exercise, if he doesn’t need a signaller or any officer, he will tell them to stay back, he takes only what he needs, unlike some officers.

“I have also been told by other NS men quite a few times that LHY even open and hold the doors for lower ranks when they enter into the exercise planning rooms, as well as him greeting them even before others can greet him when walking along the corridors in camp. Didn’t intend to share my thoughts, but after reading Mr Lim and what others have posted, i thought I share. I don’t think he LHY has change much, and I Respect him.”

Athena Lee: “He was the CEO of my ex company, and he would join the queue with us for morning coffee in canteen. Very humble person and has no airs.”

Sabrina Fernando-Briche: “Many years ago I travelled back to Singapore from Paris and LHY and his wife were on the same flight. At the CDG airport duty-free in Paris they were in the same boutique where I was doing some shopping and I overheard him tell his wife that he needed to look for a present for ‘mama’, I thought to myself how sweet that was.”

Yoshiyuki Endo: “I was at SP for a seminar and he was the speaker. when he arrived, everyone stood up and clapped to welcome him. he however, told everyone to sit down and not treat him as a vip. he said he is just an ordinary person invited to share something he knew. I was impressed.”

Fazlena Kaswadi: “Many years ago, when I was working at the airport handling arrival and departure flights, I remember that he refused any sort of escorts to assist him and his family down to arrivals and baggage claims, even though the chief purser of Singapore Airlines insisted. Instead, he walked on his own, holding hands with his family and I thought to myself that he must be a humble guy. Not like his brother.”

Freddy Neo: “My wife and I often see him at Thomson Plaza Fairprice in shorts doing his weekly grocery shopping. No airs!”

Norazli Razali: “Still remember back then during my teenage years. Was working at raffles hotel and we do banquet at his then singtel office. Once event was over he stayed back talk to us and gave ang pao. He’s a nice guy to talk to.”

Erik Seeto: “He was my CO in 46SAR. botak, friendly, and very low key. Once I even mistook him for a recruit (botak + jocky cap) and did not salute him. But he just smiled and went on his way, and my IC asked WTF was I doing. Unlike some COs, there was no pressure to be best unit or anything. We just did our best. Many officers were genuinely sorry to see him transferred . I hope people realise that whatever the difference of opinion amongst the siblings, they are all doing it not for selfish reasons. There is no need to tar and feather one because we agree with the other.”

Wilson Toh: “When I was in Armour, I was told LHY having no TV at home, for better education for his children. And he kept coming back to Armour joining us for running even he became BG. Well like by us Armour guys.”

Nelson Poon: “I was a perm staff in Base 2 in ROC some time in ’93. LHY came to visit as BG. As usual, stuff gets painted and the camp is made as tip-top as it can be. Overlooked was a dump where we threw all the broken parts of the armored vehicles at a mud track somewhere at the back. He wasn’t expected to go there anyway. But obviously someone forgot and after inspecting the vehicle park he was taken on the short cut which runs past the dump.

“LHY saw and we all had “gg” written on our faces. We thought he would make a fuss about it during debrief and there would be hell after that.

“He said absolutely nothing about the dump. There’s nothing more for lower ranks to be thankful about, when superior officers would not make a big fuss over stuff like that.”

Steven Lee: “We were colleagues for at least 4 yrs in an organisation, tough training, harsh and risky work environment, irrational irritations and taboo, he remains calm and composed, honest , always contribute most surprising solutions in learning, problems solving, play and even struggle in the face of adversity. He was very fit and down to earth good man, remembered him participated as the anchor runner running the last lap of a 16 miles road relay..”

Brian Vittachi: “When I was running a pub in Klliney Road in the mid 90’s he passed by a few times and always had a nod and a smile for my staff or the customers sitting outside. Since he wasn’t a politician I took that as a sign of a genuine person. Some say he was more people-smart than his elder brother.”

