Singapore woman throws Filipina’s phone after being bumped into on crowded MRT


A video of an altercation between two women on a crowded MRT has been trending.

In the video, it appears that a Filipina bumped into a Malay-speaking woman who seems to be a Singaporean. The Malay speaker then threw the Filipina’s phone down in a rage. One of the women can be heard calling the other a “disgrace.”

In the argument that ensued, the Filipina blew up at the Malay speaking woman, screaming “What my phone do to you?!” When the other woman responded in Malay, the Filipina claimed to be a Singaporean and fellow commuters can be heard booing and asking the woman, “Singaporean? Very proud ah?”

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Tensions on public transport has been high due to frequent train service breakdowns and delays in recent months. Frustrated commuters have flooded social media with their grievances, with one group starting an online petition pushing Guinness World Records to honour SMRT for Highest Number of Train Delays that went viral.

Responding to widespread complaints, SMRT Trains CEO Lee Ling Wee said in a statement this past week that the organisation has “no choice” but to conduct checks on the new signalling system on the NSEWL during peak hours, even though it may lead to train faults:

“If we were to restrict the performance checks to only weekends, or engineering hours (i.e. 1.30AM – 4.30AM), it would take Singapore years to implement the new signalling system on the NSEWL
“This is why we have no choice but to conduct checks throughout the day, including weekday peak hours, when trains are running at high frequencies with heavy commuter loads.”

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  1. Adie Kun says:

    Wonder how the reporter tell that the girl is a Filipina. Filipinos looks like Malay Thai Indonesian and some from Myanmar. She wasnt even speaking Tagalog or any dialect from the Philippines.

  2. Kim Kim says:

    My comment is to the train breakdown system. It was mentioned that they have no choice but to do the signal testing during peak hours on weekends that have been causing us to be late for work and kena scolded by bosses, late for school, exams, interviews etc. If they don’t do this, it would take years or decade for them to complete the upgrading. However, what have they do during the past decade? Why are they doing the upgrading only now? And charge their delays to our account? Why are we letting them do this to us?

  3. stupid headline. donno hiw to differenciate which one malay shouting first about her phone being thrown then further exclaiming in malay till the end. pure dissident news la this stomp, “independent” news that i thought should had been sued by the one media ruling here in singapore. i thought need lic to post news? you under sph meh? please report proper news and dont be a tabloid lor.

  4. Pinoy throw malay woman phone or malay woman throw pinoy phone? So confused reading the article and hearing the vid. Sounds like malay woman accidentally bump into pinoy, pinoy not happy and throw malay woman hp down.

  5. Sim Phongy says:

    So next time if a Singaporean ( or their loved one ) bumped into someone while on overseas holiday and got bitten or killed … will those support this Malay speaking … cry shit ?

  6. Why is this article cast in a way to support the one who did wrong? Something is seriously wrong with our country if nationality or race trumps what is right and wrong.

    But then again, some publishers have no choice but to publish positions that support their paymaster’s wishes.

  7. Regardless of races if you bumped into other accidentally, just said “I’m Sorry” apologized sincerely save lots of unhappiness to others and yourself. Be polite to others & be Humble will live a happier life.

    1. Singapore today, many are not happy. Could it be the stressful atmosphere in the Country today? It is not like this everywhere. Where I live today, if something like this happened, both parties would apologise and there will be smiles.

  8. Daniel Lim says:

    Xenophobia at its worse… Same thing will happen to a Singaporean who is residing overseas. Sad to see how a country I love has turned into such a “barbaric” society…

  9. Facebook Profile photo
    David Chan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Do not have hatred for foreigners working here. Who repair our roads? Who maintain our green garden City? Who clear our garage? Who daily keep our walkways and lifts clean? Who build our flyovers in such a harsh and dangerous work place, who build our schools, universities and home? To blame is the gov who provide quota free in certain categories of job for many FT. They can be some Directors, Managers, Engineers who play politics and like to employ their own kind. Certain categories of foreigners came here to work really very hard for very little. Sometimes companies take advantage of their situations. Those categories we cannot make it without them. They are contruction workers, garbage collectors, gardeners, cleaners, house maker, one long list… Very human being deserve some happiness once in awhile. Do you?

  10. Facebook Profile photo
    David Chan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Cannot change wrong actions to right. Throwing someone’s phone is wrong. Please. We are out of the stone age and expect to behave as civilize first world country. It is a disgrace actions.

  11. Sim Phongy says:

    This Malay criminal still got many supporter ? ..
    – right or wrong become what ? And no one come forward to protect the weak ? …

    – good job we Singaporean ! … have we lost the lovely feel !!!!

    1. Naz Rahim says:

      Malay criminal???..u sure Phongy, bcareful when start to comment..that was an Indian speaking malay..don’t start yr racist slur if u can’t get the true event..I am a malay and a muslim..that was an unacceptable comment Sim Phongy.

    1. Mel April says:

      The thing is Singaporean don’t usually act like trash. There is a difference on your so called, “setting”. Even your words “MALAY SPEAKING CRIMINAL” speaks for the type of person you are. Just shut up already and bring your lame comments elsewhere, Spongy.

  12. 周文伟 says:

    Good tat teach these rude ppl a lesson to make them behave properly on public transport. They are always the ones talking loudly, pushing ppl and eating on buses/ trains.

    1. You are wrong there are many fillipino’s who came here about 100 years ago. They are very small community. The Soliano’s and Villanueva family’s have been here a long time. They no longer speak Tagalog but English, Malay and Chinese have become their language of choice.

    1. Yes we are big fuck. You must be a big fuck in your own country. If you become small fuck in your own country then good luck to you because others will step your small head. So learn how to be a big fuck Singaporean

    1. Jin Ng says:

      Who made them feel like Kings and Queens? Who gave power to the Group behind these? Who to blame? Majority of Singaporeans have themselves to blame.

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