Singaporean woman dies from cardiac arrest after liposuction surgery goes awry in India


A 35-year-old Singaporean woman died on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest during a liposuction surgery she decided to undergo in the South Indian city of Chennai on Thursday, 9 Nov.

The woman, Alicia Medanin Khan, underwent the surgery at S R Multi Specialty Hospital in Arumbakkam this Wednesday when she began suffering complications. She was subseqently moved to the post-surgery intensive care unit, where she passed away at 1.30am on Thursday.

Alicia’s husband, a Singapore businessman, was not allowed to see his wife when she was experiencing complications. He was only told the grim news after his wife had passed, when the hospital asserted that Alicia died of cardiac arrest six hours after the surgery

Interestingly, the doctors refused to comply when Alicia’s husband demanded written details about the circumstances of the death.

The aggrieved husband subsequently lodged a police report that his wife had died of medical negligence, alleging that the doctors and hospital management did not disclose his wife’s health before and after the surgery.

Further investigations regarding Alicia’s death are ongoing. Her body has since been sent for an autopsy to determine the exact circumstances of her death, which has been classified as a case of unnatural death by the police.


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    In their own country aredy have such cases of doctors’ incompetence ( don’t know their medical qualification forged or not ), now in tiny red dot oso have many such types of Doctors here ( don’t know their medical qualification forged or not too ). Hope & Pray SG did not import too many of such incompetence Doctors from there to here lah