Khaw Boon Wan will be Acting Prime Minister while PM Lee is away on overseas leave


Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan will, from today, serve as Acting Prime Minister while the head of government, Lee Hsien Loong, is away on overseas leave.

This is according to an official statement by the Prime Minister’s office that revealed that Khaw – who also serves as Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure – will be filling in for the PM from today to Christmas day, 25 Dec 2017.

Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Teo Chee Hean, will take over as Acting Prime Minister from 26 Dec to 31 Dec 2017.

PM Lee is expected to return on New Year’s Day.

While it seems quite ordinary that the Deputy Prime Minister would fill in for the head of government, it is not quite clear why the Transport Minister has been called on to serve as Acting PM for half the time PM Lee will be away.

Perhaps the decision has to do with the fact that Khaw has served as the ruling party’s chairman since 2011.

Another possible reason may be that the move signifies the government’s support for Khaw who is battling severe public backlash over persistent rail transport issues.

PM Lee himself said exactly one month ago, at the PAP Convention held on 19 Nov, that Khaw Boon Wan has one of the toughest jobs in Cabinet. He also asserted that Khaw has the People’s Action Party’s full support and confidence, to applause from other party members:

“I want Boon Wan and his team to know that they have our full support and confidence.”

Khaw Boon Wan has “our full support and confidence” – PM Lee says at PAP Convention 2017

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  1. Danta Weng says:

    No one cares in Singapore . Really. .. Singaporean more cares for 3 meals every day .. So Might as well don’t come back for for ever just like MA370 ,,, .. because when you come back … everything go up GST . TAX uP …

  2. David Yeo says:

    Actually, if not for the flooding in the tunnel, kbw would have been PM by now. Becor he kenna the flooding he is DPM. Tio boh? Those who agree, kee chiu!

  3. WM Heng says:

    This shown that the current 2 DPMs are useless and in-efficient and even can’t complete with the most useless Minister. Your pm is trying to challenge the people and act dumb. 无法无天,認賊做父

  4. Prasad Rnv says:

    With so many Star Wars jedis saying “May the farce be with you”, and with the latest release of Last Jedi after Rogue One, who better to be deputy PM than Obi Wan Kenobi?

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      David Chan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Many already migrated those who have the ability to ..feel so sorry for those who can’t stuck here and have to face this Everyday nothing to look forward to in 2018 more shit ..don’t think the gov cares if people leave they just replace with more “FT”

  5. By having Khaw as the Acting PM now is what? Make him feel shiok? No point Khaw. Appears you have already lost public confidence. Your boss may be oblivious to this like always. Not the public. Rest assured.

  6. We need to send a clear and loud message to LHL and his government at the coming GE2020. WE MUST VOTE HIM AND PAP OUT OF OFFICE. THAT’S THE ONLY MESSAGE HE WILL UNDERSTAND. THAT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  7. Raj Kumar says:

    From Strait Times “Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be on overseas leave from today until the end of the month, a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office has said. In his absence, his colleagues will take turns to exercise the functions of Prime Minister.

    Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan will be Acting Prime Minister from today until Dec 25. From Dec 26 to Dec 31, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security Teo Chee Hean will be Acting Prime Minister.”

  8. Ronald Lim says:

    This is a joke! There are 2 DPMs the last time I looked at the cabinet line-up. So why is there a need for this ineffective minister be made acting PM? How about the Indian DPM? Just for show or is this to signal that he is out of favour? Maybe TCH is just as ineffective? LHL must explain his choice to the electorate!

  9. Or maybe they see an analogy in the trains with how our govt runs and they know the people don’t really mind and it’s pretty hilarious?

    I would do that too because everyone loves a good troll and an epic meme. Who’s with me?

  10. Charis Mun says:

    I think the reason is simple – both DPMs are also on leave during that time and as a coordinating minister, Khaw is the most senior amongst the rest of the ministers. No need to read too much into it.

  11. Edwin Kwan says:

    Absolutely wrong to support him, so as to prove the choice of him was correct. If it were LKY, this guy would be sacked. This action goes against the idea of meritocracy promulgated by LKY. So what goes on from henceforth, looks like whatever measures that are right for the party survival rather than nation.

  12. Andee Loo says:

    One more portfolio to make good his volunteerism spirit and ministerial quality. Spore easy to govern.. 3rd gen 4th gen all jack of all trades. Let’s clap!

  13. wahh….nice christmas present acting pm plus santa khaw claus all rolled into one ? what a way to end the year with a jolly good joke ? hohohoho…hoseh liao hope the mrt dont break down again ?

  14. Vote them out!! Wake up 70% goondoo, its time to vote for capable & competent leader, not any cock & dick or tupid idiot like current joker. If you still want your next generation to have hope in surviving in singapore, degree wont help u get a good job for singaporean. We need true blue Singaporean who won’t betray, with singaporean at heart that will support own majullah singapura to rise again. NO MORE PRIORITY TO FOREIGN TRASH, PERIOD! Who won’t betray own singaporean who supported those idiot to ownself eat ownself. Wake Up! VTO!VTO! ENUFF is ENUFF!!

  15. Dannis Lee says:

    The chosen Wan kena arrowed. The Golden Boy Kee Chiu and the Potential Heng one and the Tharma di bo chap liao all gao keng and go holiday to spent their millions. So much for the commitment of our 4th Gen.

  16. Prepare whole SG breaking down.
    Is not an easy job….n u need your heart to be in the right place to volunteer for this stand in cos God oso cant prevent it from happening.

  17. This is sending the wrong message. That it’s ok to be inefficient? Wonder what’s the basis of selection – it can’t just be to show support. It has to be merit driven at least. Very poor decision made.

  18. Danjel Lim says:

    This shows that our PM doesn’t care about our national public transportation! He took away the useless guy while he’s supposed to solve the train issues.

    1. There a reason why this Ah Loong Kia is being a called a dishonorable son….a bloody coward that run away from the fight each time there is an issue….Bloody disgrace can’t even compare to his father in any way.

    1. In LHL era failure is a paid opportunity to go on a learning journey as there is no blame culture. More important is the skill to wayang, tell story and escape the consequences arrowing a dimwit to clear the mess. KBW has mastered this skill to a fine art.

    1. Let’s pray harder. That’s what KBW did when he invited the heads of all the religious sector to bless our MRT. And the next minute, what happened?…. God knows!!!

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