Ho Ching’s sloppy sandals make an appearance during official US trip once again


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching’s “sloppy” styling has made a comeback as she was spotted wearing sandals when she accompanied her husband on his official visit to the United States of America this week to meet with US President Donald Trump at the White House.

PM Lee, Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran, Singapore’s Ambassador to the US Ashok Kumar Mirpuri and Mirpuri’s wife can all be seen dressed sharply, in the photo above, while Ho Ching stands out with her sandals.

The picture, which was posted on Minister Ong’s Facebook page, was taken outside Blair House, the official guest house of President Trump:

This is not the first time the PM’s wife has been spotted wearing such footwear during official visits. Netizens have questioned her drab dressing at official functions, over the years.

In early August last year, netizens were quick to point out the difference in dressing between former US President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama and Ho Ching, when Pm Lee and his wife were invited to a state dinner at the White House.

Its a happy occasion la… No need to dress until so drab…

Posted by Siew Tuck Wah on Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Among others who criticised Ho Ching then, aesthetics doctor and Save our Street Dogs founder, Dr Siew Tuck Wah commented:

“Its a historic occasion for Singapore Prime minister Lee and wife Ho Ching to be invited to the White House. But while first lady Michelle Obama made headlines with a Naeen Khan bright yellow floral dress, Ho Ching really could have chose something, well, more cheery.”

“We need to get a stylist for her please,” he added.

Not again? Sibeh Sia Suay!

Posted by Bruce Wee on Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The netizen above, Bruce Wee, shared a screenshot of Ho Ching’s footwear during her official visit to the US last year and commented, “Not again? Sibeh Sia Suay!”

He was referring to Ho Ching’s decision to wear sandals for an official meeting in Malaysia, in July 2016. Facebook user 黄建齊 was one among many others online who felt that it was sloppy of her to do so.

Netizens question Ho Ching's drab dressing at White House state dinner

Ho Ching didn't dress as shabbily when she met Japanese emperor and his wife

Outside Blair House, the official guest house of POTUS.

Posted by Ong Ye Kung on Monday, 23 October 2017


  1. Just imagine she wears a pair of high heel leather shoe, do you think it looks good on her? The pair of sandals matches perfectly with her tasteless outfit! !

    • Even if health reason, can always buy those more comfortable covered shoes. My mom also cannot wear heels, and she requested for covered shoes so i brought her to buy. U definitely get a pair of comfortable nice shoes that can match your outfit. There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman.

  2. The first time, I worked in an American company in Singapore, the secretary told me that no pants and no sandals to be seen in the office!
    Go Ching dressing has improved but she has no knowledge of American culture and etiquette!
    烏鸦怎能变鳯凰 ???
    Can somebody advise me why the highly paid millionaire CEO of Temasek holdings is paid when she is always not in office, especially following her husband round the world ?
    How lovely when we can get paid while on holidays so frequently ???
    No wonder our CPF FUNDS are locked up

    • You believe in your own misguided ideas? A portion of our CPF have been used by Temasek but the quantum not specified. This is from the government themselves after caving in to pressure from the public who have demanded the use of our CPF. Still NOT good enough! The CPF is the worker’s hard earned savings and must be returned at 55 years old as agreed. NO deal and PM LHL would have committed a criminal act if he continues to withhold our CPF beyond 55 years old WITHOUT our individual approval. We must NOT be stupid to acquiesce to the ‘law’ or illegal conditions that PM LHL lay down in regard to withdrawal of our CPF. Get down to the CPF office and demand your CPF if you are 55 years old or over if you want your CPF back. Ask your MP why you cannot have your CPF back when you are eligible. Keep going. RIGHT is on our side. The CPF will be THE GREATEST FINANCIAL SCANDAL!

  3. If she wore nicely wld pple say she paid her clothes with cpf money? Hard to please when out to find fault . ( but personally, actually I too think she shld get some suitable footwear 🙂 )

  4. Frankly, Ho Ching’s dress sense or style is THE LEAST of things that concerns me. It is her PERFORMANCE as the CEO of Temasek, Singapore’s investment company that is the worry. The three men behind the ‘dynamic duo’, namely, Ministers Balakrishnan, Iswaran and Ong are the leaders who are poor performers. They are blue eyed boys of the dishonourable son and in today’s Singapore, you have to please PM LHL to get ahead in the government. The couple in the third and last row: I don’t know them from Adam and Eve!

  5. Paid $$$$$ yet very stingy with it comes to giving back to the economy in the form of person expenditure. I suppose they believe money can be brought to their grave. Worst dress woman 2017 and many years before.

    • The wealthy will think of leaving for posterity…they know they can’t take $$ to grave.. The reason why $$$ is never enough. The more you have the more you want .

  6. She simply has no dress sense! Her dressing is not an
    embarrassment to the morons posing with her. Surprised that fashion designers never volunteer advice.

  7. Though i don’t like Ho Ching for her Temasek morass, i don’t mind her dress sense in formal occasions. Why must she exchange comfort for praises from so-called stylists? As long as she is not exactly shabby.

  8. She dresses like a peasant considering the gargantuan and escalating millions her and her hubby have in their vaults. Unless those sandals are worth USD 52bn? No common decency for a PM’s wife? Maybe she has Hong Kong foot? Or ringworm? Or plain smelly feet? Only the sissy knows.

  9. She won’t answer to and for anything coz she rich and powerful and this is the msg that PAP has for u, got money got power can get away with almost anything

    • Of course, we just to value her the standard as a First Lady. Why u so Kan Chiong? We are worrying such shameful person unsuitable for attending such gland occasions which represents Singapore. Xia Sui!

    • DoubleStandard.com Maybe this is lost on men, but odds are this woman is dealing with health issues that have to do with her feet. And meanwhile, why is this even an article or anything to comment on?

  10. Perhaps the focus should be substance over form??? Hasn’t the media learnt that when you reverse it, you get rubbish leaders cause people focus on the wrong things? Get a life Independent or change your name to followers

  11. This is not dressing for oneself.

    Dressing appropriately is a way of showing respect to others too, especially for official visits etc Also representing Singapore….

    Dressing can simple but it has to be appropriate for the situation. Scandals not for formal situations.

  12. Aiyo, according to PAP logic, one got higher dignity if their salary is highest. Frankly, which US official got highest salary than her?
    She probably look down on these people.

  13. Am sure all the sycophants know her dress sense on the world stage is totally inappropriate and a disgrace to the country. No one dares to tell LHL…. sigh… the power of million dollar salaries !!

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