Taxi driver who punched commuter at taxi stand sentenced to 1 week in jail


A taxi driver who punched a manager in the face was sentenced to one week’s jail on Friday (Oct 6).

A 42-year-old taxi driver, Willie Lim Ghim Lee was sentenced to one week in jail today after he was convicted of causing hurt to Basu Shantanu at the taxi stand at Resorts World Sentosa around 5.40pm on 28 June last year.

The 37-year-old victim who works as a manager was queueing for a cab at the taxi stand after having dinner, along with his family who were visiting him and his wife in Singapore from India.

At the taxi stand, Lim parked his Chrysler Taxi Cab near the exit of the line, waiting for a customer. Customers who did not want to pay a higher rate for the premium limousine taxi had to move past Lim’s vehicle to board taxi’s behind his cab.


Shantanu was one such customer who did not want to pay the higher rate. However, instead of moving behind Lim’s cab to board another taxi, Shantanu tapped on the Chrysler to signal to Lim to move forward and out of the way – he reportedly did this because his 59-year-old mother had difficulty walking and needed more room to board their regular cab.

This was when Lim alighted his cab and punched Shantanu in the face without warning, in front of his family and other members of the public. The punch did not only cause Shantanu to fall, his mother also fell since she was standing close to him.

Shantanu suffered a 3cm bruise on his forehead and an abrasion on his right forearm while his mother was hurt, as well.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Dora Tay argued that Lim had completely overreacted over a trivial matter and that his act of aggression towards the victim was totally unwarranted:


“The accused’s behaviour was brazen and demonstrated his blatant disregard for law and order.”

According to the DPP, Lim also showed a lack of remorse in court, since he made baseless allegations against the victim, insulted him during trial, and behaved in a belligerent manner while an independent witness was testifying.

District Judge Kessler Soh accepted the DPP’s proposal that Lim be sentenced to one week’s jail, advising the unrepresented Lim to never to get involved in violence, no matter the irritation.

Lim could have been sentenced to a maximum of two years in jail and/or fined up to $5000 for his offence.

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  1. Steven Tan says:

    Invited by Pimps And Prostitutes to take our jobs and bully our citizens! If Singaporean gets punched by Ang Moh too bad U has to take your own private suit! Sacked the PAP !!

  2. Facebook Profile photo
    Eric Koh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If you go MBS casino on weekend, you can see dis mama always trying to cheat, they always use cash chip and play at Roulette and Sic Bo table, cheat those forgetful auntie using cash chip.
    Dropbox Casino and witness yourself.

  3. Facebook Profile photo
    Eric Koh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Don’t listen to one sided story, we cannot use one hand to clapp.
    Those FT mama always think that without them Singapore will die.

  4. I don’t see we have any of such happening among most locals because understanding the values of mutual respect among one another is our top few priorities .
    These Indian foreign expats are mostly the trouble makers making themselves the top most hated to pick up customers among taxi and private hired drivers . Local Indians are simply the nicest and most humble people I have come across in my life .
    We don’t belittle you Indian expats but at the same time , please don’t see so highly of yourself …. you have just proven us the fact that racism is right
    Executing violences and behaving rowdy among taxi peers are not uncommon nowadays as many consider the profession as ideal career to settle down after retirement as it has no quality to be one …. any Tom ,Dick or Harry can drive a taxi or PH car .
    Wrong !! Customer service line is never zero quality thingy besides having to bring your ego down upon each customers to be polite and humble ? Not many elderly retiree actually met up to such an expectation , to them , taxi drivers just need to require a vocational license and the rest is just …… drive , while most of them cannot even meet up to this so – called basic requirement . Just look at how most of these taxi uncles drive on the road will illustrate my point on the above allege .

  5. He shudn’t punch and shud just ignored. These fake talents are assholes anyway.

    I’ve two as my neighbours(they r tenants) and hell I have given them piece of my mind for being darn rude.

  6. Look he was and Indian, Chinese support the teksi driver. But if the victim was s china man it would be the other way around
    Sing, Chinese knows well loh.

    1. Howe Peek says:

      You should know better these unwelcome FTs acted at if they own Singapore. Just look at how they throw their weights around will make you cringed. When you are someone’s house, you don’t throw your weights around. Period. That foreign Indian must have approached the taxi driver in ill manner. A normal person will not lose his cool if he had been asked in a polite manner.

