Man throws himself onto car near Golden Mile Complex in latest please-hit-me scam


A man has been caught on camera running towards then throwing himself onto a car which clearly came to a stop before he fell upon it. The man subsequently fell back onto the road, whereupon a supposed bystander rushed forward, from the direction the man was coming from, coming to the aid of the collapsed man.

The incident reportedly occurred around 5.45am on 5 Nov.

Posted by Jacky Ang on Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Posted by Jacky Ang on Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The videos, posted by Facebook user Jacky Ang, has gone viral with over half a million views in total.

The man who rushed toward the car appeared to be launching a please-hit-me scam – an insurance scam where a pedestrian deliberately vaults themselves onto a moving vehicle and fakes injuries in order to claim compensation.

This is not the first time a please-hit-me scam has been captured on tape in Singapore. Two different elderly men were captured attempting the stunt on two separate car in 2015 and 2016.

A driver moving along Farmway also fell victim to the audacious scam in June this year:

Man deliberately jumps onto moving car in new please-hit-me scam

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  1. Tittle should change to “PRC” Man throws himself into car near …..
    As to think someone can go thru such an extend of degenerating himself to do such despicable stunts ? What happen to earning a honest living ?

    I hope he is arrested …..

  2. If I’m the driver I will step on hard on the fuel paddle to let him fly high to hell & report to the police accident show them the vedio what happened to him. Case close & the mother lost a son for cheating.

  3. Peter Lim says:

    Report to police to take action and nip such problems in the bud and charge the culprit for false claims to send him to jail and cane! SPF please take stern action!

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