Singaporeans see red over Giordano’s National Day apparel ad featuring Ang Moh family


Clothing brand Giordano has drawn flak for an advertisement about their National Day polo t-shirt collection that features a Caucasian father, mother, son and an Asian daughter standing in front of a National Day themed backdrop.

The photo appears to be a shoddily photoshopped version of an older Giordano advertisement featuring the same models in casual wear:

Netizens have been brutal with their comments, highlighting the race of the models in a National Day advertisement and also poking fun at Giordano’s graphic designer for the poor photoshop job:

Show your love for Singapore by jumping onto the matchy-matchy family bandwagon with us! Polos are at $39(min 2) and…

Posted by GIORDANO on Thursday, 20 July 2017

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  1. Nicely designed but there’s a higher price to pay for since it is only once a year National Day Celebrations !

    To my fellow countrymen, pls do not sound racists!
    It is offensive to foreigners.
    Do note tt Giordano uses foreign models for their advertisements not just for our National Day.

  2. Anvil Den says:

    The level of Butthurtrism is phenomenal these days… every little thing must feel offended.
    The sane logical person would just think.. “ha… dumb cheapo company trying to save a few bucks recycling old ads”.. shake head and move on. OR… “Hmm not bad actually, showing that everyone is welcome to celebrate together with us”
    The majority of the remainder are the whinylittlebitches that sees red and the reason that forms the basis of this article.

  3. As a white Singaporean, and by the way there have been Caucasian Singaporeans since Raffles Landed in 1819, I have to say I am getting very tired of this racial profiling.

    We may be one of the smallest minorities, even smaller than the Eurasians, but should not all Singaporeans be treated equally?

    This may only be a cheap Ad to save Giordano money but it is making it clearer and clearer how racist Singapore is becoming every single day…

    And that plays in to the government hands.. Divide and conquer and pit race against race whilst they laugh and exploit them all. When will we grow up and wise up? These Ads are not accidental… And racism of any kind is not acceptable

    1. Only chinese can be true singaporeans, as the comments on this thread and many others show, in addition to my interactions with them in real life. As a brown person who was BORN here they never have and never will accept me as one of them. I have my “singaporeanness”, whatever the hell that is, questioned to no end.

      This country has gone too far down the toilet in terms of race relations. I dont think it’ll ever recover. You are absolutely right, its getting more and more racist every day.

  4. Patrick Ee says:

    Main reason is because they Photoshoped and old poster. Old poster they wear white polo tee without flag. Giordano not doing well, no money take photo for new poster so Photoshop the red polo tee in. Go SGAG take a look, got side by side before and after comparison

  5. Puibao Bao says:

    Come on good folks! Can’t you see that AGAIN, this is another perfect MARKETING PLOY! Giordano purposely did this so that there will be Buzz and Talk about its T-Shirts….and the angrier we get…the MORE Giordano T-Shirts we will snap up… …tio bo!

  6. Tony Lim says:

    WTF….!!!! If they’re singaporeans they’re singaporeans….U got ping pongers hitting ping pongs..carrying our flag dont know our national anthem….where r they now????

  7. I never like Giordano bcos I heard their salary sucks n they make the staff’s pay for the loses if the stocks checking is not tele. There are so many thief steal things but the company make the staff’s pay the lost items, very bad company.

  8. If westerners leave and pull their investments, close their offices, factories where will Singapore be? Stop being so nasty and racist or the world will turn their backs on you….

    1. Low Jerry says:

      Everyone is living on one another buddy. Investors come because of opportunity. Why the west who are deadly against Chinese yet still invest in China?????????????????????. please scratch your head.

    2. Mark Stevens they’re showing everyone how racist they are. TBH only chinese can be true singaporeans. Indian? Filipino? Ang moh? forget it. You will have your “singaporeanness” question to no end.

    3. It is like as if you are parroting what our government’s propaganda some 50years ago …….time change , situation change , people mindset and perspective change , so what you mentioned is relevant to us Singapore in that era say 50years ago but now , I beg to defer.
      You may not quite understands the outcry that come about the advert ….Singapore is still very much Asian and it is our National day , naturally people would feel and prefer locals (the 4 main race ) to be largely represented in public promotions……..Giodano’s advert team should have been more sensitive, after all they are doing business in Singapore .
      Come on Mark, di not talk down on us , respect beget respect .
      If you are residing in Singapore , you are very welcome to join in and celebrate our National Day with us .