  7. Joseph Lee says:

    I’m local and I would have asked the limo to move too. He was just blocking the way and inconveniencing everyone else in the line. Simi wait for customers. How many times have you seen them pick up customers along the road or from taxi stands. I hired a Chrysler taxi before and the driver told me he just happened to see my request on grab. He don’t usually pick meter customers but hour/day bookings

  8. Tony Lim says:

    Ya….in idia taxi drivers low class….so they tot same here…anyway who decided his allegations baseless… ..I’m anti racist …but came across too many who also cried ‘racist’ when things dont go their way.

  9. Andrew Koh says:

    Maybe passenger was rude but punching him was an over-reaction. Some taxi drivers still think all passengers must kowtow to them – probably true in the past but with Uber and Grab, no more! He got off very light, lucky fella.

  10. Peter Lim says:

    Most of the time, many people including myself don’t like TD. Personally I felt TD hit the right ass this time. Stupid Indy ask for it. If he want to take the next taxi then ask if any taker want this taxi from the waiting area. Otherwise just wait till someone take the first one and once the taxi move off and he can have his turn.

  11. Sas Karma says:

    Huh!!! Mother cannot walk abit to the other cab – but can walked and take plane all the way from India to Singapore!!!! Go to hell lah..bloody freaking FT.. don’t give damn excuses.

  12. Ye Lin says:

    Erm…. I would have slapped that stupid “victim” and his family too!

    Hello, you are in Singapore, not India!!

    Learn some manners!

    1. Sim Phongy says:

      Two sets of rules !!!! …. look at illegal car parking at all the private estate or landed properties …

      can also drive or parked against Traffic … no problem … try hdb area ?

  13. Danjel Lim says:

    With the influx of these people, all sorts of rubbish will happen. Dont act arrogant when you’re in another country, try this in your India! I bet your hand will be chopped off.

    1. So i can punch anyone who seems rude? No wonder Singapore is still such a backward society. With people having mindsets like yours, we dont need foreigners to lower the standards.

  14. Edwin Kwan says:

    Hey ! I knew this article is intended to provoke anti foreigner. There are so many news each day. But this is chosen. Shame ! In fact, Singaporeans at the airport or shopping malls also refused to take Mercedes or expensive marque. The real issue is : Given the high costs of taxi transportation in Singapore, taxi companies sucked so much money out of these drivers , the rise of Uber and Grab, retire these expensive models ! I think there ought to be more intelligent and deeper research in journalism, rather than cutting and pasting news, snipping here and trimming there, resulting in distortion of picture.

  15. Rowena Tan says:

    Even if ft was rude he should not punch him cos he’s at the losing end. Did ft explain that his mum needed more moving space cos of her age? Was ft aggressive cos these mgr types tend to be haughty seen them behave badly towards their own countrymen who work in the service industry

    1. Howe Peek says:

      Sas Karma You are right. Why can’t he wait a bit. These ahneh FTs think they are special and become yayapapaya. Should give him better treatment to teach him some manners.

    2. Sas Karma says:

      Hello..that stupid man mother cannot walk a bit but can take plane all the way to Singapore from India? That bloody idiot should cut the crap! He deserve to be boxed!

  16. This happened nightly while Max cabs Limo high Class taxis blocking the Taxi stand while PAX choose the cheap cabs The refuse to move forward sometime gang up a fleet of Max cab to block the Taxi stand This happened nightly at Garden by the bay!!!

    1. Garden by the bay…very simple issue…if there are many pax , taxi will rush there to pick up..Just open your eye n see all the taxi q one round be it limo/standard/maxi.
      Walk a bit go to The back n pick your taxi u like if the front is all maxi/limo…
      For me limo or maxi or standard I just take..

    2. If Max cab occupied the 4lots and no taker then the orinalary Taxi cannot get into the Taxi Que it’s created the massive traffic Jam nightly from 8pm to 10pm No eyes see Max cabs refuse to move forward!!!!

    3. Taxi stand does not discriminate a limo taxi or standard taxi..everyone q to go in Taxi stand. If a passenger cannot afford a limo taxi than just walk to The back of taxi q for a standard taxi..

  17. David Lim says:

    Must be that fking ft frm rapist land who provoked first. Why wud a cabbie anyhow hantam ppl, he’s just trying to earn an honest living. KNN pests and rodents frm rapist land Pui Pui Pui !!!

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