[Infographic] Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Credit Card


Do you get a headache when it comes to choosing a credit card? When you see your friend or colleague using a different credit card from you, do you wonder if that card is better than yours?

A lot of people ask us which is the best credit card for cashback, or for miles. Well, the answer is… it depends. Annoying but true. Our lifestyles are different and logically, the best card for each of us will be different.

While it’s not easy to tell you which card is the best (though some cards come very close to being unbeatable), we can tell you what to look out for when choosing a credit card.

Have a look at our infographic, and if it helped you, do share it with your friends.

BankBazaar’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Credit Card

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Credit Card | BankBazaar.sg



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