Man leaps to death from 11th floor flat despite relatives begging him not to for 2 hours


A 23-year-old man is believed to have leapt to his death from the 11th floor of a flat in Taman Jurong yesterday morning.

Onlookers said that two women, who appeared to be the man’s relatives, begged him not to jump but failed to dissuade the man who reportedly jumped from the window ledge of the flat at 119 Yuan Ching Road around 9am.

One resident told the Chinese daily that she saw two women pleading for the man to get down from the ledge:

“Two people who were maybe his female relatives were begging him not to jump. They were anxious and crying.”

Another bystander who witnessed the tragedy recounted that the man appeared calm and was swaying back and forth, holding on to an overhead beam for support:

‘When he was tired, he would lean back against the wall and even smoke cigarettes.”

The man had reportedly been in that position for 2 hours, until he saw officers from the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) had arrived and were deploying an airbag on the ground floor to break his fall.

The man was heard shouting at the officers to leave him alone, according to onlookers, before he leapt. He did not survive the fall.

An onlooker captured the incident and uploaded it online. Viewer discretion is advised:




Police investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Could be high on drugs. He was so courageous to swing on the latch without harness and with his size, it is very difficult to hang on for so long. People on drugs have extraordinary strength.
    Many people turned to drug due to stress. Such young and pleasant looking man. RIP.

  2. Jenny Lim says:

    I have been thru hardships, illness etc and I did attempted suicide twice! U seek help from Sso, but they will put u down straight away! Employers dun care or understand as they just want cheap labours etc! What helps has been done for singaporean!

    1. Facebook Profile photo
      rlsh2017 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      No lah besides less to return cpf less amother subsidy, gst rebate …… so these white termites can tailor for themselves larger pockets.

  3. may b it is wrong for him to die in that way.but we never knw how he feel at that time.the best is give a little pray to this guy. even some say civil defence doesnt help much ,my opinion if it is time for that guy to die , he will die .no matter how u tried to save him.

  4. Ah Soh says:

    Many are fighting for their lives in the wards. While here is one that was so distraught that he wanted to end it all. So sad yet we are helpless. Anyway heartfelt condolences to his family. Hope they will be strong to move on.

  5. Sim Phongy says:

    Singapore is too stress.
    – Cost of living is high.
    – Basic are so highly priced.
    – Any reason to live ?
    – any real friend/s ?
    – some people cannot have two jobs. Some getting millions dollar and still have many roles and income ?

    1. Sim Phongy says:

      Nonokeu Noireign true perhaps , they have no reasons to do the right actions. The millions could not be finished! … however , the life basic essential are not fully provided !

  6. Was googling around and its actually surprising there isn’t any statistics of “leading causes of suicide” anywhere in the world. You would think that would be something they keep track of.

  7. James Pang says:

    Rip. 2 hours more than enough time to deploy numerous air cushions as well devising a rescue plan. N yet garment says they’re ready for terror attacks? Do they even know in a 1-1 fight a trained person can kill in less than 3secs? Let alone terrorist with weapons. Laugh die me.

  8. Facebook Profile photo
    rlsh2017 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    These white termites probably drove him to despair state. Spore not an easy country to survive under these thirsty blood suckers!

  9. Meme Yo says:

    Independent Singapore, please be sensitive and practice responsible reporting… remove this video. Studies show that such videos encourage copycat suicides.

    1. Anyone has the intention of committing suicide will condone the act be it there is a video or no video .
      Anyone who are so easy convince by a video and follow trend …. you can prevent him from jumping but you cannot stop him from chocking on his own shit after watching so wacko Japanese video ….

    2. Jeremy Lee says:

      If they want to jump they will jump. Nothing to do with videos or publicity. It’s too late by them. Public healthcare is just not doing enough to tackle the root of the problem.

    3. Particularly in Page 9, it advises media to be careful in providing sites of suicide to prevent sensationalism of said suicide and attraction of copycat acts.

      Its applies to cases like the famous bridge in Beijing and the famous forest in Japan. But I really doubt people will mark Block 119 Yuan Ching Road as a suicide hotspot.

      High rise suicide have always been the standard in Singapore because of the abundance of high rise flats. Hiding the video will not make high rise suicide magically decrease. In fact, I would argue that it might prevent future suicides if people at risk gets to see how gruesome it was. It is not a peaceful or graceful end.

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