Lorry driver angrily snaps off taxi’s windscreen wipers after taxi driver collides into his vehicle


A video of an altercation between a lorry driver and taxi driver has been circulating online. In the video, posted on Facebook today, the furious lorry driver can be seen angrily snapping off the windscreen wipers of the taxi after the taxi collides into his lorry.

The lorry driver can also be seen scolding the taxi driver but the cabbie refuses to alight his taxi. Instead, he backs into the lorry repeatedly, infuriating the lorry driver further.

The situation seemed to defuse after a young boy who was with the lorry driver, who appears to be the lorry driver’s son, managed to calm the lorry driver and bring him away.


View the video here:



  1. Wow look like Singaporeans now don’t trust the laws, justice and police anymore, right from the top man in our republic and to the bottom of road side. No govt Liao?

  2. Aiyah ….so hot temper fir wat? Accident just por mata n insurance jio hor lor …..like that kena charge for mischief or road rage ! How urh?? When old liao ….must let go of trivial happenings that come by one’s life …….for one knows not if tmr comest …..haiz!

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