Jason Lim: “I used to work at Caldecott Hill and there was once I was just outside my company and a colleague of mine saw a car drove past and tell me that the driver inside is LHY, I was still young back then not knowing much about him (because he was very low profile) but I got a shock when my colleague told me that he is the son of LKY and I couldn’t believe that the car that I am driving (a Honda Civic) is much better looking and newer than his. Can’t really remembered what car it was but it look like those Japanese nissan sunny COE car.”

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  1. Facebook Profile photo
    Chua Jenny ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    After reading the comments by others, I am beginning to like LHY more and more. Wish both LHY and LWL success in demolishing 138Oxley according to LKY and wife’s wishes. God Bless

  2. Both Him and his Wife is a gracious person. Unlike his elder Brother LHL. but usually the good person always gets bullied and taken advantage, life is just unfair. However, it’s also fair in a way, there is alway a choice given. U always get what u voted for. Lol. . 30% utility price increase, MRT breakdowns, HDB lifts falling, CPF Lockdown. Job employments FT over locals. U always get what u voted for.

  3. stop all the complaining of petty reunion.,etc,tc ..and create further issues..leave all your family issue out from public…are they asking for public pity…or indirect disgrace between themselves in this family and sibling affairs…

  4. Mr. Lee Hsien Yang as like most in contact with him will know his a person with no air and easy going …..
    Back in 90’s I was teaching his 3 sons swimming at his in-laws plc(which just a unit away from his house) During then Mr.Lee will always be the first one to say “Hello” or greet whenever he is in and once I was shopping at Raffles City……and out of nowhere someone called my name as I look up it was him and the family waving at me !I am Honor to be able to served such extra ordinary person .

  5. LHY is a very good and humble person, my bestfriend worked in SingTel before and said he was always thinking about staff’s welfare during his time as a CEO.

  6. Thomas Teo says:

    This is the man I respected yrs ago when I was a part time driver serving delegates for an International event. I was inside the limo when he came down fm the lobby n asked me whether I had my lunch. I told him hvnt n he told me to go for lunch first as it’s important. I was so honoured to hv met with this more than humble VIP.

  7. Good Smart and humble BG not like others scholars. Yaya papaya. His brother like to take credit and Medals to himself only eg Sentosa cable cars rescure mission. All his work not the men on the ground.

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      William Lim ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      the worst scholars i have met and worked with – heng swee kiat that plp clown, and leo yip that clown. both are backstabbers. and that cobra – maliki osman, not a scholar but expert backstabber, small mind and v jealous, a busted good for nothing.

    1. Sas Karma says:

      You are so comical..or i say cartoon..do you find anyone mentioning he is a hero? Are you really using your brains to read? Brainwashed until become brainless!

  8. Are you all saying that LHL is not down to earth and not humble? Hv You all ever met him and HC or not? They are so down to earth and humble to a fault despite their status leh.

    1. Koh Chua Lian hi. What public record filled with corruption and self interest are you referring to? I’m sure a lot of Singaporeans would want to know if you hv some information that the general public does not know about. By the way, talk about an open book, I thot LKY’s description in his own book about LHL clearly shows that LHL came back to Sg after studying because he wanted to serve the country. Did you read LKY’s description of LHY in comparison? Maybe you shd find out for yrself. LKY has very different thots on his own children which may explain why how the FamiLee saga turned out as it is.

    2. @Thomas Teo – I m doing good thank you despite having a picture taken with them. I’m just a singaporean feeling blessed to live in a country that is peaceful, secure and provides opportunities for people to succeed if they work hard. I don’t know what they hv done to you to deserve so much hatred from you though as if they are your personal enemy number one. Hv you personally met LHY and his Wife?

    3. His public record is filled with corruption, self interest and vindictive towards any criticism and opposition. His life is an open book for all to see except for those who can’t.

    4. Thomas Teo says:

      Suhaimi Lazim, not proud to take pictures with dishonourable n useless leader. Very unlucky n u will hv sufferings as u go on with yr life.