    4. Facebook Profile photo
      William Lim ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      those who cry racism are real racist themselves. why don’t you put all yellow people in photos on your own national or independence day?
      and don’t threaten us with western investments. how much did YOU invest?

    5. John Ng says:

      Ain’t you Caucasian calling yourselves white, African back and Chinese yellow skin?
      Go ask your ancestors where all these name calling came from. Thank you.

    6. Mark Steven, the world of trading and profits making have no regards for racist or human rights.. take a look at Myanmar Roghinia, South Africa for the longest time…As long as there is money to be made and people to exploit… business will stay…

  9. Since when did Singaporeans become angmoh or is Giordano belittling Singaporeans. Maybe we should boycott Giordano till they learn the difference and an expensive lesson.

    1. Dhon Mennen you didnt answer my questions, and proceeded to gratuitously make a string of ad hominem attacks. Well done. You might want to consider resitting your psle exams.

      “You know obviously nothing about our harmonious nation. ”

      Again, more assumptions. Your lack of education is astounding. You are the product of singaporean “world class” education? What an absolute joke.

    2. Elijah Mikaelson – quite obvious you are a very subjective person with full of bullcrap yourself. You know obviously nothing about our harmonious nation. You are just nothing but a person seeking attention. If you are genuine Singaporean fight for your right as a Singaporean otherwise dont stay out.

      “Bigotry” looking at your reflection. What a sorry sight!

    3. Dhon Mennen so can an ang moh be a singaporean or not? You gave the impression that ang mohs cannot be singaporeans.

      ” Ang Mohs were never majority. If ever needed they could put the 4 races predominantly who were here thick or thin fighting for our Nation.”

      so the criterion for having your race being able to be a “singaporean” is having an arbitrarily selected proportion of the total population?

      and dont give me the 4 races bullcrap. Fighting for this country my ass? how? where are the malay/indian SAP schools? how many malays are there in the army? answer these questions before telling me about your racial harmony bullcrap.

      “.BTW some ang mohs do make us sick of them.”

      oh look more bigotry.

    4. Elijah Mikaelson – Let me give you a lesson on Singapore. Singaporeans are originally made up of Malays, Eurasians, Indians, Chinese and a handful of others. Ang Mohs were never majority. If ever needed they could put the 4 races predominantly who were here thick or thin fighting for our Nation. If you are a Singaporean you would have understood we are NOT a ang moh Nation but a Nation of Singaporeans. If you are not a Singaporean please do not interfere in our racial harmony.BTW some ang mohs do make us sick of them. Not sure if you are one of them. Maybe you are one of the losers. Also as history has it ang mohs are the author of racism.

    5. “Since when did Singaporeans become angmoh ”

      so there cant be singaporean ang mohs? thanks for showing everyone how racist singaporeans truly are. You losers make me sick

  10. The products are not meant for Singaporeans. Don’t you get it. It is a tourist product. When you go to Australia you buy T-shirts with the Australian flag so what the hack. These T-shirt are not for Singaporeans to buy so stop complaining guys. Be happy.

  11. Most East Asian countries have been obsessed with everything Angmo , start with Japan , even our very own OG, CK Tang , NTUC , it all
    Angmo model , condo , consumer electronics, it all Angmo,

  12. Jim Feil says:

    What the hell were they thinking? You don’t have to be from Singapore to know that ad will offend long time Singaporean residents. I should look to see if Giordano used a Chinese family for their American Independance Day advertisement.

    1. all races are well represented in american ads. there are asians, latinos and blacks. How many indians and malays are there in singaporean ads? go be a hypocrite somewhere else, you delusional moron

    2. i can guarantee you, it might be much worse. chinese Sgporean are from south-east china, facially and DNA wish the looks are quite different from Mainland chinese from middle or northern regions/provinces

    1. Well i do not know the whole situation but like here in UK if you feature just White people in some adverts it would cause a massive stink.

      Many years ago we had some adverts for cooking sauces. You indians with regional dialects and even a scottish woman of chinese heritage with a very sexy Scottish accent. To cap that off she was very cute too 5555

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