Man kneels in front of girlfriend as if he’s being punished in public


A man has been caught on camera kneeling in front of a woman who appears to be his girlfriend or wife. The scene, which took place around 10pm last night, was quite a sight since it appeared as though the man was kneeling as part of some sort of punishment instead of looking like he’s kneeling as a joke or kneeling to propose.

A netizen called Chris who spotted this noted that the man and woman were talking to one another but he could not make out what they were saying. Chris wondered, “(Wonder) what he did wrong to warrant such punishment.”

In February this year, another man was filmed on his knees begging his girlfriend for forgiveness in Orchard. In a video clip that went viral, the man can be seen getting pushed to the ground before he kneels to plead to his girlfriend.

As his girlfriend continued to scold him, he hung his head in shame and accepted her treatment of him.

The video began trending with several netizens calling the man a disgrace to men and wondering why he was still with a woman who treated him so poorly.

In response, the man – HungYen Gwee, a Malaysian working in Singapore – wrote on Facebook:

“Firstly, I’m sorry to those that felt offended that I kneel down. I just want to say that there is a reason for me to kneel right before her. (Sorry I won’t be telling the reasons as I still need more time to accept the truth)
“However, everyone has their problems and their ways of settling their issue. And I guess probably I didn’t do it well. Personally, at that time i felt that kneeling was a way to show sincerity. When people propose they also kneel to show sincerity, chivalry is not dead. If a man truly loves a woman he will do the most unexpected things that he normally won’t do.. i’m pretty sure everyone is the same?? I do not want my ego to ruin our relationship.”

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  1. To the guy in the picture …. how to hope for other people to respect you when you don’t even honor your own dignity ? Your mother will be so hurt seeing her son tarnish . The only ones you should knee down are your parents and elderly , NOT some stupid bitch …. she don’t deserve it !!!!

  2. I quote :” …..Personally, at that time i felt that kneeling was a way to show sincerity. When people propose they also kneel to show sincerity, chivalry is not dead. If a man truly loves a woman he will do the most unexpected things that he normally won’t do.. “.

    At that point of time , I don’t think Malaysian guy is proposing so …
    There are definitely lots of ways to apology and to shower sincerity to your gal , a kneeing isn’t one of them . Ask yourself as a guy , what do you think a gal sees in a “man” to bring her happiness ?… security .Keep your twisted logic to yourself …..

  3. So clear who will eventually wear the pants and who will wear the skirt in this particular relationship.
    I pity any man in the world who trades in his pants to a woman just to lick up to her. A true pinky ballsless specimen of a man in this instance. Pui!!!

  4. Facebook Profile photo
    rlsh2017 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Haha if she is from PROC, he’s dooomed, he forgot he don’t just marry her, he has to marry her whole family including her parents, ah kong & ah ma also. He chia lark liao!. Hope no more suicide please!

    1. Same here …. the value of a women youth depreciates faster the the cost of owning a car . Why even bother with cb like that ? ….. The guy a fxxking pussy …. if he wearing her panties btw ?

  5. china bitch again. Very demanding. They want 50C. Good sex, long cock, got money, got condo, take care of them, take care of their parents, give them expensive presents daily, handsome, tall, strong, famous, got branded car, cook for them, abuse your parents, advise u to put all your properties under her name, hire maid.

    1. Fully agree with u. Most Singaporeans are judgemental hence they like to share stories and gossip about ppl doing strange things. Sadly there is nothing much we can do to change the judgemental and busybody attitude of Singaporeans

  6. KT Jas Per says:

    the person who took the video or snap this photo…. what is it gotta do with your business, why need to make viral ? you saw the incident, just see and go… really hate to see nowadays people like NOTHING TO DO except using phone to capture video or photo… everything also want to post.

    1. Terrie Tan says:

      Netizens were outraged ppl did nothing to call out Annie Ee’s bullies so must film lor, in case got domestic violence we can get the gal or guy arrested before someone gets beaten to death. Prevention is better than cure right??

  7. Just change partner she no longer faithful and loyal to you. There are many in society now, even married one the worst with illicit affairs. So be a man don’t go to this lowest points in your life.

  8. why even post this … it serves only to further humiliate him. people need to use their cameras to take beautiful pictures and videos – not misery…there’s enough of that going around. come on netizens – we can do better than this!

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