Khaw Boon Wan turns 65, says he feels “like 70 after the recent trains’ incidents”


Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan commented that he feels five years older than he really in a Facebook post uploaded today, as he turns 65 years old.

Khaw attributed his feelings of feeling older than his age to the “recent trains’ incidents,” likely referring to serious train mishaps in the final quarter of 2017, like the MRT tunnel flooding in October and the MRT collision last month.

The ruling party parliamentarian, who has helmed the Transport Ministry for just over two years, added that the key is to “persevere and press on” since sometimes in life, “we try our best and do what we can but the final outcome is sometimes beyond us.”

At 65, I feel like 70 after the recent trains’ incidents. I had looked forward to year end this year, with Terminal 4,…

Posted by Khaw Boon Wan on Thursday, 7 December 2017

In case you cannot read the post above, read the full text here:

“At 65, I feel like 70 after the recent trains’ incidents. I had looked forward to year end this year, with Terminal 4, DTL3 and successful re-election to the IMO Council. But it was not to be 🙁

“In life, we try our best and do what we can but the final outcome is sometimes beyond us. Key is to persevere and press on, knowing that the cause is just and good should eventually prevail.

“Especially when one is surrounded by good friends, able colleagues and passionate volunteers. No problem cannot be overcome.

“Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes. My supportive colleagues got me a “65-5” cake to “restore” the five years that slipped me! My Sembawang grassroots leaders brought a rainbow cake to add colours to my life! Back at home, we are getting ready to welcome a new member – our third grandchild, to the family! #Thankful”

Khaw: Train system is complicated, “it will fail sometimes, hopefully rarely. But it will fail.”

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  1. Losheah He says:

    Minister cow, looks like you are protected by Buddha. The public keep shooting you and cursing at you, yet you still can survive. I wonder if the public would to turn their shooting and cursing at your family members and grandchildren as they are equally guilty living off your ill gotten salaries, the millions you’ve got are stained with taxpayers blood and sweat. If I am a wise buddha, I choose to protect your family members and sacrifice you. I will bring you down to tour the 18 levels of hell gates.

  2. Kevyn Ho says:

    KBW, you claim you are Buddhist , correct? Believe in karma? Remember this… your arrogance , blaming others when things go wrong and unforgiving nature (especially to opposition party) have consequences ,,,

  3. Billy Tsy says:

    Mr. Minister. Are you complaining??? It’s a paid job with huge income comparing to mostly any singaporean. And if you are complaining, what do you suggest???

  4. Facebook Profile photo
    James Bong ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I thought khaw was saying this:
    “At 65, I feel like 70 after the recent trains’ incidents. I had looked forward to year end this year, with Terminal Cancer…”

  5. Jason Lee says:

    Given his incompetency, he should had harakiri many years back! But given his ballless, curryfavoring and greedy nature, it no surprise to singaporean, he is still alive kicking at e age of 65!
    Luckily for singapore, we don’t have such a breed!

  6. KH Ngai says:

    65 !! Retirement age liao! Why are you still around? Be the next MM, SM, MMS, SMM etc whatever title invented by your master for you continuing milking millions dollars salaries like LKY, GCT etc?

  7. Don’t expect our pity , look at you I vomit blood , as the year end is near , sure you look forward to it cos big fat blood bonus you rob us off , by train delay and we late for work and blood sucker boss said no bonus from smart .

  8. Shi De You says:

    Ya la Ya la……better say u feel like going to die even better, which all people are looking forward. I also can say I am now 40, but alr dying because Government is sucking my life saving like vacuum cleaner.

  9. Ng Alfred says:

    Got the bloody cheek to celebrate his 65 birthday. At 65 he is still earning millions of dollars. Some Singaporean your age are jobless. ..some homeless…some still collecting cardboards to make ends meet. And you Mr Cow still got the can bullshit you feel like you are 70…you should be long gone from this whole picture. In other countries some will resigned or to save face perished from this planet…but you shameless creature still got the cheek to hang on and celebrate birthday. should be your funeral day…

    1. David Ong says:

      Lawry Sam come on, this type of thick skin is not skill. If you could not handle or improve it after so many years, then should leave it to other capable guys to do it. Still said need another two years, exactly near the GE…..

  10. David Ong says:

    When the sun is to set down, we shall realise no amount of money/fame/power can buy true happiness which can only be obtained through sincere humility and love.

  11. Kris Chee says:

    With your paycheck, should feel like a millionaire ma regardless of your age.

    Why compained, there are many out there who earn peanuts n are older than 70…..what you kpkb for?

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