In perhaps a first of such accidents in a long time, 25 passengers hurt after train collision in Joo Koon MRT station


25 passengers sustained injuries after a collision between two trains at the Joo Koon MRT station this morning.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that it was alerted to the incident at 8.33 am, and that injured passengers have been conveyed to the hospitals. It added that the majority sustained only minor injuries.

In their Facebook post about the incident this morning, SCDF only said that the incident happened “near Joo Koon MRT station”. SMRT’s tweet this morning only referred to it as a train fault.

Injured passengers were the first to share about the train collision.

Mei Anne’s Facebook post.

This collision between trains is believed to be the first of such accidents in Singapore in a long time. Police have cordoned off the area of the accident.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) updated the public about the incident past 11am that both SMRT and LTA are investigating the train collision at Joo Koon station. It’s statement also said that 2 SMRT staff were among the injured in the incident.

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  1. Hello physics! You do not use a laden articulated train to move another. Deadly combo of inertia, compression of articulated sections, acceleration/decceleration of multiple masses (passengers), delay and brake travel across articulated sections!!!

  2. Signal not working , pump not working , track side clip flung, station door failed , train aircon failed , new train boogies have crack. Want to tell more bull n cock stories? Its over.

  3. This is actually good move by SMRT. By injuring and killing commuters, SMRT is helping to reduce passenger load during peak hours. This will lead to less breakdown problems.

  4. Alex Yap says:

    Let’s see what flimsy excuse they will now come up with to try and water down the seriousness of the accident. I hope that the Minister and the CEO will finally be held accountable….

  5. This is the second major MRT collision injuring 23 passengers.
    The first incident occurred on Aug 5, 1993, when a front-to-back collision occurred between two trains at Clementi MRT station at 7.50am, injuring 156 commuters.

  6. 陈耒金 says:


    1. I fell flat on my side with arms above my head, next to bus driver when she stopped bus suddenly. She came to see if I needed to go hospital, said the car in front stopped suddenly. I replied it was her fault for following so close ti car nit keeping 1 to 2 car distance away. My shoulder was hurting but I refused hospital visits, paperwork n reporting. I knew my ultrasonic bubble bath can heal naturally.
      So thats example of person’s fault behind the wheels. Similarly smrt has to examine what caused the trsin collision

  7. 叶彬淳 says:

    #154 media freedom in the world. Bad things keep quiet, good things amplified x 100000, PAP do wrong things sweep under carpet, WP slight mistake amplified x 100000, use lawyer sue bankruptcy. This is SG

    1. The CCC chairman who lost receipts for payments made and awarding contracts to own vompsmy small matter. It could be yip of the iceberg. The town Councillors who signed the cheques also failed in their check and balance.

  8. A spokesman from Ng Teng Fong Hospital said among the 10 injured at the hospital, two were assessed to have sustained injuries under the P2 category or “major emergencies” such as limb fractures and joint dislocation.-. Quote CNA

  9. Edwin Kwan says:

    Sometimes when things go very wrong on a vicious cycle, despite having the PAP, the Harvard, Stanford, the scholars, the army generals, better go and reflect and ask for supernatural help. Hehe ! Possibly the combination of KBH and DK is causing luck to dissipate away and bad omen to accumulate.

  10. WH Wong says:

    Anti-flooding pump maintenance is a basic requirement to ensure smooth operations and that SMRT has failed. This sort of rear ending incident should be right at the top of any train operator’s mind as it is the most important safety issue and could cause huge casualties (minor or not) to passengers!! So what is really happening within SMRT? No COI needed again ?

  11. Ah Soh says:

    This mayb the finale to all the woes SMRT is having. But commuters who do not hold on to anything except their iphones, need to think twice. This mayb the first but may not be the last. Better hold on to any railings on bars to reduce our injuries should this happens again.

  12. height of despicable irresponsibility to keep mum. you think injured commuters are all deaf and dumb or all died and cannot tell the truth? – paper generals cannot cover fire.

  13. Gavin Koh says:

    This will likely be “not major” for this government. Worst MRT collision ever was at Clementi Station on 5 Aug 1993. In all, 156 injured. Due to oil spillage on tracks from maintenance.

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