Presidential hopefuls Halimah Yacob and Salleh Marican meet, shake hands with one another


Presidential hopefuls Halimah Yacob and Mohamed Salleh Marican met at the launch of Singapore’s first donor breastmilk bank yesterday. Halimah Yacob had been invited as the event’s guest of honour while Salleh Marican was there in his capacity as a board member of Temasek Cares – the organisation that jointly developed the breastmilk bank, along with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH).

Reporters at the event heard that Salleh Marican plans to submit eligibility forms to the Elections Department next week. He also commented that he is mentally preparing for the reserved election race and has several interviews lined up for the coming days.

Halimah Yacob, on the other hand, declined to make any comments regarding the elections which have been set aside for candidates from the Malay community.

A photo of the prospective opponents smiling and shaking hands has been circulating online.

Some netizens have questioned whether it is haram, or religiously illegal, for married Muslim women to touch other men. Some have even questioned previously whether Halimah might be able to shake hands with national and foreign dignitaries if she becomes president, since she is a married Muslim woman.

It must be noted that this is not the first time Halimah has shook hands with men:

As for whether it is haram for her to shake the hands of men, many online have suggested that it is fine for her to do so since other progressive Malay women in today’s day and age in Singapore don’t mind offering or accepting handshakes:

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  1. Rita Samad says:

    This bickering about Muslim women can’t shake hands w man is so backward

    It is prohibited to shake hands with a woman if there is fear of provoking sexual desire or enjoyment on the part of either one of them or if there is fear of temptation.

    Don’t you think you’re insulting the intelligence of the people serving our government?
    Give the lady a break, for goodness sake!
    This is Singapore, it’s a cosmopolitan country with meritocratic society. Shld religion be in our way of our country’s uniformity, there will be chaos.

  2. Ang Bob says:

    Singaporeans, see for yourselves the EVIL WORK of the Corrupt PAP & Corrupt MSM !

    Mr Salleh is on the Temasek Care Foundation’s Board of Directors, as its TREASURER.

    Mr Salleh said the project was met with unanimous approval by the foundation’s board. “All of us felt very strongly that this is very important. Many countries have already (set up such milk banks). But better late than never.”

    HALIMAH YACOB RESIGNED as Speaker of Parliament and PAP MP on 7 Aug 2017 with immediate effect.

    In WHAT capacity is she allowed to be Guest of Honour for this Breast Milk Bank launch huh ?

    Doesn’t this prove that HALIMAH YACOB is still PARTISAN ?

  3. Shaking hand is not an issues. As a muslim she knew what to prepare and what to do. Dont stir this issues into a talking point. She is not the only female leader in the world. In muslim context it also apply to men.It up to individuals.Why this bloody Indepentdent want to stir this.

    1. Well said bro….shaking hands is the least of the problem….putting a law that says only Malays can run against another Malay was already like putting a spoon in a coffee and just waiting for someone to come along and stirr

  4. Orang Melayu ni pasal yg remeh ni haram nya lebih2. Jatuh hukum nya seolah-olah orang tu akan masuk neraka. Tapi yg mereka2 bab mengata … mengutuk … memfitnah tu pahala ke ….

  5. Chiak lut Liow
    Mdm Halimah !!!
    How like that ???

    I assume most of us know very very little about Salleh Marican.

    Would any of you guys care to share some info on him ?

  6. The Muslim could apologize politely and explain that the reason he does not want to shake hands is not to offend or hurt anybody’s feelings, but it is because he is following the teachings of his religion. In most cases this will earn him respect from others.

    1. Raj Kumar…have.whoever tells u dun have, u can slap that person. For non-mahram, a man shall place his open palm on the left of his chest and nod his head towards the womenfolk.vice versa for the women too.

    2. Robert Tan says:

      So looks like our in-coming President will now need to let her male guests in advance that she will not be shaking their hands. This is world best, a President of a country unable to shake hands!

  7. All talk abt Halimah shudnt be shaking hands with men. But then the other candidates are males and they also cnt shake hand with women leaders frm other country what. and then, there are muslims who wear hand gloves (yes, like the Queen) because of this issue.

    Ah well.. people just dont understand Islam. Because there are different schools of thoughts on the matter.

    1. Zai Tandel says:

      Maaf ji
      U r suggestin that she should wear glove to make handshake?

      Meanin its not haraam if a couple holding hand if they wear glove…..heheh

      Sorry… #barunakstart

    1. Peter Lim says:

      Then can also convert to others and convert back lor. Even her race is not an issue, religion shouldn’t be too.
      Today I can worship this God, tomorrow I can change, the following day I still can change also. No problem bro.

    2. Ah Soh says:

      Not race but the religion prohibit married women from shaking men’s hands. If she converts back to Indian her religion is still Muslim mah!

    1. Peter Lim says:

      Moe Zaldjian

      I sure lose. You sure win. Your are right my friend, it’s a Oscar special awards for her.
      She will go up and thanks her India father, Malay ibu and all her die hard comrades that have supported her to win this MALAY PE……

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