SDP elects Professor Paul Tambyah as new chairman

Source: Singapore Democratic Party

Professor Paul Tambyah has been elected as the new chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), the party said in a statement on its website on Tuesday (Sept 26).

Prof Tambyah, a medical specialist, succeeds Dr Wong Souk Yee, who is now the party’s assistant treasurer.

Alongside other members of the party’s Central Executive Committee, the professor was elected at SDP’s 18th Ordinary Party Conference over the weekend.

In SDP’s statement, Prof Tambyah said:

“I hope that more academics, professionals, and young people in particular will step up to be involved in civil society and politics in Singapore. This is a particularly important time for our country when there are uncertainties about the economy and also serious questions about governance issues including the elected presidency.”

“The SDP has never shied away from holding the government accountable to the people and I am happy to be a part of the SDP’s efforts for the good of Singaporeans,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr Chee Soon Juan remained as the party’s Secretary-General.

He told members at the conference to continue to “raise important issues and get the party ready for the next contest”, although the next general elections “are still a couple of years away”.

He said:

“Singapore is at a cross-roads, and with the PAP losing its way, it is crucial that the SDP works hard to get into Parliament and give Singaporeans hope in our future.”

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    1. Laurence Raj yes!!! that’s the problem with a conformist society !!!
      Most do not think any more , just leave the thinkings to that evil clown prince and his white termite gang !! That’s the selfish 70 % who mostly think the fire

    2. It depends on the mind set of Singaporeans. They talk a lot but in reality they will not support opposition but prefer the pappays, They enjoy CPCB, that’s all to it, Look at the issue of Amos Yee, he is free man today, yet they continue to condemn him, will they be happy this happen to their own son or brother.

  1. Holding which Government accountable? This Government? Is it even possible you think Prof Paul Tambyah? Talk is easy if there is no opposition quality as fierce or direct as JBJ. No disrespect to any present bunch of you in WP or SDP.

    1. And Night Singh, i forgot to say one more thing. Your level of comprehending what i said really shocks me. I voted opposition in Marine Parade if u want to know and i am for strong opposition in Singapore. In your case, once again, please brush up on your English Language. Good Night Night Singh.

    2. Yes bro, fear and ignorance are the greatest hurdles for true democracy. I hope Singaporeans will overcome these hurdles this time round. To know more about SDP ,visit ( they are working hard behind the scene.

    3. I have to admit, i am not aware Ashok but thanks for keeping me in the loop. At the rate matters of politics are being transacted with this ruling bunch, i still feel betrayed by the term democracy here. Opposition parties here have their limitations, in particular with “fear”.

    1. Alexus Chan – no need to be cocky ! Everything have its’ time and place !
      In any case , you mean only when pple are in parliaments then can the government be held accountable??? Wow ! Your superior thinking is beyond anyone’s comprehension!!!

  2. How do they hold the govt accountable? What have they to show???
    All that cheepanzie wanna do is get into parliament for the pay$$ and an affirmation to his ego he is good for something.

    Can SDP provide a list of achievements where they held the govt accountable?

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