Indranee Rajah’s comments slammed as “untrue” by LKY’s daughter


Dr Lee Wei Ling has once again slammed the committee set up by the government of her brother as “a facade used by LHL (Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong) to attack (Lee Kuan Yew’s) will.”

Dr Lee took issue with Senior Minister of State for Law, Indranee Rajah’s post asking why PM Lee’s siblings have requested a commitment on demolition. She said that the answer was simple, that they merely responded to the questions of the committee and because they seek to honor their father’s final request in his will: “I would ask each of my children to ensure our wishes with respect to the demolition of the House be carried out.”

Dr Lee called Ms Rajah’s claims ‘that the committee was set up in response to consider the request that the government commit to demolition,’ as “untrue”. Dr Lee pointed out that few days ago, DPM Teo revealed that the committee could make no commitment, only a non-binding recommendation.

“How can a committee be set up to consider a request, when its deliverables (discovered only now) preclude it from fulfilling that request?” Dr Lee asked.

Netizens too have slammed Ms Rajah for her Facebook post on the 38 Oxley Road saga.

In her post, Indranee highlighted Lee Hsien Yang’s statement that he has “never asked the Government to allow us to demolish the house now, only after Wei Ling’s departure.”

Indranee responds to Lee Hsien Yang that the government is being asked to immediately make a decision on the demolition of the house and that the current government cannot make such a decision “given that Dr Lee still resides at the premises this decision would only need to be made 20 – 30 years from now.

“As Mr Lee Hsien Yang would know, this government cannot, as a matter of principle, bind a future government that is elected by the people 20 – 30 years from now.”

She ended her post by asking: “Why is the government being asked to decide now? What is the urgency? This question has not been answered.”

Social media users have questioned the SMS on whether she is debating with Lee in her personal capacity or as a minister. They have also raised questions about whether Indranee’s latest posts on the Lee family matter are a bid to “score points.”

SMS Indranee Rajah asks "Why is the government being asked to demolish the house now?" We have never asked the…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Monday, 26 June 2017

In his FB post this morning, Mr Lee Hsien Yang suggests that the question I had put is incorrect. He says he is not…

Posted by Indranee Rajah on Monday, 26 June 2017

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  1. Keehong Lu says:

    Indranee was taken under Lee Kuan Yew’s ward n into parliament. She now serves a new master. Sucking up n scoring brownie points to keep a million dollar job is sensible. These must be some of the judgements passed by many neutral observers of this epic tragic saga. Is that YOU SMS Indranee? Or u really hv the interest of Sgp to go against, painfully n reluctantly as PM Lee the son, the LAST WISH of Lee Kuan Yew, your benefactor?

  2. Dear Indranee, please butt out this saga! It is ‘absolutely interesting enough’ to see the Lee siblings ‘sharking each other’ but we don’t need you to add ‘salt n pepper’. It is rather obvious to Singaporeans that PM Lee has the full force of his minions to do all ‘character assassinations, slender of LKY’s sound mind before his death, etc’..
    It is now quite evident that injured party is not PM Lee but the 2 siblings working to honour their father’s wish in the ‘appropriate way’ – if PM Lee is forthright, he should have an open forum with his other siblings plus their private lawyers in an agreed open forum to confront the untruths said by either sides. Mediacorp can televise on paid TV as Singapore’s version of ‘Family Feud’. Parliament is not a right forum and fair forum as the other party is unable to response! Is the gallery open? If it is gallery, able to put questions to PM Lee? I am sure that PM Lee should be open to that notion if he is truthful – even if gallery audience includes LHY n LWL. PM Lee will do great if that happens!

  3. A wise person knows when to keep their mouth shut so people will not know how stupid they are. Unless of course her salary is dependent on her speaking up for her boss.

  4. All this Ministers come forward to talk so much about the house, they are doing the ground work for LHL soften the impact before LHL deliver his speech in the Parliament sitting. They are paid millions to do this.

  5. She is just a “black knight” in LHL’s chess games to checkmate his brother. Think about it … Who dare to speak without boss’s permission? She will get Hugh salary increase cum promotion next year ! Let’s see ……

  6. What the fuck she knows about people’s family matter?! Is she even there when all these events transpire? Talk as if she knows the matter inside out! KNN, PLP until like prostitute!!! Pui!!!

  7. Sas Karma says:

    Can I reclaim all my taxes paid to the ministers who are not working but skiving and being kapoh with other people’s family affairs?

  8. Indra nee can u answer why did this govt did not honour to returns our CPF at age 55 but keep changing the goal post now ridiculous to age 65 with miserable month repayment.WHY WHY WHY.I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THE LEE FAMILY AFFAIRS.THEY SHOULD GO TO COURT AND SETTLE IT INSTEAD OF WASTING TAX PAYERS MONIES AND U MINISTERS SO FREE NOTHING BETTER OR MORE IMPORTANT COUNTRY AFFAIRS TO HSNDLE

    1. They said sporeans horny bastards @55 they will regularly go batam with CPF so they came out with this idea 65 , I expect them to try 69 soon.

  9. Is she trying so desperately to become a minister by sucking up. She was in the same constitency as lky. Used to sing praises of lky. Stood in for him. Now she basically implying lky was gong gong n senile? That lky did not know what he was reading etc. Wah la. Desperate also dont need to be so desperate lah sister. U already so rich and got so many privleges. You are an old spinster n no children so why u like that. Better be contented. Dont run down lky who gave u the chance to be where u are today. Remembet karma. Your boss already kena karma for bullying young poor people like roy ngerg and for not respecting his father. Go to the temple n pray for forgiveness from your god and also Ah Kong.

  10. Eugene Ban says:

    When the late LKY was around no one dares to go against n now that he is gone most of the MP got many to say…well done to those highly pay ppl …. got mind n strength to be bzzzbody but not time to brainstorm of good ideas to help Singaporeans who are suffering…. what’s the point of reciting the Singapore plague where by you don’t kno what it means .( say only during NDP only I guess n than forget about it!!!)

  11. Is this problem with the house not just between the 3 siblings? When did it become a problem that involves the whole government? For that matter of fact the nation’s. There are so many problems with jobs transportation the elderly much more and these ministers choose to concentrate on a problem that’s not theirs?

    1. Paul Leong says:

      Well said!!!! Thumbs up!!!! There are other problems to talk about. Job wise , creating jobs and taking care/supporting the destitute and the elderly. Well said Mr Wong.

  12. Lim LG says:




    1. Hahaha….btw saya betol betol nak tanya pap ini….mana duit masyarakat orang melayu kita ini dari tahun 1965 sampai sekarang tak kasi kasi balik….dorang pikir duit masyarakat orang melayu dorang punya ke….

  13. Who is this Indranee in this wholly private Lee family affair? Is she a secret daughter of LKY? Is she in the ministerial committee set up to recommend non binding recommendations to the future government of Singapore? Or is her name spelled “IndraLee”?

  14. Who is Indranee? Is she secret Daughter of LKY? Is she in the ministerial committee set up to put up recommendations on 38 Oxley Road to future government that is not binding upon them? What’s her business in this whole private Lee family affair?
    Oh was her name Indralee?

    1. Kwan Heng says:

      Jason she is a public figure n has more knowledge than u(JASON) She is not part of the Lee family why she like to mass up with peoples family(Lee). This is none of her business. Let them settle by themselves. Please remember u are a (OUTSIDER.). Thanks

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