    5. Sas Karma no I’m not kidding. I don’t know him personally but once my Wife and I bumped into them. They were very down to earth and posed for pics with us.

  9. BL Sim-Ng says:

    Yes….he was indeed humble with no airs n down to earth person
    My hubby told me on 16 June that they were indeed colleagues ….. that was well respected

  10. 7years ago, at ikea alexandra, I saw him standing at one side, holding onto the pushcart, waiting patiently.
    I guess he must be waiting for his wife to pick some items.
    What amazed me was given his status, the pushcart task should be done at least by a maid or a bodyguard, but I looked around and didn’t see any.
    He was the maid, the bodyguard for his wife.
    Sincerely, I admired him from then onwards.
    I hope the saga he is facing would resolve in a peaceful manner, and that he would live a peaceful life.

  11. Sianee Goh says:

    I once went to an SPC petrol station along Bt Timah Rd to top up petrol. There I saw LHY coming out if his Lexus 250. We met each other at the payment counter. He gave the cashier a credit card who apparently didn’t know who he was and asked for his IC for verification. That was in the 90’s. And he went on to provide his IC with no airs. He thanked and smiled to the cashier after his payment. It was a pleasant surprise for me seeing him so down to earth.

  12. Monica Tan says:

    “Proverbs 26:25-26 “When he speaks graciously, believe him not, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred be covered with deception, his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.”
    Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13 (NIV)”

  13. Ronnie Lee says:

    I do not know LHY. From the feedback and testimonies, LHY seem a very down-to-earth guy. Hope to see more of our leaders and future leaders to like him.

  14. Lam Benard says:

    I had a long day. Tired. But when I read this write up and the comments I felt pleased and somehow rejuvenated. Dear People, thanks for sharing.

  15. Excuse me if a man is humble he will not Attack his own siblings over a house to be demolish, sell n get $. A humble man will talk nicely n settle nicely but not using force, destroy n defamed.

    1. Low Jerry says:

      Gbee we do not have the full story .LHY gladly accepted LHL proposal and wish to keep it private isn’t he is humble enough. Despite many more ugly things LHY has yet to reveal about LHL and HC. and probably had suffer many tainting issue in silence that LHL had lambasted on him on many occasions.

    2. LHY is not after the $. He’s already filthty rich. Why can’t you guys get that in your head?

      LHY just don’t want his brother to take advantage of the house for any of his(LHL) political agenda, (i.e turning it into a museum so that ppl will always be remembered by LKY & in turn having the votes during GE be in favor of PAP).

      It’s simple to understand if you’re not in denial

    3. Danny Goh says:

      Maybe you didn’t read their last letter; it was LHL who first sent LHY and LWL letters from our now “esteemed” AG, Lucien Wong.

      Imagine your own brother sending you a lawyer’s letter. And then intimidate you via his PMO apparatus. After making you pay 150% of the value of the house.

      That’s what your beloved LHL did.

    4. Brendon Ho says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS FUCKING TWAT. In self denial that his owner is the best up till now. Sorry la gbee g chen, we citizens forget that when LHL says that white is black, he is also right. Ownself check ownself. Ownself clear ownself. We all get it, nth much to talk about. Even if LHL were to boast around, he would still be the most humble person in your eyes. U are the best pet he can ever ask for, so loyal and devoted.

    5. A humble man is not weak to be trampled on by others if that’s you idea. A humble man is also one with integrity, and will stand up for what is right and just. Your concept of humility is flawed.

    6. James See says:

      If Gbee G Chen know this saga story so clear than anyone & even had saw the secret letter then why don’t stand out to make a confession prove the letter is real & save all ppl’s time here even unnecessary to form a stupid committee in parliament for debating. How brainless this guy that always like to talking cock..
      Really Por Ka Hu Chun!

    7. Excuse me. Before we get into any clear blood and water differences through all the bullshit from the parliament this week. I’m still convinced. Cut the bull and we are not stupid. Who is playing nice men or idiots, we have clues in mind.

