Should political parties play activists in the Sungei Road Flea Market saga?

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The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has taken to the flea market at Sungei Road to champion the vendors who will soon be evicted, with less than a month to go before the market closes for good.

A press statement from the party states: “The SDP stands in solidarity with the merchants of Sungei Road and call on the PAP Government to rethink its decision to evict the vendors there.

“The flea market is an iconic spot with a rich history going back many decades. It has become very much a part of Singapore and it will be a tragic loss of our heritage.

“The place is also a venue for the vendors, many of whom are elderly and have plied their trade there for their entire lives, to eke out a living in their remaining years. To pull the economic rug from under them at this stage of their lives is a unimaginably cruel act.”

SDP issues statement on Sungei Road closure

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) issues statement on the impending closure of Sungei Road Second-hand Market.The party says that it stands in solidarity with the merchants of Sungei Road and call on the PAP Government to rethink its decision to evict the vendors there. "The flea market is an iconic spot with a rich history going back many decades. It has become very much a part of Singapore and it will be a tragic loss of our heritage."

Posted by The Online Citizen SG on Saturday, 10 June 2017

Although several netizens appreciated the SDP for adding to the discourse on this ongoing issue, some have criticised the party for unnecessarily politicising the issue. Founding President of the Singapore Cabbies Association, Lim Lian Chin William, said in a Facebook post: “Here, SDP just asking PAP to rethink… Is this what SDP good at? It’s a shame that with many hardcore opposition supporters, this is the standard coming out from them. It’s an embarrassment.”

Frankly, why keep losing election?Because you can't even win the support from the fence sitters. But first, you can't…

Posted by Lim Lian Chin William on Friday, 9 June 2017

Others have echoed Lim’s post, expressing skepticism at the SDP’s latest cause:

Some supporters of the SDP have also urged the party to rethink its strategy. Dougles Chan, for example, tagged party leader Chee Soon Juan on a screenshot of Lim’s post, saying, “I also believe the focus need to be adjusted. Need to look at the bigger picture, work on bigger things, a country need a leader, a person who cares for the people as a whole.”

What Lim Lian Chin William said make some sense. I also believe the focus need to be adjusted. Need to look at the…

Posted by Dougles Chan on Friday, 9 June 2017

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  1. This has nothing to do with the Singapore Cabbies association too. Why must your title be mentioned then. Please do kindly go and tackle the Uber & Grab issues and see how you can help our fellow cabbies. I believed they will appreciate your effort then.

    1. Lee Sg says:

      He is on GRAB payroll, how can he be speaking for cabbies, like pappies. Cdg never join GRAB that why he is against cdg and dun expect any genuine help from him.

    2. Eric Tanth says:

      He such a fucking kaypoh. Why doesn’t spend his time and energy to help the vocational taxi drivers He wants cheap publicity did he?. All I can say is fuck him and dont castigated SDP.

    3. U Wan him to tackle grab and uber? U see him too up la. Anyway now he keep on asking taxi drivers to quit comfort delgro hoping they collapse and grab can take over the market lei

    4. Alvin Chan says:

      this so call singapore cabbies association is just a Facebook group… they got no say in anything… this William lim created this group.

    1. chicken and egg issue. opp must show its interest to run govt (just like in usa) instead of just being seen as complaining after issues are decided.

  2. William Chin is a taxi driver who jus Wan to get famous. Flip flopping is what he is good at. At first he complain about the govt for introducing grab and uber and complain about them affecting his ricebowl. Den grab gave him a chance to hold a talk with taxi Drivers. Now he speak good about them and keep on advising taxi drivers to quit comfort delgro who is the largest taxi company in sg. If comfort delgro collapse. Grab will take over the market and commuters will be at their mercy with whatever price they are quoting for their fares. A double head snake guy. I will void my vote between Pap and this guy if he ever come contest in my constituency.

  3. Horace Wee says:

    Authorities here have no idea what our heritage is and continually destroy everything that forms the unique young history that is Singapore. That means the idiots cannot see beyond their noses.

  4. Henry Chua says:

    Thanks to SDP for championing the cause of the Sungei Road vendors. This authorities is very good at destroying the icons of the country. The historical National Theatre and Van Cleef Aquarium were destroyed decades ago for no apparent reason and nothing was done in their place since. And now they want to get rid of this flea market, citing ridiculous reasons.

  5. Sas Karma says:

    At least SDP is trying their best to speak up for the eldery stall holders, what has that Ah Lim Ah Lian contributed to the poor elderly of sungei road? What a nincompoop! Its an embarrassment!

  6. Dave Tan says:

    “Embarrassment”?? The biggest embarrassment is close down the flex market which has been a unique place in Singapore. For rental, the Govt had already shifted or closed down how many unique place in Singapore? Singapore has becoming a extreme boring place now.

  7. At the least, the SDP has come out to show their support. What else does Lim Lian Chin thinks they can do. Where is the official opposition party that the people voted into parliament? They appear to be silent on this.

  8. I am with my brother Lim Lian Chin William…yes..the pap almost often inteferes and are involved in everything including …welll…the mastermind of the sungei road saga…therefore i urge all opposition party to be involved here.

  9. Prem Ravi says:

    Lim Lian Chin you are a stupid asshole go and clean your backyard first before you want to poke your nose into other’s problem. Are you trying to champion you stupid asshole.

  10. Sam Lim says:

    This Willy doucebag confessed he befriend another NATO ‘Pui Pui Pui opp’ Goh Meng Seng…… TISG seriously losing credibility…..

  11. I think the founding president of sg cabbies association better dun kaypo ,ownself cannot solve ownself problems still want to kaypo abt sungei road market, what do you expect SDP to do when they are not voted into Parliament?

  12. Jim Lion says:

    Kudos to the SDP for standing up, speaking up n doing something good for the these people. It’s easy to sit idly by and just criticise but what good have you done for others?

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