Malaysia: Watch the Lilliputian Nepali guard fighting a giant intruder

Picture Credit: DiscoverSJ

In a video standoff, a Nepali guard attacked by a visitor to a condominium in Subang Jaya, tackled the giant civilian with tact bringing him down thus allowing his mates to neutralise the aggressor.

While there are no descriptions in the videos that were posted on the Discover Subang Facebook page.

“The small guard is very good! He aimed for the big guy’s leg and that disabled him completely! Notice he never let go of the legs at all? Dayum little guy well done!!” wrote one netizen.

The Nepali guard won the praise of the majority of the people who commented on the incident.

In one video, it is clear that the giant man who look like an athlete was hesitant in attacking the guard, but he seemed to change his mind when a passer-by tried to intervene to put an end to the stand-off.

The attacker suddenly kicked the guard, who tacked the latter in a move that brought him down, making it easier for other guards to neutralise him and subsequently tying his hands with a wire.

Posted by Discover Subang Jaya on Monday, 17 July 2017

Posted by Discover Subang Jaya on Monday, 17 July 2017


  1. i cant help to wonder why this stupid government do not allow Ex-Gurkhas to be hired as Cisco guards etc after they retired from their service but instead hired Malaysians and now Taiwanese. Bloody stupid not to get these true and trusted Ex-service men and rehire them. The Nepalese Gurkhas are the bravest of the brave, who will fight and die for the country. Total respect for them.