    8. Excuse me but LHY bought the house for $36 million from LHL.
      This is what he choose n he wanted to buy over from the beginning.
      I wonder in what way can LHY “destroy”, “force”?
      If he cannot buy over he use fb n news to destroy n force LHL to give him what he want.
      How to settle nicely when LHL is using parlimament, cabinet, parliament to settle issues?
      No.. LHL is having solid letter sign by LKY on 27 December 2011 he stated n sign the letter he do not want the house to be demolish. I saw the letter.
      Places where LHY can’t even present his own voice or views?
      Rubbish, he running around to the cabinet n everywhere to voice out n even go to the news.

    9. Excuse me but LHY bought the house for $36 million from LHL.
      I wonder in what way can LHY “destroy”, “force”?
      How to settle nicely when LHL is using parlimament, cabinet, parliament to settle issues?
      Places where LHY can’t even present his own voice or views?

  16. I have an army friend of 43 years, who happened to work with LHY in Singtel days, and even happened to seat next to him in one of the meetings LHY chaired. My friend commented during a gathering of fellow army friends last Tuesday, that he has 101% respect for LHY for his professionalism, integrity, intelligent, sharpness with numbers, humility, and above all LHY has the mind and character like his father, LKY. Speak his mind and never mince his words, but a real Gentleman.

    1. You think people dare to ask him to resign when LKY still around? The story was he resigned without even telling his father LKY. He got bored with the job. When he decided on something, no one can stop him. He is this stubborn to a fault. That what my army friend who know him quite well, and still in contact with him…

  17. Nasir Bj says:

    Never has an opportunity to know him personally but I hv friends who work in Sintel who speak highly of him…. being Humble, sincere and compassionate….

    1. Agreed Nasir. Worked with him when I was in SingPost Management and he was in the Board. Real humble and pleasant dude albeit he had to play his role

  18. SY Kong says:

    I believed anyone who had work under LHY when he was in SAF would know that he is a mild manner, fair and humble person to work with. The same cannot be said of LHL as I heard many negative stories about his cockiness, even when dealing with officers of higher rank than him.

    1. The man ran for elections, quite less than 6 months after his GRC won the ward, then returned for the next elections to win the ward again. Who really cares what he says? Lol.

    1. Leon Keith says:

      At the very least , we get to know that old fart is capable of producing good offspring ,
      Unlike that spoiled brat with a blackened tiny heart whom think that he’s and his families are natural born aristocracy .

      Salute to LHY and LWL lah . Uphold

  19. Rique Seah says:

    A person respected most. Humble, friendly and no airs about it. If he was a politician, he would have been the most loved and not forgetting, an effective one.

    1. SY Kong says:

      You are right, once I was seated behind him on economy class for a flight from Melbourne to Singapore, and the aircraft captain extended an invitation for him to visit the cockpit but he declined. He is a humble person.

  20. Great to hear testimonies about him but remember, don’t deify him. We don’t need another god or dynasty. Anyway, thank goodness he has the good sense to stay out of Singapore’s version of politics.

  21. I saw him once at the top floor of Orchard Central where I was the signage consultant a few years ago… . He walked out from a room in a restaurant.. nodded his head while walking toward the toilet…

  22. Aaron Loy says:

    not to mention, there’s really nothing to be jealous about when one thinks of LHL.

    This PAP always thinking too highly of themselves.

    1. Aaron Loy says:

      Eh not really. He’s too idealistic, too high up in the air, imho.

      Too much heart, too little mind.

      If he came back down to earth a little bit, it’ll be a much better balance

    2. Aaron Loy says:

      I beg to differ. A long time ago, they were much better. Less about their egos, more about doing a good job.

      Opposition parties were not important.

      Now, no opposition, nobody to keep them in check.

    1. As I have said, I believe this woman is the problem of the whole issue. We have experience this kind of thing happening in daily life with in law interference. I believe the siblings but LHL is using his power to be against them

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