Marine Parade Town Council Confirms “ownself check ownself” in Attempt to Turn Gaffe into PR Win


Marine Parade Town Council has responded to suggestions that the constituency is really serious about “ownself check ownself,” since a Facebook post from a resident of Marine Parade showing that the supervisor and the cleaner of the town council are the same person, went viral.

Ownself check Ownself

Posted by Teo Hong on Saturday, 8 July 2017

In its Facebook page, Marine Parade Town Council admitted that the cleaner of a particular cluster of blocks is his own supervisor, before calling the man, Moktar, “an unsung hero.”

They said:

You have probably seen photos of Moktar, one of our conservancy supervisors, circulating on Facebook over the last few days. Given the interest, we thought this is a chance for us to introduce him better:
Moktar has been working with us for the past 5 years and is the supervisor for Blk 120 to 134 Geylang East Central / Avenue 1. Therefore, Moktar is not only a supervisor, but he is also the cleaner to that particular block. He reports to his site manager, who oversees the progress of his work, on a daily basis.
Moktar is aware of his overnight online sensation. When asked about how he feels working in the estate, he said that he is pleased to serve our residents and will continue doing his best to upkeep our estate. Truly our unsung hero.
A resident of Geylang East Central, Mrs Veronica Wong, said this of Moktar, “Moktar is a polite and hardworking man. Together with his team, he always ensures that the estate is kept clean.”
So, if you see Moktar around, do say Hi! Also, stay tuned for more features of our unsung heroes here on our Page!

Netizens have poked fun at the Town Council, questioning whether the site manager Moktar allegedly reports to is also Moktar himself:


    • As the article said, by a commenter, next time u when your life is at stake when u work from a high height, will u still expect no problems when u are also the safety supervsor and the site manager? It’s not about whether the blocks are well kept or the work is done. Its about following procedures worked out for preventing accidents and problems with responsibility and accountability!

  1. Anything to squeeze every last drop out of these exploited FTs right? Even by covering up their own mistake of daring to show everyone he’s the cleaner cum supervisor. Just praise away the problem! Ownself check ownself. Ownself cover ownself’s ass!

  2. With increase in S&CC charge, no Budget to get a supervisor? Own self do Own self check. Look like we see lot more of this trend. Don’t ask questions just accept.

  3. So he also ‘ownself [sic] check ownself’ for days off, promotion, salary increments, appraisals, etc.

    Ultimately, he may even form his own committee to confer if a particular abandoned rubbish dump should be cleared or kept for posterity.

  4. This article reminded me of when I was doing outsource accounting. A client request a accounts team to help close his company accounts. My team comprised of me and myself went to his office to finish the assignment.

  5. The cleaner is just a poor innocent worker trying to earn some decent money.
    What wrong is the system.
    We need to get this right and not focus on the cleaner.

  6. That is the art of sophistry practised from the top level to the bottom so that everything else is squeeky clean and perfectly all right on the surface.

  7. Back to Basics. LOL! Seriously… The past fortnight:……………………………… Ownself Check Ownself. Signboard: Supervisor – MOKTAR. Cleaner – MOKTAR……………………………………………………………………………………………………..NDP Contractors Hoist Upside Down Singapore Flag. Speak Mandarin Campaign’s Major Mandarin Spelling Error. NDP Organizers Butcher Tamil Words in 2017 ND Parade Tickets. Sungei Market Organizers May Face Trespass Charges At New Premises. Banner : Sale of Good. Netizens Savage Miss Singapore 2017 Finalists Online. Including, Pic, First Beauty Contestant with Eye Glasses.

  8. Definitely Marine Parade TC has made a mistake. It is like getting fox to guard the henhouse! Maybe a cleaner as also a supervisor appears insignificant but having accepted as a norm, and bring it to the top echelon of government, things will get messy. Just look at Malaysia, where the PM is also the finance minister and the head of a wealth fund. What you get? 1MDB fiasco lah!

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