Netizens unhappy with makeup tutorial by Xiaxue


By: Ashwini Thanabalan

Well-known internet personality, Xiaxue, has recently posted a video titled “ISIS Makeup tutorial!!! Gorgeous terrorist makeup so hot right now”.

A little background story as to what inspired her look. ISIS militants were cross-dressing as women to flee from Mosul after the city was liberated from their fortress. While doing so, one of the men forgot to shave his facial hair, which resulted him to look like this

A rather appalling sight, with the man taking the effort to fix his unibrow but neglecting his moustache and goatee.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the man, with Xiaxue. Can you spot the difference?

Netizens however, were unhappy stating that what Xiaxue had done was inappropriate and promoting islamophobia. They were unhappy with the fact that Xiaxue had dawn a headscarf and thick facial hair, which were forms of ‘Muslim visibility’. These forms are said to make Singaporeans uncomfortable as they are stereotypically associated with violence and terrorism.

Though arguments from the netizens assumes that Singaporeans are “uncomfortable” and that inadvertently links Muslims and ISIS terrorists together, the focus of the original news piece was the terrorist’s laughable disguise. And, that goes the same for Xiaxue’s video as well.

In the video, Xiaxue made no mention of religion, but was mocking the terrorist’s perception of femininity, Muslim or not.

Muslims around the world do face a social stigma, due to the doings of extremists. However, Xiaxue’s video did not perpetuate such social stigmas. Is it safe to say that Singaporeans are just being too sensitive then?

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    1. Shanon Tam says:

      Both of you are just a bunch of hypocrites …. don’t try to behave cool and gracious about anything when deeply inside you are not …. the more you scold … I’m sorry , the more you have proven your own weakness to be a fact ? Best part , now wanna play mummy and daddy ah ? I though you are Low but didn’t realise you can go until so Low ? …. my Friend , let it go lah . The more u talk , more you wrong ? Is it really so difficult for the human mind to comprehend ?At this point of time , please don’t try to associate yourself with race or religion and such , nothing to do with them Liao … stupidity only limit to person like you ,for that I shall hereby rest my case … good day to you lah

  1. Yilin Yao says:

    …its just a joke ya.. Why u guys like to make simple things so complicated???!! Isis NV feel offended u all feel offended for what ah…

  2. Promoting islamphobia?

    To be honest we singaporeans are way smarter and on the ground than those third world ang mohs and those retarded human rights shits.

    None of us will give a shit and muslims in singapore had nothing to fear. We r all brothers n sisters

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