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Singapore woman jaywalks recklessly with young child and is nearly hit by motorbike and car

A woman was seen jaywalking across a busy road with a young girl in tow, despite oncoming traffic. As the woman walks past an oncoming car in a leisurely manner, causing the car to slow down, she and the girl are forced to stop in the middle of two lanes to avoid an incoming motorbike.

The woman and child are nearly struck by the fast bike, causing them to take a quick step back instinctively. If the car had not slowed down, they would have been struck by the car when they stepped back.

The incident reportedly occurred along Tampines Avenue 1 on 4 Nov, around 12.35pm. It was captured by the dashboard camera of the car driver, Goo Yin, who shared the matter online.


Goo Yin took to Facebook a few days later, on 8 Nov, to caution parents against similar acts, and wrote:

“Dear parents, please never attempt anything like this! I had to slow down and almost come to a stop to avoid hitting this mother and her daughter. In fact, I am fortunate to have slowed down…look at how they had to take a step back when the motorbike came.
“If you missed the bus, there is always the next. If you are disabled by an accident, there may not be a next time you get to take the bus.”