President Halimah Yacob spent over $220,000 on election expenses, mostly on promotional materials


The Elections Department revealed on Saturday that President Halimah Yacob spent $220,875 on the election expenses, with most of it going towards promotional materials.

The president controversially won the head of state seat unopposed, via means of a walkover, after two other hopefuls were disbarred from the race for not being able to meet eligibility requirements.

The list of campaign expenses by the President that was made public over the weekend reveal that she spent $73,000 for 20,100 posters, $34,000 for 1.28 million pieces of Admail A5 cards, just under S$0.30 each for 10,000 fridge magnets, $1,640 for 530 umbrellas, and additional costs for items like hand flags, red whistles and T-shirts.

She also spent nearly $9000 to rent a room and amenities at the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) building in Marina Boulevard during the campaign period, where she held team meetings and press conferences. The cost included the rental of items like a copier and telephone sets, as well as parking coupons for her team.

The list also revealed that 45 people were treated to a $2000 buffet dinner at Islamic Restaurant on Sep 12 – a day before nomination day. Receipts from Delifrance were also captured in the documents.

Overall, the President spent less than S$0.09 per voter. There were 2,516,608 electors who qualified to vote this year.

The election returns documents also included a list of donations made to her campaign that revealed that the President’s team raised $800,000 from six individuals and one marine company.

Businessman Ng Kim Choon gave over half of the total donations, with a whopping $440,000, while Sheng Shiong chief Lim Hock Chee and marine firm Singapore Salvage Engineers donated $50,000 each, among other donors.

The President’s Campaign team said in a statement on Saturday that all unused donations will be returned to the donors, before adding:

“The donors have been encouraged by Madam Halimah’s passion for social causes. Many of them have indicated that they intend to make a contribution to the next cycle of the President’s Challenge.”

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that President Halimah’s opponents, Farid Khan and Salleh Marican, spent $200,000 and $90,000 respectively as they prepared for their unsuccessful bids for the presidency. Both men said that the amount they spent came from their own pockets.

Campaign expenses by each candidate is subject to a legal limit. This year, the limit was which was $754,982.40 per candidate and all three campaigners spent just over half a million dollars together.

In the last presidential race, candidates were allowed to spend $682,431.90 each. Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who lost the race by 0.34% of votes, had spent $585,000 while the victor, President Tony Tan spent $503,000.

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  1. Should not so fast donation to these fake malay!!!All is stupid boss!!!Why they didnt think might be walkover?Wait til election is conduct then donation..if i was the boss..i wont so fast take action!!!

  2. Ownself pay ownself. We need to work until die for those people. 70% pls. Don’t kill us common people. or I will wish u and your family to hell. . Kena accidental or die horribly. Since u don’t care about us. I don’t think I would also wish u well. ⚔️

  3. The make up of the donors tell all …….it is all the same ; and they can justify all by making comments like when they approached a fish ball noodle stall and stall holders recognized them as g-personnel, auto gets extra numbers of fish ball without them asking for it !!! so it is justified!! But these cockroaches forgotten they can refuse to accept the gesture regardless the extras extended to them is out of good or hidden agenda !! urh ……politician !! ?

    1. No ! They ask not for anything in return ! They did not donate any money in that they can get 300% tax rebate …guess what ? In the end , the donor and donee gets all the money they wants from tax payers !! So this is do good and do together concept ! Huat urh !!! Pun tiok boon Huat urh!!

  4. Beng Tang says:

    Civil servants are not allowed to accept gifts or donations from the public, lest it looks like they can be bribed. How come the president can get such big donations legally? What do the doners expect in return?

  5. Huhaaaa…with this news those racist the desperado president wannabe sympathisers heart will become bloated…what if the Chinese candidates received donation from their clan..the racist will call it..true Singaporean… from Singaporean to Singaporean….. racist….racist….

  6. If im rich i rather gave to poor and the needy. This rich donor donate just to earned some privilleges in their own bussinesses. When the rich get hefty donation and in return are they willing to donate back to those in need

  7. Oh really, the donors are motivated by her social causes, why don’t you donate to charity instead? It is even more a worthy cause and now all these monies are wasted. What are they going to do with all the posters, banners, magnets and etc. ? All these are also bad for the environment.

    1. ……and the best of it is , the one that give
      Money leegally actually gain more in return than the donated amount through tax rebate ! So both donor n donee win! Let’s do good and do together spirit thoroughly enacted!
      Tax payers lose big time !!

    1. Already make their billions , guess It is pay back time !! As in any other past elections !!
      A lot of ppl with vested interests will come around without their asking and think to built social capital !!!

  8. Eric Tanth says:

    These businessmen have ulterior motives to donate so much money..why they don’t donate this amount to charities and their families will attain spiritual merits

  9. So much for down to earth humble ?A walk over already spent so much ? How much of it is nation funds apart from those donated ?

    This much of money I guess thisGrace fu would have think of it as peanuts as compare to her rubbish bin

  10. Grace Yu says:

    She is well-known in SG and there was no election, still need to spend so much on promotions? Money is so hard earned for ordinary Singaporeans

    1. Daniel Ab Whether is she spending the donor’s “sponsor” money is only subjected to what you read ….. in actual fact , how much national resource aka the people’s money she swindle is still unknown .
      It is just like when the government first announced the nation reserve being used for the first time which in actual fact it has also be utilized like prostitute account . So much for guarding the reserve and who was the president back then ?
      Please lah … the only reason why I’m even replying to you is to tell you not to believe whatever you read …. try using g your brain for once

    2. Daniel Ab says:

      Barry?? Did she took ur money and spend it..u pissed off is’nt it that she got “Sponsors” and ur Tak Che Bok is ongoing his campaign prepareing for next GE or his main target the next PE!!

    3. Barry Allen

      President Halimah deserves better respect not to be named ‘Mee rebus lady’.

      On other issues, yes, you can voice your opinion but still, do not give her such or similar names.

    4. Unless these tissue selling elder got something to offer maybe free gatepass for trade … otherwise , dream on
      What they hope to gain by helping mee rebus lady ?

    1. Dennis Tan says:

      All these businessman so much money to throw ha. Why donate money to her when there is no election. Will she donate the money to charity since she was self elected.

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