POTUS Trump momentarily confuses PM Lee for Indonesian President Joko Widodo


US President Donald Trump’s social media handles carried a photo of Trump and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with a caption confusing PM Lee with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

The original caption was: “President Trump and the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo speaking before the start of their bilateral at the #G20Summit in #Hamburg, #Germany. #USA”

The photo which was posted around 11pm local time was quickly edited and the caption now reflects that President Trump was meeting with the Singapore PM:

A snippet of President Trump and PM Lee’s pre-talk conversation was released on the White House’s website. In the transcript, the POTUS emphasised that the US is very close with Singapore and PM Lee responded that Singapore hopes to do more under the President’s administration.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much, everybody. The Prime Minister of Singapore — we’re very close, the relationship is very close, and we expect to do some excellent things together in many ways. And we have a very big relationship now. It will probably get much bigger. And I thank you very much. Thank you.
PRIME MINISTER LEE: Well, thank you, Mr. President. We have many things going on with the U.S. and we hope to do more under your administration.


  1. Drumpf is get a start in senile game at 71 years old before Ah Loong. It is not surprising if you see what he eats and what is his favourite stupid exercise call golf (more like goofing) is burns him out as a low energy fella…!

  2. What a comedown for him! He was carrying Hilary and running Trump down during the POTUS elections and now he has to face the man he was mocking! He has serious problems listening to the clowns at MFA.

  3. He once told reporters US bombed Iran when he meant Syria. It is very likely he suffers from borderline dementia in consideration of his age.

  4. When trump become US President he congrats ppl without any sincerity so don blame ppl for mocking him. Sit n shake hands like sissy cry like a baby really ask him to step down n stop embarrass sg n citizens la

  5. See Ang moh pressie become so weak knee until sitting posture become like Ah Kua……symptoms of too much “Ang moh ft-loving” syndrome after effects.He’s a nobody outside Singapore.

  6. Hellllooooo, Sporeans, please stop your badmouth comments on our PM, I know some of you will react immediately my said,
    PM is our leader for G20 meeting, so give some respect. See this Trump , a Dumpf and his stupid comments on anyone he likes, do our Pm do that””” surely No”
    So please keep your comments to yourself, it’s sad to see in FB, when everyone is reading it. And not having what’s we are today..
    Respect. Bro.

    • What the fuck are you thinking. When a person especially our leader cannot be remembered he must be a fuck up kind of guy. He is no LKY who had the command on the world stage. He is just a small fry…. ikan billis so to say, Dei! pergi dah!

    • Joe, maybe you hv chanced into the wrong chat room…
      There are many gahmen IB chatgroup tt sing praise & glory to pap… There you’ll find your belongingness & the ownself ______ownself kah-khi

    • Really? What about PM’s comments about “Pork soup” and “open window to smoke” comments in front of the US Congress? What’s your judgement then?

    • Which lawless society you belong to say cannot bad mouth PM Lee the “secret billionaire” even before inheritance. I have been keeping tabs on his screw ups in military from Sentosa cable car rescue which is a serious problem with his leadership now because of cover up of his nonsense plans then and awarding hero then Lt Ledger 33 years late allowing the media + Gombak hill to paint the zero into hero.

    • Aaron Loy at least President Trump is the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

      Your PM is a joke within an island and a NOBODY/UNKNOWN outside the island.

    • Well…. U can sing praises on the PM and others cannot badmouth the PM…. Who the fuck are you to demand this …. If u juz wanna c all good comments about the PM, then u should jolly well go to the right chat group or IB. Who r u to demand others to respect someone who bring shits to his own countrymen/women. I strongly believe many others would rather chose to respect the father than the useless son. Please bear in mind, to praise or to condemn a person, it’s individual’s preference or liking. If u cannot take it seeing bad comments , then please dun comment or praise the PM, then nobody will rebute u.

  7. The last meeting, Obama can’t even get Lee Kuan Yew’s name right… and now, Trump don’t even know who is the PM of Singapore. It just speak volumes on the reputation of our leaders.

  8. That goes to show how insignificant our PM is on the world stage. If you cannot be remember you are screwed. That goes to show our PM is no where near LKY….. NO WHERE NEAR!

  9. ‘A slip of the tongue is not the fault of the mind’.

    Our PM Lee Hsien Loong certainly understands.

    Cheers to both our country’s continuous Long standing & good relationship.

  10. The way he sits and shake hand is really like ah kua
    He closes his leg scared that trump would rape him
    Just look at trump with legs wide open
    Confident and poised like a real man
    Ours is so girly

  11. I wouldnt be surprised if his team really made the mistake, but I can’t find the picture on his twitter feed , not even the one with the changed caption. No one else seems to have reported this. Are you sure this is real?

  12. It wrong for another leader not to know the other leader name but our leader has done nothing to be impressed by US leader even after the 38oxlee saga. Singapore is getting backward if this go on. PM Lee should step down if this continues.

  13. Whatever opinions you may have on the Prime Minister, bear in mind he represents Singapore. Trump’s attitude or lack of knowledge of Singapore is an insult to the country. That means Singaporeans! Not just the PM. Nothing to laugh at!

  14. Luckily there are USA Flags beside or we mistaken the Golden Hair man is the Pesident of Japan because he always appeared in Japanese News.

  15. yeah….SG too insignificant. But thankfully the meeting of both leaders seems positive. Lets hope if Mr Trump travel to SG…is not mistaken travel to Indonesia.

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